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All right everyone today is the first truly warm sort of springy day last night there was basically a risk of frost higher elevation as far as I know though from here on out the night should be 40 to 45 degrees minimum at low and during the day it’ll be in the 60s mostly you can hear the neighbor mowing his a monoculture lawn of course but it’s time to look at this back garden here because this was prepared you know we tilled it through earlier I’m going to start at this side now then that’s asparagus right there a couple of them appear to have actually survived attacks by squirrels keep in mi…

Continue reading… this is all Hugo culture here this was actually down there before it’s raised up almost a foot most of that’s old rotting wood you pile it in there you put some compost in all good lots of horseradish I harvested about two pounds of horseradish root earlier that’s serviceable and it would have been three except there were a couple they were kind of up basically you can see all the rhubarb most of that strawberry rhubarb which is sweeter it’s smaller it’s more it’s better for strawberry rhubarb pie or something some people use the big tines and look they’re like the contrast in flavor I like it to be a little sweeter honestly I’m not a huge fan of it anyway but you know for what it’s worth lots and lots of various plants planted in here today this was all done about an hour ago lots of marigolds ireia planted the columbines I dug everything out pulled him out got rid of the weeds dug in the composted soil and popped him back in there’s a Snapdragon while a couple of them snapdragons English daisies you know the iris of course over there the home I think it’s called a prince Lucifer if I remember correctly basically I need one more bag of the good soil for this little area but back here I hope you can actually hear me over that incessant lowing it’s like you know wait another day know this I’m not even a hundred percent sure what this little vining plant is but it makes little flowers and it looks attractive so I’m trying to let it take over basically the area it’s in I’m going to take the irises and the bush out and the lilies and put them elsewhere and what I thought of the this a month these red bricks that I got a while ago back when I didn’t know what direction I want to take this garden I’m thinking of using them here and making a second terrace that is that this will be a foot higher more cinder block and more brick literally raise it up even further with a Hugo culture and it’ll actually be like a garden within a garden and it’ll have this like sort of over the edge it’ll be dripping down that’ll make it easier because I can always keep it trimmed more easily so it sounds like a good idea to me but yeah you can see a little bit of damage from walking through this all got tilled up five bags of good compost added over in that corner which got planted this was already you know improved but it hadn’t been planted yet there’s still a little bit of room put in a couple petunias more marigolds maybe those will get huge actually because they’re somewhat resistant to the cold not planning anything on this side yet because all of this over here past the rhubarb I did plant asparagus and if one of them is coming up the others could so I’m gonna give them a week and I’m gonna see thanks and many thanks to my subscriber who sent me a whole bag of crowns at least three of them therefore did survive you can see all the fissile plants there and my boots yes I had to my normal manner of dress when I’m gardening Vermont never really gets hot enough to warrant wearing shorts can you imagine me in shorts I mean come on dude maintaining also might as well show you this these are black raspberry plants these got trimmed down to almost nothing so they should be actually loaded with stuff I’m going to pump them full of fertilizers I’m going to put azomite in what I want to do is trench that out dump in a ton of azomite water it in with some fish meal and we’ll be good to go basically in here you can see everything’s still going really well this is a second steel drum of water this is just as a might in here the other one has the nettle water so I needed a second actually proved on during purposes I hadn’t thought of that before I’m like oh yeah well this is curing what am I supposed to do on a dry day tomorrow though I’m thinking I’ll show you I mean I know I did a garden update yesterday I’m more enthusiastic this year this thing’s are so great yeah if I had to describe the smell of nettle water which looks like you know basically pond scum it’s kind of thick and weird rotting Tomatoes maybe something like that’s good an acrid smell a sort of tingles your nostrils a little bit yeah all this sudden though everything got freshly watered last night it’s in the best soil I’ve ever worked with freshly weeded with this kind of weather that’s coming up for the next week once I put that a azomite nettle water which is rich in iron you shouldn’t put it on tomatoes by the way apparently I’m glad I looked that up first can you imagine how big this shit’s gonna be in a week who practically harvesting things no zucchini a prob you you know two feet wide by then look how fast the Swiss chard is growing just from yesterday – some of them have third leaves autumn already it’s gonna be so tasty didn’t eat every one of them I like the stems every one can be grouped into one of three groups of people people who hate Swiss chard people who like the leaves which is sort of taste like spinach a bit and people like me who like the stems which is sort of a little bit salty it’s got a sort of salted vegetable almost celery like flavor I think it’s wonderful I don’t know the sweet basil back there still a little peeking if they dial just replace them and I want more um a Thai basil too cuz that stuff this is what it is so great this stuff right here the Thai basil I’m sorry I’m digging a leaf mmm Oh smells so good it’s got a little bit of a sweetness to it almost a licorice scent as opposed to other Basil’s it smells literally like licorice if you crush it smells like a you know candy poof excellent yeah so there’s a garden update the back gardens almost done now – I got again I’ve got to get another bag of compost I might raise that area up rip those perennials out move them or just break them up but I get a wait a week I’m gonna wait a week to see if any asparagus comes up essentially lots of columbines I’m glad of that so now to my Texas friend out there if they still watch my videos it’s not one Columbine anymore it’s four of them dear God keep expanding garden forever I don’t care where I am wherever I am I must garden that’s about all peace out