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All right everyone it’s time for another garden update as you can see the chamomile is doing very well it’s going to rain this afternoon and to the next two days and after that I’m going to be harvesting chamomile I am going to do a recording of that those people have expressed interest in the whole process I just don’t do well with editing so I don’t know someone else left to be involved I suppose nice beets and by the way some of these plants had chlorosis I managed to cure them of that problem there’s the habanero plan I think I’m going to replace because that one still looks a little iffy …

Continue reading… e it’s just it got kind of everything else though growing well beets cabbages lots and lots of turnips Swiss chard everything I’m making another batch of metal wash there I’ve put it in the smaller bin I don’t need quite so much of it it does work see the chlorosis came here’s what happened here it’s because of all the wood enos the Hugo culture here in these beds underneath is this stuff and what that is is hay and leaf material that’s low nitrogen what happened is I figured that it wouldn’t be a problem because I heat so much soil on top of it that was you know fairly decent it had some garden soil and fortified organic garden soil and I figured it’d counterbalance I was wrong for some plants that are nothing that need a lot of nitrogen peppers things like that it gave him some chlorosis I managed to mix up a really potent batch of fertilizer and now here you know a week later everything’s fine but when I’m doing camomile picking and stuff it’s gonna take all afternoon as you can see look at all the chamomile I mean it looks like it’s snowed in the backyard almost and there are a ton of zucchinis here this one has two or three on it so as I think for growing all the cucumbers have branched out and you’ve got the peppers galore are gonna be growing this year Oh trust me hot peppers sweet peppers Anaheim’s which are sort of a mix of the two they’re technically a hot pepper but they’re not that hot they’re a nice pepper lots of onions they’ve all got new growth on them and they’ll keep growing pretty well and look at the size of the sunflower here it was two feet tall yesterday I think it’s grown a couple inches since last night it’ll probably be three feet tall in a week and then it’ll keep shooting up from there I have a grew one that was 12 feet tall once almost this one probably won’t be that tall but I can try so I’m going to give this one a ton of fertilizer like more often than normal and just see how big I can make it and as you can see here lots of Nkosi enna in there those are important those keep of certain grubs and pests off things but tomatoes are doing really well so are the carrots and beans in here it’s going to be a bumper crop of all of those I think these the black Prince’s they add chlorosis look at them now nice and green they’re starting to branch out really quickly even those that were kind of you know messed up or fine the garlic in there more cucumbers lots and lots of beans in the back bed you know you can tell the soil is low nitrogen when the beans puff up after you fertilize them lots and lots of various herbs the pumpkin has a problem with a lot of the squash bugs or something that I’ll take care of that neem oil or whatever I don’t use a pesticides like I’d rather use like neem oil or something lots of stuff in here there are three kinds of time four kinds of basil there’s the good or right you know that’s the kind that you know you would use on pizza and stuff more kale a mile there’s parsley and coriander in there so it’s again I’ve had to cut the little flowers off the basil to keep it from basically you don’t want to let it flower early on that gets kind of scraggly and you know get lots of seeds but you know it’s easier to start them indoors anyway or just buy the seedlings these are beans here slowly filling out and they’ll produce look at this lots of nice little puppies this whole bed is going to be a wash with color like that within a week and then these full bloom of the gas plant they still smell like vapor rub more chamomile these have gotten fertilized enough so they’re starting to Bush out as well remember they almost had a reddish color they were starting to suffer from the nutritional deficiencies I want you to see this giant ass burdock plant two used in cooking and in making tea burdock root is extremely good for thee this thing is going to put out its spike and be covered in burdock no burrs basically and that’s how velcro was invented as some dude looked at that under a microscope you know a hundred years ago I can’t remember the name of the dude but it’s a pretty funny idea but basically this is gonna be delicious when I dig out the roots but first I want to let it make its seeds I don’t know if they’ll keep don’t know if they’re a biennial or a perennial I can’t remember I think they’re a biennial which means that these little ones like this there’s a couple in the garden itself they’ll next year they’ll be like this this one I think will die after it goes to seed so I’ll grab out the root or part of it and I’ll turn that into soup or tea or something and then I’ll take those burrs and I’ll throw them at people to piss them off because it trust me as a kid was a really fun activity so much good growing more nicosia and here you can see you know I feel they’ll be about a dozen of them less than normal I don’t need so many I mean if you have fewer of them they get huge anyway and they’ll keep flowering for months you don’t even have to deadhead them one of the few species you don’t look at all the collards in there they’re doing well I wish that I had filled it in where nothing grew then I’d have one hell of a collard patch but you know I figured give them more room to see how big I can make those two and let me look at all the flowers that will be all of these perennials and stuff the horseradish looks really good finally got it contained I don’t have to do a little weeding in the middle there but you know plenty of time again like with the collards I wish I had filled in here but again there are a few Nicosia now around that’ll you know fill out the area and the carrots don’t mind Nkosi Ana’s good because it’ll keep certain bugs away from other things in your garden that will help protect zucchini it’ll certainly help to protect leafy greens and stuff like that by the way people always ask well what do you do about pests in your garden i companion plant I just grow things a good fence keeps most of the animals out most of the I mean earlier this year an animal again all it did was get into the what used to be the compost pile which is now an herb garden so it didn’t go after any of the plants once they get big enough for the most part animals will keep away what you do is you use some wolf urine granules around your fence that’ll keep a lot of the predator the the stuff that predate on your plants away and do that and then you get a what’s got mold beyond which is 20% castor oil would submit and you scatter that around before it rains and it’ll soak into the soil and and the burrowing stuff like moles voles rats they hate it because it makes the roots and the plants that would normally taste like and it also makes things smell like to them and they’re very sensitive toward smells so for the most part they’ll vacate the area every time I’ve applied it on the garden our cats have killed 2 or 3 voles and so it keeps the population notably lower meanwhile there are parts of this neighborhood people’s lawns are like they look like they’ve been tunneled through by a massive number of these animals meanwhile here it’s you know better than it has been in the past so yeah then the neighbor of course chooses now to mow before it rains so that he can mow again more quickly that’s what people do it’s pretty funny yeah I’d say it’s going pretty well that’s been all peace out