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All right everyone it’s time for another garden update by the way visit my website linked in the description it’s gonna start saying that in every video no don’t worry I won’t sell out or anything look at how nice and green and fluffy this is used to be mostly brown now it’s mostly green legendary clothes back there we have major turnoff action look at that yes turnip greens are actually pretty good land but you gotta wait till the roots fully develop and steam that off by the way I have not yet weeded through and separated I mean thinned out the beets back there so I know they’re a little bit…

Continue reading… owded I need to thin the cabbage more to the thinning I did before was preliminary turn it to actually need a little bit less room because you can harvest some when they’re kind of smallish and they’re really tasty then you wait until the rest configure these ones though have had their thinning mostly you don’t want your beets to get the size of baseballs or else they’ll taste a little bit off and the one brussel sprout is doing well there’s some Nkosi Anna get in here too actually I’ll probably leave a couple of them in each bed because I like them they’re sort of um towards the end of July they start blooming and they pretty much don’t stop until you get a hard frost they can survive a light frost anyway look at the size of that Swiss chard this is the first year that I’ve really really gotten good Swiss chard there’s no sign of disease or anything no problems at all now also I’ve been using for my fertility here I’m gonna show you this I’m gonna try to show you what the nettle water looks like more or less because it’s important for you to know young grasshopper just a sec I’m gonna try to not getting me look at that it’s actually not black it’s sort yeah you can sort of see it’s sort of a steely blue grey it’s like a little bit like an oil slick too and it smells before it smelled more like um composting tomato like really strong smells to tell the truth it’s not a pleasant smell I can I can sort of understand why some people have a problem with it seems to work though you can’t give it to Tomatoes though the iron I’ll kill them there’s an eggplant here now because nothing else was growing there so it’s like well my waste space and you can see the yucca tree which had some problems is actually it’s puffing up now all of the plants in here looking good the two zucchini here got replaced with peppers the the general rule of thumb is if a plant is not doing well in a spot it’s not good to bother trying to replace that plant with another of the same species it could be disease related it could be related to soil structure or something like that that wouldn’t be a good idea the cucumber’s back they’re starting to take off however these two tomato plants a little bit more on the peak inside this one is okay this one though is kind of up I think I’m gonna have to replace them now I don’t want to put peppers there I’m actually wondering what the hell I will put there who knows these ones meanwhile are doing fine and there are beans between them actually we planted some beans in there just to take up the space there’s some carrots and those two lines back there the artichoke that we plow it in here I don’t know if that one will take but you know give it a little bit of time I’ve never planted one before that habanero the black prints tomatoes are doing fine and then of course you have the legendary Varg looking herb garden here I really like this somebody said it was a waste of Hugo culture it’s actually not because um that’s not the intent of this bed there is wood underneath as well that’s just for boarding that’s just scrap wood most of its pine which isn’t as good for Hugo culture anyway it just sort of looks nice it looks rustic and it will degrade over time and add to the soil worms alike it and so forth there are beans all over the place in here you can see some beans starting to sprout these cucumber are fine they’re doing fairly well now that they’ve gotten a good fertilizer watering nice sunny a day of heat ahead they’ll start sprouting out pretty well these are the green bell peppers or actually I think yellow bells are what we planted there more beans over here basically between the edge of the chamomile and here that’s all being in there not for eating as much as just having something to grow there that’s just pop it in the ground I’m not a huge fan of beans actually like oli two or three times a year I’ll have some beans maybe we have bugs here on the gas plant which will finally be blossoming this year these create volatile oils and the story is that at one point the daughter of some botanist managed to get like a flame coming off of the plant it was a hot dry stagnant day and just imagine a shot off a fireball giving rise is the idea that this might have been the burning bush it’s actually false dittany the Tammis alba and it does have if you smell it a lot of oil on it especially on the flowers it is very very very scented it actually it smells a little bit like vick’s vapo rub if that makes any sense chamomile here because of the amount of wood enos in the soil the mulch and the Hyuga culture combined these ones here a little more scraggly obviously the the nitrogen level possibly a little bit deficient doesn’t seem to matter though chamomile is pretty able to deal with that it’s not going to be a problem this needs to be weeded again although it’s still you know looking pretty good now there’s a little bit of everything one of the chives here is actually well actually Oh several now that I see it they’re putting out little chive flowers as you can see that’s gonna be nice make some more chives although using a replicating them vegetatively is easier look at the size of some of these perennials by the way that’s extremely large for this early in the year for most of these plants because they’ve been getting so much fertility the soils better the soil structure is better I’m assuming the soil microbe interaction is better as well and then they’ve been getting this really good fertilizer which is made of a small amount of azomite micronized of course I’ve got another bag coming you use a little bit of that a couple handfuls Kurds rum actually I should probably tell you that after I show you this flower the black Columbine preparing the flower a black Columbine flowering it’s not actually black there’s no pure black flower in the world sorry fellow you know Gothic Lee inclined people for each load of this if you’re fertilizing it all add a few double handfuls of micronized azomite three or four of the little things in a little container like this of the nettle water the way you strain it by the way just use one of those things that you would use like for pasta straining dunk it in there it’ll key it’ll make a little reservoir of the fluid inside of itself you just take from there two or three of those and then you add just a couple splashes of an organic fish fertilizer or a kelp meal or something like that I use Neptune’s harvest preferentially simply because it’s worked so well when I’ve used it in the past now then and excuse some of the clutter around here I’ll try to show you as little of the refuse on the property as possible I myself do not decorate in that manner you see this used to be part of the garden this rectangular area there’s a mustard patch and all sorts of camomile everywhere there’s a burdock and leeks that’s very important if you know anything about the backstory of me is a living meme I suppose I still find random bricks and now look at that rhubarb that got a nice double dose of the fertilizer today everything back here got some azomite but it hasn’t gotten any other fertilizer until today so that’ll probably perk it up so nice columbines I like columbines never really had a chance to obtain them before they realize Rutland’s not exactly a gardening Mecca I mean you’ve got ace hardware and you’ve got a home depot and at this point that’s pretty much it there’s a place called mr. Twitter’s it’s right down the road they have some good stuff but the place called garden time closed up and I don’t even know if the I can’t even remember the name of the other place AG way I think it’s called I don’t even know if they still exist so lots of little flowers they’ll fill in and this whole thing will be nice and green and flush and yeah maybe you leave you with a shot of the happy field it’s nice to have a field I wish that we didn’t mow it at all to tell truth that’s about all peace out