SJW Meltdown Continues Over Impeaching Kavanaugh as the Corporate Liberals Sweat Nervously | Trending News

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All right everyone the meltdown of snowflakes continues on the far left that they’re really going to alienate the corporate neoliberals I think before they alienate any of the independent voters in the country they’re really hanging around the DNC’s neck at the moment like a millstone and the DNC is trying to swim and it’s getting harder and harder Tom Perez must be really nervous oh I feel sorry for the dude I feel sorry actually for the Schumer’s and Pelosi to the party they’re like we understand strategy we may be corrupt we may be corporate sellouts but we know how to win elections the soc…

Continue reading… justice warriors meanwhile right now what’s the big line impeach Cavanaugh we need to impeach Brett Cavanaugh some of the further left individuals within the Democratic Party in the House and Senate are saying if we take the house we’re going to investigate him we’re going to do everything we can to get rid of him now of course you need a super majority in both the House and Senate and and also at the state level in order to get rid of Cavanaugh and impose the constitutional amendment paired with that that they’re talking about as it goes further they want to impeach Cavanaugh but they also want a constitutional amendment to artificially inflate the size of the Supreme Court that is if you wanted to you could pass a constitutional amendment redefining the numbers in Scott is anything you want you can have a hundred and one justices if you really wanted to would be a bad idea I think it’d be political suicide for a party to try to rock the boat at that level but they can it is legally possible for them to do it it’s not legally possible within the framework of having the votes but you know understand if there’s a procedure involved they’d have to go through but they can go through the procedure that being said once again the corporate Democrats are allowing the social justice warriors to work themselves up into a tizzy which is essentially based in impotence and the the DNC will not be able to deliver for them what they want they want Kavanagh gone he’s been confirmed they want to remove him now from that position he’s not going to be removed from that position when it becomes clear to the millions of pink hat wears that will perpetually protest and whine the Kavanagh is not going anywhere it’ll be a lot like the Muller probe the Muller Pro has demoralized the demo it’s more than anything else specifically because again when’s the last time you heard of the Mueller Pro when’s the last time you got any real Mueller news there’s nothing to report on man a fart was the big fish that they managed to catch in order to retroactively Li justify their own witch-hunt investigation they try to go after Flynn and Papadopoulos gets two weeks in jail it’s like yes what a hardened fucking criminal he is it’s so dumb it’s not going to result in Trump being taken down but that was the promise the Democrats went when the Mueller probe first emerged on the set they’re like Oh Trump colluded with a foreign state to fuck the elections well this is great we’re going to be able to impeach him or at the very least it’s going to hang over his administration so much that he’ll be a lame duck from day one ah but that didn’t end up happening he’s managed to reform the tax code he’s managed to partially appropriate funding for the wall although that’s kind of yeah it’s one quarter of a victory not enough really to claim anything the North Korea certainly a good thing the business environment now is certainly on the upswing the economy at large not just taxes themselves he’s winning these victories and they promised that they would take him down and make him in an ineffectual and useless he wouldn’t be able to do anything he wouldn’t have a mandate to do anything meanwhile the far left is looking at his admittedly on the low side approval why can’t we stop him well it could have something to do with the fact is that what the far left wants to do impeach Cavanaugh impeach Donald Trump throw open the borders eliminate national borders you know get into a nuclear war with Russia I guess at this point a stupid shit like that they’re not gonna be able to do that they don’t have the support then I can have the White House let’s say the Democrats retake the House and Senate it’s not gonna mean anything go ahead and impeach Trump he’ll laugh it off his approval will grow if you try to do that I can guarantee I did go ahead go ahead and impeach Trump see what happens it would be funny put forth articles of impeachment the Senate’s not going to vote to remove him yes that includes most Democrats in the Senate the neoliberals will have to vote no they’ll say there’s nothing he’s done that allows us to remove him we don’t have the votes anyway this is suicidal then the far left will keep doing what it’s been doing it will slowly continue to grow and strangle the party the Democrats would be wise to let go over the far left and let them go off and be greens or whatever let him let him be politically bitter and wise up and still be ineffectual turn on their own party and eventually become yuppies or something that’s what they should