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Steelers mike tomlin addresses Antonio Braun skipping practice heavy comm Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown skipped practice after week to the Pittsburgh Steelers are already dealing with one disgruntled player in Le’Veon Bell and now they’re hoping to avoid adding another to the list all-pro wide receiver Antonio Brown skipped practice Monday as at Baljit of the Pittsburgh post-gazette revealed this came just after Browns response to a former Steeler staffer who called him out on social media after the comments were made Brown responded stating trade meet and obviously his absence from practice left Steelers fans a bit on edge Mike Tomlin addresses Antonio Browns absence Tomlin was asked about the Steelers star without missing practice during Tuesday’s press conference and he spoke with reporters on the topic when first asked about Browns response to the above tweets Tomlin stated the following I’m not going to openly talk about a lot of things that occur in social media I will say this it’s important that we understand our position the light that’s shined on us and the responsibility that comes with it Taman told reporters the Steelers coach was then asked if Brown is in attendance on Monday he was not no I’m looking forward to visiting with him today discussing that and some other things I’m not going to get into the details of why he wasn’t here or whether he was excused in all of those things Tomlin stated the coach refused to state whether or not the absence was excused and also wouldn’t address the reasoning behind it he did point out there were some negative exchanges on the sidelines during the roof two loss to the Kansas City Chiefs but it’s unknown if that played a role in the receiver not showing up Monday Tomlin also confirmed Brown has not asked to be traded more will be added to this story as it’s revealed