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All right everyone it’s time for another garden update because things are really popping out here you can see these little white things those are flowers to be on the camera mile plants this whole thing is gonna be like a hedge literally when it grows up when it comes and curls out that’s basically what it looks like lots of turnips lots of cabbages the beets over there are starting to grow a little bit larger they didn’t get split apart I mean thinned out as quickly so these ones have a good week on them and so these ones you know have a ton of beets I’ll probably harvest some beet greens all…

Continue reading… ose are looking nice by the way to anyone who’s not like garden inclined at the very least it is not hard to make an herb bed seriously just raise up a little area this is like four by six or so and plop some herbs in you can get them pre sprout at the store it’s really really easy all of your culinary needs you put it right next to your like your the kitchen door or whatever that’s all you need some thyme oregano coriander some cilantro you get anything like that I like the red basil best of all I’m glad that those are doing pretty well actually those two plants I might put a couple of more in and also by the way the garden will be expanded this fence originally was like you know like this it was really inefficient so I just took a bunch of bags of leaf debris and put it over the area then put hay on it about two bales worth in that entire area and now I’ve marked off roughly where the beds will be then it’s not going to be you know obviously it’s not going to bend out like this you drive some steaks in and you start put tiling the wood in crisscross mode basically then you fill it in with a mix of topsoil and houmous put a little garden soil with azomite on top and you’re ready to go I want to put a couple of pumpkin plants in one and then I want the other one to be a small perennial area speaking of perennials all those are doing very very well in there along with the beans the cucumbers which those are basically pickles in training the black prints tomatoes are doing fairly well they’re already starting to get little flowers the peppers though my goodness these peppers are doing really almost all of them are flowering now the zucchini are doing fine which is great actually I just cooked some zucchini like a few minutes ago we’ve got onion sets lots and lots of perennials and herbs over here the carrots and the collards they’re coming up look at these that’s not bad there aren’t many collards coming up at the moment but you know I’m the only one here who eats them literally nobody else can or will eat them and I’ve got a bunch of carrots in those two sort of hydrated areas so the gardens going to be expanded and what’s already there is doing really well you can see all the chamomile in there they get kind of leggy like that and they have like red bottoms if you put them in an area that’s too woody to carbon if for to nitrogen pour arguably these are almost ready I can’t wait to see I’ve literally never seen a flower of the false didn’t he literally never seen one before and I also Finn doll this out these are the corn poppies there are a few other plants in here but mostly it’s corn poppies I basically went around the corn poppies that were the largest left a couple chamomile in because you know they don’t bother anybody and those plants will come out in all colors there’s some wood over here as you can see you know just preparing gonna raise these up about six inches or so it’s not going to be the same as this it’s gonna be a little bit more orderly raised up a little bit less far overall but yeah that’s basically the garden update I might as well yeah it looks like something from a Lovecraft film those little peppers they’re actually doing okay – there’s they’re starting to puff up it takes them a while at first it always looks like they’re gonna be stunted and you’re like well they’re not growing that tall and their flowering too early then they they shoot right up dog days of summer June in July they’ll grow another foot or so basically everything’s growing really well no predatory problems this year so far could be the wolf here and I added I don’t know I know deer don’t like marigold so that might help at least over that one then I’m not so sure that it’s gonna dissuade them from a good meal but everything’s going pretty well that’s about all peace out