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All right everyone it’s time for the next garden update probably a fairly short one here because a lot of it was non planting work that I did in the last few days you can see there are new beds now they’re not a 100% finished but they’re almost gonna be this huge one here it’s about four feet wide and I don’t remember how many feet long there’s lots of stuff coming up because you know it’s sort of a slightly late spring so everything is trying to compensate at the moment the weirwood came up you know there are all sorts of horseradish plants it’s still gonna do some filling in in this area tha…

Continue reading… a little bit more low-lying and there’s still a lot of other perennials that will be coming up their irises see there there are lilies of various kinds in here I think there are two different types one of the Oriental poppy plants actually came back as well that’s been surviving that one continuously for a very very long time see what I did here is and I’ve put the stakes up as you can see for the fence what I’ve done here is I’ve literally just used layers of hay on the outside there was already that Coco shell material which should you know keep a lot of the weeds down immediately near the border but I wanted to expand it and the idea is this is Mommsen mostly for just walking like I don’t need to get equipment back here per se I can always open up the fence if I need to I still haven’t seen the asparagus sprouting up it hasn’t come back quite yet but that’s not a huge surprise I think that comes a little bit later by the soil temperature isn’t it quite warm enough in there I’ve got to do some cleaning out I got into there but the thing is I need to probably expand this in and curve it around so that I can get towards the middle there because then this whole area I can actually plant things right now it would just sort of be fallow I guess in the middle and I can do that I could put in more hostas and have a little shady area in there I haven’t really decided yet which one I want to do this area had not quite completely compost compost and that’s starting to rot down really well but it’s a huge garden expansion it’s a lot bigger than it was even though it technically looks a little bit smaller it’s probably more efficient too because this is all one gigantic bed it’s gonna be quite nice and so in here you can sort of just you know relax or whatever in among the plants this path this area is a little bit wider than most of the others specifically this one I needed to be able to get the wheelbarrow in to this general area at least to get it that far in because where the gate will be is right about here and by gate I mean it’ll be something jerry-rigged basically I’m not gonna you know go fully pro but I uh all of these bricks here actually were for the most part I got thirty more and that was exactly what I needed actually got six left over which is funny there were the bricks that were in here I was gonna raise this up further but then I’m like well this area is already raised enough it’s already productive enough I’m not having any problems with drainage or anything why do I exactly need to do that and so I decided instead of getting wood for bordering new beds I would just use brick and so that’ll do fine but I’m gonna be adding another couple bags of garden soil one to each of these those will be basically done then I’ve got I’m gonna use a mix of compost and manure and topsoil for this actually and usually I don’t use topsoil it’s kind of filler but it’s cheaper and I mean it’s not gonna make a huge difference and then here I’m not exactly sure what I’m gonna use to fill this because if it were straight garden soil it cost quite a bit and if it’s like pure manure you know some plants don’t really like that as much this will probably be for hot weather crops I’m thinking this one won’t be planted for a couple more weeks and so it’ll be that you can put some you know pre started cold weather stuff in but I think I’m gonna put them I’m gonna have some cabbage in here probably like in the middle on the sides I’m thinking carrots maybe or beets and of course I want my collards I’m thinking I’ll probably fill this with the collards and more cold weather crops can go in there and also in here but I’m thinking it’d be nice to have a you know just a couple of tomato plants and not much else in here maybe a few carrots because carrots love tomatoes like it’s a good book by the way but yeah it’s looking pretty good things are starting to just green up you’ve got some why lack blossoms coming through the peach tree will be you know doing its thing soon I’m not sure whether it will give us any peaches this year I’m thinking the edges probably no after this winter but you know you know I was hope and I’ve already bought the first few herbs that I needed I needed a you know dill oregano some of the stuff that didn’t really come back in here but the chives right now it’s the garden centerpiece that’s about all peace out