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All right everyone depending on whether you’re a left-winger slash dem partisan or a right-winger slash Republican partisan yesterday you had a totally different view of political reality if you’re a Trump fan you saw Nancy Pelosi deemed crazy Nancy by Trump yesterday losing it and saying weird conspiratorial and making an ass of herself if you’re a Democrat or a liberal or something you don’t like Trump you probably saw Trump as being totally unhinged Nancy Pelosi um about him needing an intervention and stuff like that and then Trump saying crazy some more defending himself by calling himse…

Continue reading… an extremely stable genius now Trump loves to use hyperbolic language especially when he’s on the defense so I’m not really surprised he had used the term stable genius before now it’s extremely stable genius that’s a that’s definitely one up from where he was before now as someone who tacitly supports Trump I will admit though that that’s sort of sparring with Pelosi it drags both sides down a little bit and really isn’t helpful but I will say one thing this is that this is definitely the good part the good part is politics for the first time in a long time is not boring that’s why more people are getting interested in it I think should it should affect voting look even if you’re like a social justice right yeah I definitely get out and vote isn’t it great we have a president who goes on Twitter and insults the Speaker of the House we’ve got a Speaker of the House who who is clearly partially demented claiming that this president is demented this is crazy I love it I think it’s great I can’t wait for the 2020 election and that and the thing is with the age of these people that are in Congress and in the executive branch admittedly yeah some of these people probably do have to take anti dementia meds like John McCain towards the end he was getting kind of up Biden slurs his speech Pelosi does have some odd tics or something that she has to deal with although she’s had those for a long time and I would assume by now she’d be bedridden and unable to even utter her own name if she actually was demented I think it’s just sort of her weird characteristics and she if you look below see here’s Pelosi’s problem it’s not like Trump she is is so power hungry and egotistical this should sort of like Clinton on steroids she just rubs people the wrong way the way that she leaves poor Chuck Shumer around like a lapdog directing where he will walk you know basically waving him off when he tries to speak and stuff that poor dude is the most cuffed politician here he is he’s the Senate Minority Leader he a yummy needs a powerful dude but he doesn’t act that way when he speaks it’s like he keeps glancing over at Pelosi to make sure that she’s okay with what he’s saying and weird like that what benefit does he get from that by the way I mean he should say you you know the Senate is is more powerful hahaha you know there are fewer centers he should try to one-up Nancy Pelosi actually maybe get some Republicans aboard with him with his crazy plans and start hanging out with Mitch McConnell that’d be funny it’d be really funny I wonder if this has ever happened in US history have it has like the Speaker of the House or the president of the Senate have have either of the heads of the respective bodies ever changed parties while in those positions it’s to really things up by the way I think they would lose their position because they didn’t no longer be representing the majority has anyone ever done that I know I’m who was it um back at the dawn of the bush era there was a dude Jim Jeffords he was our representative at the time or was he one of our senators and it actually tipped you know the balance of power against the Republicans because he had been a Republican he switched to independent and then everyone was like up in arms and Bush was sad and it was very very funny I remember there’s a Mad Magazine cartoon about at the time but yeah yesterday in politics was nuts literally we’ve got two we’ve got arguably the two most powerful people in president u.s. politics present the United States the head of the executive branch most powerful politician Speaker of the House is kind of a close number two yes ahead of arguably the vice president certainly ahead of the leader of the Senate and if they’re going at each other like wolves it’s like watching an epic battle in a movie only it involves two people that are in their 70s and have some verbal tics that really is what it’s about people who say like God Emperor and it was funny because the Liberals did this to remember when Nancy Pelosi was clapping for Trump and she for some reason thought she needed to clap sideways and it looked like she was making an alligator mouth or something like a shadow puppet and they’re like oh Yas Queen slay and it was so funny and it’s like now she’s just a cringy old woman with demands I don’t think Trump is demented I don’t think she’s significantly demented although it’s a warning sign but they have some weird verbalizations that go on I’m hoping that they’ll get into a Twitter feud I’m hoping that the us speakers handled there will actually that they’ll end up in an argument and air it for the world to see and weird happens in politics on Twitter you remember the time that Ted Cruz’s official accountant I’m not you you can look it up Ted Cruz’s official account like like to porn page and it was a Noah’s Cup porn oh it’s like the funniest you know and it was up there for several hours like there’s so many archives had to have been made of that but literally we never got an explanation as to who is responsible for that and I don’t remember if Ted Cruz even physically addressed it thereafter very mysterious I’m wondering who was on the handle some staffer was having a good time that day and it’s so stereotypical because it’s like okay you’re either Ted Cruz or working for Ted Cruz and this is the kind of porn that you’re watching and it was female cut porn basically the woman comes back and she starts getting off to watching her her dude screwing the maid it was really really great not much of a turn-on but if I was Ted Cruz yeah I’d probably be into weird stuff like that the dudes obsessed with butter sculptures and you know he’s just so cringy and doing weird and pudgy and stuff but uh yeah politics is getting crazier and crazier and I’m loving every minute of it I mean this is the greatest ever the president as Speaker the house are calling each other demented names the most literal sense it’s like the funniest thing I can think of that’s about all peace out