Students Want ‘Clarence Thomas’ Building Renamed. Then They’re Asked To Explain Why | Trending News

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I’m m Glenn Jacobs and you’re watching the next news network some university students now are joining forces because they want to rename a Clarence Thomas building and when they’re asked to explain why yeah they have a little trouble james bear for the tell you why her report another revealing man-on-the-street video by a campus reform students who back a petition demanding the removal of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas named from a campus building are asked to explain why they so passionately support the effort and the answer I don’t know becomes a familiar refrain in October students at…

Continue reading… e Savannah College of Art and Design launched a petition calling for the removal of what they’re calling the anti woman Justice Thomas who’s a native of Savannah who also happens to be a conservative his name taking his name off on the campus buildings and can’t perform notes that the petition has already managed to rack up about two thousand signatures from students and community members now the video posted to campus reform by the media director Cabot Phillips who visits the Georgia school tries to find out why students are so enthused about erasing Justice Thomas existence on the campus the same students who are all in for signing a petition also admit they really don’t know much about anything about the Justice nonetheless it doesn’t stop them from comparing him to Hitler take a look there’s a petition on campus to remove the name of Clarence Thomas Supreme Court justice from a building here what’s your thought on the petition I honestly think he should be removed we should probably just take his name off the building it’s not that big of a deal I agree that you get removed what’s your thought on the petition I great I don’t think he represents the student body I would sign it um I think they probably send the petition and is there anything that you would point to as something that he’s done that would warrant that I don’t know who do you mind if I get back to you is anything that comes to mind that he’s done that you would point to is something that you think disqualifies him and I’m the most much research on this I just saw a Facebook petition about it and that’s kind of the extent of it he is a historical figure though so is Hitler anything that Justice Thomas has done that you would point to and say that’s why we shouldn’t have him I mean not in particular I think I guess just well I don’t know what he did I mean I don’t really know anything about him I don’t know nothing what campus reform believe that I love these guys I do this campus reform reports most of the students that they spoke with support the petition but the second half of the video highlights that not all of them did a few the students argued that disagreeing with someone’s policies shouldn’t warrant they’re dismissing of their accomplishments or removing them from public spaces so it’s clear that these kids will vote for something without actually doing the research and developing an understanding about the issue comment below with your thoughts we’ll see you at the next report for the next news network I’m Gary Franchi thanks for sticking around you know Christmas is always a time for shiny things I’m a right tinsel wrapping paper and now a solid silver Trump 2020 freedom coin from Trump coin 2020 dot-com imagine this little beauty underneath the Christmas tree now since noble gold minted this they’ve sold thousands as collectors items for investments and even at IRAs and 401 K rollovers yes because these are 999 pure fine silver the IRS allows them to be included in your retirement fund how about that now here is a special Christmas offer this is for you go to Trump coin 2020 calm use my name Gary and receive free shipping if you buy three coins or more don’t wait go to Trump coin 20/20 calm use the promo code Gary and you’re gonna shine in this Christmas thank you for watching that report if you want more subscribe to the channel by clicking on the next News Network logo right here you can also watch our latest news reports by clicking here or you can get the latest breaking news by clicking here or the most viral news in the channel 2 News at Hillary and Obama hate right here