Sundowns coach Mosimane says he’ll turn Lebohang Maboe into a millionaire | Trending News

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Sundowns coach mosireen says he’ll turn lib I may bow into a millionaire Sundowns coach Moser Maine says he’ll turn the I may bow into a millionaire man Lodi Sundowns coach Pitts Somoza Maine wants to turn his new for dubbing Mabo into a millionaire by helping the player secure a contract with a European club Rosa Maine said that turning young players from poor backgrounds into millionaires by selling them to overseas clubs is what continues to drive him in the six years that Mo’s Amane has been in charge at chloric ups and downs have spent millions of rands recruiting top quality talent equally Sundowns who are owned by billionaire mining magnate Patrice mots made millions from the sales of Banga nice on you Keegan Dali and recently Percy Thao to European clubs some who joined French Lick one side immunes via vitória guimarães in Portugal and was soon followed by dolly who was snapped up by former Ligue 1 champions Montpellier Tao became the most expensive South African player in history when he joined Brighton & Hove Albion from where he was loaned out to Belgian second division Club Royale Union SG to acclimatize to European conditions dollies on oh and Tao according to most Maine are now millionaires in the Sun Downs coach reckons Mabo 24 will soon follow suit the most important thing is to turn the boys into millionaires because we come from poor backgrounds heimo’s Amane said this week so I need to turn the boys into a lot of millionaires a lot of billionaires take loving mayo from merits burg United and turn him into a millionaire I took Percy and turned him into a millionaire [Applause] Keegan dolly Whanganui boo so that is what drives me Rosa main said he remains hungry for more success as a coach during his highly successful five and a half seasons at Laura Cobb mos’ly Maine has won all major domestic and Continental Cup competitions except the MTN eight Moza Maine who last season said that he may take a break from coaching said he is still yearns for more I want to win the next match if pep guardiola coach of manchester city has got 23 trophies and he is still coaching who am i to say I have arrived or chief Sir Alex Ferguson one I think 46 trophies Jose Moreno 128 or thereabout there’s also arsene wenger [Applause] so really Who am I to say I want everything what did I win now I must start saying I have one more and I want people to listen to me tell me about pep how many trophies has he won [Applause] there’s more to windows Amane set ups of Premiership champions sundown are not an action in this weekend’s round of matches and next me bloom contains Celtic at dr. Millis Stadium on Wednesday October 3rd