be doing instead they ignore the business Democrats you know the same Democrats they should be wining and dining trying to pull them back away from the Republicans and it’s not working see the Republican Party could be defeated because they’ve hemorrhaged a lot of their more libertarian members to an increasingly strong technical viable third party that the Democrats have hemorrhaged so many business Democrats over the Republicans that it evens itself out and then some and they’re not doing anything to stop that from happening if anything the Democrats constant use of wedge issues and their ignorance on every economic issue is alienating arguably more of these people while also endangering their possibility of continuing to have all of the the the massive core of Hispanic and black votes that they’ve been relying on for so long they’re slowly slipping away the Democrats fundamentally our party on life support it doesn’t matter almost what happens in the midterms if they win the midterms that probably gets so complacent that they’ll they won’t try to reform but the social justice warrior Left will keep being alienated because they still won’t have the power to impeach Kavanagh or to impeach Trump or to do any of the other great things that they’ve said they’ll do they’ll they’ll start their own supposedly independent investigations now have the power to do that at the House level they will find nothing they will be inept they will look like Benghazi style witch hunts they will culminate in nothing demoralize their party and fuck them in the ass that’s what will happen to the Democrats if they win the house incentive at this point it almost be a net gain for the Republicans if that happens it’s probably not if we look at the polling with regards to Ted Cruz he’s knocking that out of the park Holly could probably win against McCaskill that’d be a big one at this point it’s basically dead tie in Florida it looks like Rick Scott might lose by the way I don’t give a fuck because I hate Rick Scott and some of these other vulnerable races and we’re looking at the possibility of the race between Feinstein incumbent Democrat and delay on her challenger also Democrat because of the jungle primaries in California system we’re looking at the possibility that she might be in for a difficult reelection bid for the first time in what but fucking for decades Brawley how long has she been in the Senate she’s like a fucking fossil at this point she’s like in her mid 80s he’s crazy older than Ginsburg I think she’s nuts she was like breaking down drunkenly crying over the Cavanaugh confirmation that was funny but they’re having a meltdown you’ve got millions of Democratic voters they can’t actually get what they want from the Democratic Party since they can’t also vote Republican where are they gonna go they can become a bunch of greens probably or join the amout and on the American Communist Party or something this will start the same tendencies the same spiraling out of control cycle we see now in Europe really the danger the far left is far more dangerous than any perceived like army of fire writers at this point and tell you why if the far left rises up to try to undo the positive change that the the Mogga populace the center-right really are actually managing to accomplish you’ll get a true far-right resurgence and you won’t be able to stop it and then that will feed off the far left the far left will feed off that they’ll make each other grow you’ll probably end up with a stronger green movement and more factional ization within the Republican Party what you’ll end up with is a situation where neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can independently govern they even within a partisan framework they’ll no longer be able to independently govern the establishment will snap back together to defend itself they’ll be attacked from all sides and they’ll slowly wither they’ll get eat away by two new movements two or more unfortunately that will probably be more authoritarian than the establishment was and then you you at some point the system begins to collapse in some cases this leads to great violence it can lead to genocide revolutions things like that in other cases it solves itself you get more of a classical liberal reforming of the system reformers come along like okay enough is enough you know yeah thankfully because we don’t have a bad economic situation right now that’s more probable no the problem being if the left does manage to take the House and Senate we might see an economic collapse yeah and and necessarily they’ll blame Trump from that Oh some rare random vague regulation he stripped back cause this problem no it’ll be the fact that the Democrat it’s managed to retake the house in the Senate if that happens destroying consumer confidence by saying well they’re gonna try to raise taxes they’re gonna try to crack down on gun manufacturers they’re gonna try to crack down on having better trade deals they’re gonna strangulate everything for the next two years then Trump will have to defeat him again in 2020 on a platform of they’ve obstructed everything I tried to do I gave you the tax cuts diplomatically we’re doing fine I can’t really do anything else because you didn’t elect enough fucking Republicans me very very funny that’s about all peace out