Size 18 model told she can’t invite plus-size friends to club night | Entertainment News

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A plus-size model claims she was asked not to bring too many Kirby friends on a birthday night out at a London club Kai said Henry FIFA is of UK size 18 weighs 15 stone and works as a model in the capital she was trying to organize a birthday celebration and got chatting to promote her guest list VIP birthday tables on Instagram but when the club promoter asked her who would be attending he wanted to check she would not be bringing more than three plus-sized friends for fear they would not get in Miss Henrietta posted the conversation to her Instagram story which showed messages saying okay …

Continue reading… last question are all the guests plus-size models we are not trying to be rude but we know for a fact some clubs can be funny and we do not want to send you there if it’s two to three girls in your group that is fine hope you understand that shocked me and muneca then replied so you only want skinny people in your clubs the promoter who represent celebrity night spots including Cafe de Paris cuckoo club 18 Soho and the Maddox Club then claimed it as a request made by the clubs and not them share this article share he added not as I am just telling you what they told us as a company we do not want to send you there and you not get in [Music] in an effort to reassure the model after the exchange the promoters commented on her old pictures with comments such as lovely beautiful if you need access to clubs hit us up and Wow guest list VIP birthday tables claims to offer tables at tante area the nightclub which was run by Prince Harry’s Powell guy Pelle and drama in Park Lane criticized earlier this year for racism after black clobbers said they were charged double that of white women at the door after Miss Henry Lika shared the conversation with her 21,000 followers she was flooded with messages of support