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All right everyone it’s time for yet another garden update there’s a little bit of stuff lying around in the garden right now I was actually working out here only about five minutes ago watering doing a little bit of weeding you can see I mean I’ve got to pick all this this alone is a couple boxes worth of camomile the turnips the cabbage the beets everything is growing well the the turnips are really really good this year no sign of any disease in them so far which actually is abnormal and you see this that’s a weed you got to get rid of it some of them are getting you know decent size I don’…

Continue reading… hink you can probably see them some of them down there yeah getting on towards the size of the you know softballs almost there almost ready this by the way the Swiss chard stealing the show here lots and lots more beets and the one brussel sprout that managed to actually make it probably produce this by the way is Neptune’s harvest it’s an organic fertilizer that I use I mixed up a batch of it and what you are what you end up with for this yeah see there’s still a little bit left I’ll have to use that after the video for some of the flowers they don’t need quite as much fertility obviously maybe put us on the herbs out back basically I use about two fifths of that container for this much water and that water is everything in the garden twice more or less gives it a good soaking gives us some fertilizer and you know obviously water here all the peppers they’re growing well they’re getting up towards that second rung which is about where they should be the zucchinis are massive you know those are pretty healthy plants everything’s growing well actually you can see the marigolds which I’ve deadheaded recently I’ve got to do some iris deadheading later because the dead flowers will attract snails and I don’t really want that to happen if I can help it I’ve done a little bit of weeding in seeing back there I ripped out most of that weed it’ll come back but I’m gonna keep pounding away at it onions those who do fine most of these have grown you know somewhat since I planted them they’ll keep growing you know there’s gonna be some really great stuff all this dill which I may have to deadhead at some point that’s for pickling later on once the cucumber’s get ready we’ll also have homemade dill I mean homegrown dill this is now almost a yard tall so it did in the like three or four days since I made the last video it’s almost knocked another foot i watered everything in here did a little bit of weeding but not all of it you can see there’s still some weeds in here but I did go through and get most of the weeds out around the collards the rosemary back there I cleared out that’s doing well the tomatoes the carrots the beans here the Nkosi Anna everything is really starting to pop these two are a little bit sad mainly because this soil here is so woody that you have to add extra fertilizer to it to compensate otherwise you get a nitrogen deficiency which isn’t fun and as I said before that habanero plan is not going to do well I am going to have to replace it it might be a problem of the plant in all honesty everything else is puffed right up and doing fine these the black prints tomatoes they’re about where they should be they were a little bit behind but now they’re actually right on par they might even be a little bit ahead within a week or two you can see all the garlic in there a little bit of everything the cucumbers here part of which are in in mostly shade throughout the day they’re still doing fine though pretty soon have to put little stakes next to them the beans you know it’s kind of hard not to be able to grow beans they don’t have to be anything spectacular because I’m not a huge fan of them look at the size of all the flowers and stuff though this is why I’m making a garden update today instead of waiting you know another couple of days because after I do the deadheading a lot of works been done and everything’s growing really well the herbs in here amazing one one unforeseen thing this cord this you know what is cilantro in here I’ve had to cut off the tops three different times because it’s so prolific you know and I don’t really use a lot of it like you know I don’t know how to make tacos I can make some foods but not a lot of them I don’t know anything about cooking a good taco I know about eating tacos unfortunately this pumpkin is well has gotten completely decimated by uh those little stripey beetles they’ve taken too many chunks out of it I’m afraid probably instead of having a pumpkin here this area can be turned into something else there is still enough time to put in maybe some more herbs I can separate some more perennials into it just make it a flowerbed or whatever it doesn’t really matter because you know what are you gonna do with a pumpkin you can buy them for they’re a dime a dozen almost literally so lots and lots of poppies you can see them kind of up close here some of these are really nice colors I’m fond of the red ones they’re not a Danish flag they’re actually just a corn poppy variant come on focus there we go just watered these I mean look at all the tea that I have to gather and this was a neglected little area like until they got fertilized these we’re looking terrible now look at it it’s like a carpet of white and they’re still getting ready to bloom or once you pick them all down they’ll put out a whole nother flush they’ll do that three or four times in a year under nominal circumstances at least twice a year under the worst and you can see this weed in here I gotta get out you know they’re always some problems look hey look more tea hmm yeah what are we gonna do with that yeah I really want to spend five hours picking it the thing is I put it in the humidifier or just sundry it I’m gonna have to use a humidifier I think after it’s wash because there’s not enough room there aren’t enough south-facing windows in the house for all of the chamomile here look at it all I mean it’s spread literally every remote more half of its growing outside of the garden fence now I love chamomile it smells nice it looks nice it’s kind to all the plants around it pollinators like it it’s a really great plan I wouldn’t want to be without it but Jesus may be a little bit excessive so yeah there’s a little bit of a garden update looking pretty good again other than the pumpkin that got eaten down and all I’ll figure out what to do with that and yeah they have that in the habanero plant poor sad little pepper it didn’t take us stunted I think it got nitrogen deficiency for too long like when it was planted and it wasn’t able to recover like the other plants did for some reason but I do want to have been here oh so I’m going to go down tomorrow and grab a new pepper I guess you know a pepper plant pre sprouted oh and by the way that garlic mustard stuff that people were telling me about is invasive I got rid of most of the flowers it does actually smell a hell of a lot like garlic but you couldn’t even tell the difference I can understand why people would eat it as a green but I think it’s supposed to mildly leave you with a shot of the salad here that I’m going to steam off and eat fairly quickly like within the next couple days that’s about all peace out