Syrian man, 21, arrested for ‘plotting a chemical attack on Israel’ | Entertainment News

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A Syrian man accused of plotting a chemical attack on Israel and recruiting extremist terrorists to Isis has been arrested in Berlin put in SEK special deployment commando officers armed with assault rifles stormed a restaurant last Thursday and wrestled the man to the ground while riot police secured the road with submachine guns [Music] the 21 year old was originally wanted for an assault that took place on April 14th in the widowed new area of Berlin [Music] the man and accomplices are alleged to have seriously injured a man who owned the suspect 4000 euros kicking him in the head and hol…

Continue reading… g a knife to his neck reported bill [Music] police finally tracked him down in a restaurant on the popular saman alley in the district of Macomb at around 6:00 p.m. last Thursday [Music] he remains in custody the man was wanted by warrants for dangerous assault and coercion a police spokesman said he is a great danger however according to the German website build the assault is only half the story and the Syrian is also alleged to have planned a terrorist attack in Israel with chemical weapons in addition he is said to have recruited fighters for an Islamist jihad holy war [Music] according to build information Bundesrat NDMS BND Germany’s federal intelligence service received evidence some months ago from a foreign partner service regarding the man the information was passed on to the Berlin security authorities who intercepted the suspects phones the Sirian is said to have arrived some time ago with a fake