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All right everyone it is time for yet another happy little garden update because things are have grown massively you can see all of the chamomile it’s gonna have to get picked out in two days I’m gonna do another full picking and you know I can’t even literally pick all of the flowers is literally not enough room to dry them at this point you can see these beets look how nice they are again somebody had mentioned that they thought that maybe wilt was being staved off by nettle water so I mixed up some yesterday with the kelp meal fertilizer and some azomite and I gave everything a good waterin…

Continue reading… n between there was a storm then it was dry for a while I went out in water then there was another line of rain so everything got a good soaking you can see those beets they’re starting to get there towards ready to harvest the turnips are all ready to harvest all ready it’s just I got to get some steaks and uh you do is you take a couple turnips and dice them up cook them most of the way then you put the steak sauce like the drippings from when you’re done with the steak in while you’re allowing the steaks to cool a bit Swiss chard all happy picked a shit-ton of that down to the fourth of July it’s already basically a restored itself these cucumbers are right on par so there there should be their flowering a bit you see back here happy beans those are all flowering up in me a lot of beans this year probably about twice as many as last year and last year there were quite a few these peppers are puffed right up they’re doing well I think these are all bells if I remember these plants even the marjoram there that got eaten down did recover it’s just a little sparse even the pumpkin here is looking a bit better now it may or may not actually produce much but this is a dwarf variety so I don’t know if it’s supposed to be vining out anyway so it could be just fine by the way lots and lots and lots of poppies so this will restore the seed all the seeds that I put out here and there bees all over two nice honeybees like real genuine honeybees you don’t see them as often sometimes there’s a lot of the flowers that I plant you know honeybees aren’t as into happy but uh what was I saying yeah the seeds were like four years old these ones and so I took the whole pack and sprinkled it in that area and it was just about right the germination rate was very low because they were old seeds but it worked anyway because enough of them came through to fill it out and see the black prints Tomatoes now have fully caught up with where they should be the garlic back there it’s funny because garlic the lower leaves die-offs throughout the year and then more leaves replace them it’s like the plant calls itself or something it’s kind of weird very happy artichoke plant by the way I didn’t expect it to do as well for a while it didn’t look like it was gonna make it at all this eggplant in here that leaf a little doing well it’s got a little couple little blossoms on there those beets are happy now this this turns out these are not zucchini plants in the strictest sense these are a hybrid and as you can see that is not a normal zucchini this is a pumpkin zucchini hybrid I believe or maybe some sort of winter squash hybridized these two plants are like that the other ones I think are just pure zucchini but I got the seeds from a vendor off eBay I can’t remember which vendor they must have planted pumpkins or some sort of large winter squash near the zucchini and they hybridized so we’ll see if they’re even edible if not they’ll be decorative they’re either tasty or they’re decorative so it doesn’t really make a difference to me zucchini aren’t exactly the most expensive thing in the world you can see those nice peppers coming bell peppers and this again I can’t remember if this is a sweet banana or jalapeno I think it’s a sweet banana and there’s like three well there’s five or six of them coming now so you lots of those and they’re doing real well this year there’s a ghost pepper in the middle has puffed up as well a lot of fertilizer that’ll you know continue to grow it’s funny because those marigolds in the middle aren’t doing so hot there’s still little tiny things the ones on the side are great and the ones in the middle are still small even though they’ve all gotten the same amount of fertilizer they’re on the same stratum I can’t understand it Morecambe a mile you know definitely a bee attractor it’s funny because the honeybees don’t really touch it and you can see all of these you know this this uh particular tomato is growing out almost into the path now I’m gonna have to do something as far as a propping it up more with these Tomatoes all over it I mean it’s gonna be loaded I’ve never had I think cherry tomato plants that were this big and this loaded with blossoms at this point in the year and also you can see the nicosia are getting ready to blossom so another week or so and you’ll get some Nkosi ana out here’s for some color a lot of bugs like those pollinators mustard flowers dill this is now 6 feet tall roughly the sunflower it’s almost as tall as me about five five six or something this is gonna be one hell of and I think this is the large variety I think this is the one with the big blossom on top as opposed to the one with the smaller blossoms a plurality of them not that it matters you know sunflowers of sunflower Blue Hubbard doing well in there and all the collards I think they like a little bit of the evening shade in here cuz they’re doing well there they’re pretty much ready to begin harvesting at any time and look at these carrots in here too gigantic you can see this one is pushing itself up a little happy carrot again you want to have some Nkosi ana if you’re growing squash because it’ll attract all the squash beetles away from things you can see the the chives in here now look at that they’re like bushes almost the absinthium all the perennials and stuff and lilies are getting ready to put out their blossom soon Morecambe a mile Morecambe a mile back there Morecambe a mile over here a none stop cam a mile as far as the eye can see thinking maybe I should have a little bit less of it actually maybe I should have more spots like next year allocated to Nkosi anna as opposed to just the campo you see that giant ass potato plant in here I can’t wait this fall to dig that out and see what’s going on underneath it it’ll probably be just all stem-and-leaf and no root but it’ll be funny anyway look at this herb bed and how pretty it is you know you got the little blue flowers little white flowers all the tastiest herbs the cilantro is going to seed that’s okay I can still lop that top part off and it’ll produce more underneath that tomato and there got leaned over by the rain but it is it’s a big tomato plant not sure exactly what variety and it could always be a hybrid it is flowering though there are some flowers in there if I had to guess based on structure I think it’s probably a Roma which is probably either that’s fine because that’s a sauce tomato mostly you don’t need it raw he can but why would you want to wouldn’t taste that great these are poor little onions here didn’t do much they get shaded by the turnips the other ones over they’re fine so yeah there’s the garden I mean everything is a pretty flush I mean you can’t even eat this much Swiss chard is almost excessive you literally can’t eat it down fast enough like after three days since the last big harvest you know half the leaves in here are now big enough to harvest again you’d have to have a meal of it every third or fourth day in order to keep up with it and that’s you know three or four people eating it you’d have beet greens at that level at this point I’ve never had much luck with beets but this year this year pretty much everything has grown well about the only quark is that a couple of the zucchini plants died early on and then you have these hybridized ones and I’m like you know actually that didn’t grow these from seed at all I got these seedlings from Home Depot so they might have had a problem with contamination either that or it’s just a really weird deformed zucchini but I mean the leaf structure on these plants is that that resembles pumpkin more than zucchini almost doesn’t it those ones over there ironically look like they might be normal I don’t even know what’s going on maybe it’s just that one zucchinis up somehow maybe I got stunted either that or maybe it’s gonna be five feet long that’d be funny if zucchinis are dicks that’s Ronald McDonald’s hamburger I suppose that’s about all peace out