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All right everyone many Democrats in the United States want to import socialism here for the first time since the anarchist bomb-throwing days of the early 20th century when you know you had all sorts of problems going on socially that they want to destroy the United States from within with their walkie political and social priorities but if we look at Venezuela we can see true socialism real self labeled socialism labeled socialism by all of the left-wing rags arsalan famously like five years ago Chavez economic miracle article real socialism in the in Venezuela no non socialist politicians o…

Continue reading… ny kind even ghido the so-called opposition he’s just a socialist – he’s not a capitalist he’s not a CIA agent he’s just another socialist who wants power because socialists they like power they like centrality now their agricultural sectors being destroyed why how can you do mechanized farming if you have fuel shortages it’s funny Venezuela literally sits on top of oceans of oil and they have a fuel shortage because they can’t refine their own material they’re actually beginning to mix foreign and domestic fuel as well in order to cut costs maybe Russia maybe the great Russian bear can build a couple of refineries offshore in Venezuela so that they don’t have a field shortage anywhere a few petrol factories maybe they can do that you know won’t happen but you know you’d think you’d think that if there was such a glorious ally of the motherland of those highly protective non imperialistic Russia you think the Russians could help them a little bit there instead they just surround Maduro with a few hundred Russian soldiers so that nobody will drone him essentially and that’s pretty much the end of Russian involvement there it’s funny because it’s rather underwhelming it shows the relative lack of projective force among the Eastern Bloc countries I suppose China’s in Nicaragua why do you think so why why why would they prop up this far left American regime American continental II I mean but socialism is ruining it because what happens is with the field shortage you know how do you run your tractor how do you you know the generators or whatever how do you run the stuff that’s necessary to bundle all of your shit to get your harvesting machines you can’t and so instead you to hook up the oxen I guess to just plough your crops in and say well at least you know I’ll keep the nutrients in it I’ll keep the nutrients in the soil just let it go fallow I guess I might as well just go and eat rats or something thanks to socialism at least e-everyone is definitely equal in Venezuela for the most part 99% of the population is desperately impoverished and half the time can’t even go to work because there’s not enough electricity for work to occur so you’ve achieved workers utopia you’ve got absolute equality among everyone except for the top one percent it’s funny because the inequality between like Maduro and his henchmen then the average venezuelan is way way worse than anything you’ll see in a so-called capitalistic country by the way there is no fully capitalistic part of the world anymore even the most capitalistic economies like the US are intervened in that’s why we pay too many taxes that’s why there’s imperialism and it does occur but it’s not in Venezuela people still try to blame Uncle Sam all those evil capitalists brought to Venezuela I know there were no problems you know there were no sanctions on Venezuela beyond a handful of individuals within Maduro regime there were no general sanctions let alone on the fuel industry because this drives the cost up and fucks us by the way there were no sanctions on the oil industry or the general economy of Venezuela until this year the Venezuela began collapsing years ago in the absence of any US sanctions well what gives hyperinflation had already taken hold what’s the inflation rate like two three hundred thousand percent inflation and for a while there it stagnated I think it’s on the rise now again after a couple of months of it kind of receding a little bit Venezuela is fucked and if Kyoto comes to power it’ll still be under socialism which means the fundamental underlying issue will still be there socialism is a failure socialism fails because of central planning in order to have the redistributionist system of welfare and and micromanagement under a socialist regime you have to have a lot of centrality centrality means that if one person or one group makes a mistake it affects a lot of people to a big degree in a free market in a totally free market if I make a mistake if I go out of business maybe my workers suffer I suffer the rest of the economy by and large can absorb the hip free-market kicks in somebody else replaces the goods and services that I was providing that need to be provided probably more efficiently probably less expensively there you go as long as you bust up any monopolies or trusts that form like cancerous tumors a free market will work forever seamlessly yes there will be infinite growth it’ll be qualitative instead of quantitative once the population eases off but socialism you get a period of growth central planning kicks in you maximize efficiency but then someone makes a mistake like Chavez did Chavez was great at maximizing oil revenue Wow look at all this money will give people microwaves will give people stoves will give people commie bloc apartments and stuff free shit well basically will give people free shit will be like Bernie Sanders pay bhai tax rate but you know we’re gonna subsidize and centralize everything but then because no attempt was made to diversify the economy beyond oil and oil based you know petroleum-based products like agriculture mechanized agriculture now you get fucked yeah screw you that’s why it’s great to know how to do organic gardening it’s great to know how to garden without any necessary like chemical fertilizers pesticides stuff like that it’s great to know how to do that through companion planning and Hugo culture and things of that nature because then you don’t have to worry if there’s a Great Depression tomorrow I I learned from the example of the last Great Depression Vermonters did better because they like you know grew their crops and they fucking lived in cabins anyway I know how to do that I’ll still be able to eat everyday I’ll say and then if any animals attack the guard you shoot them and eat them too it’s perfect it works but then again of course in Venezuela a little bit more difficulty and they’ve got the problem one of my girls programs that kicked in last year was fucking they were taking people and forcing them to work on like collective farms for several days out of the year like all we need to grow more food so we’re gonna make you do back-breaking labor we’re not even gonna give you enough food to replace the caloric value that you’re draining away total inefficiency this is how socialism works this is exactly what will happen here if we don’t defeat the far-left we must defeat them at all costs and prevent them from holding power in this country the last time that we had a socialistic president under FDR the Great Depression dragged on and on and on it was the private marketplace absorbing you know the the income from war basically that you know fired enough money into the economy so that we entered a boom time afterward what happened is that all the industry in Europe was destroyed all the other industrialized nations in the world and had their factories destroyed we had a monopoly for about a decade and so we entered the the boom time of the late 40s through the 50s that’s what helped us the free market roaring up around us as the FDR era ended is what killed the Great Depression the FDR prolonged it with his high marginal tax rates and breadlines should have just let the private marketplace compensate by the way government speculation and intervention is what caused the Great Depression the first place roaring 20s were prefaced on a lack of regulation regulation kicks in government starts tapping that free-market revenue and the economy collapses wow it’s amazing how that happens you had the same problem of corporate sensuality and priming the pump then to the dustbowl what’s it prefaced on government that government causes all your problems the free-market comes along and fixes them and then gets smacked in the face and blamed for the problems that’s the tale of you note the last century of US history and it’s certainly going to be the tale of Venezuela hopefully a free market comes up to fix their problems they should just kill Maduro and e8o and get it over with and put capitalists in charge they’d be a lot better off that’s about all peace out