Texas man loses both ears and part of his nose in pit bull attack | Entertainment News

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A Texas man lost both of his ears and part of his nose in a brutal attack by two pitbulls authorities say graphic images show the severe injuries sustained by victim Milton Sturgis 58 who was walking near his home in Arlington on Wednesday when the dogs attacked him [Music] a neighbor heard the man screaming and notified police who arrived on the scene and witnessed the man being mauled one officer discharged his weapon striking both animals officers were then able to pull the dogs off of Sturges who was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries [Music] he lost both of his ears his nose w…

Continue reading… partially torn off and his bottom lip was partially torn off Omar Sturgis the victims nephew told CBS 11 [Music] despite his extensive injuries which will most likely require reconstructive surgery the 58 year old is said to be in good spirits he’s doing good Omar said he’s talking he’s moving around even laughed a couple of times [Music] a GoFundMe page has raised more than 12 thousand two hundred dollars to help cover Sturgis medical expenses as a Saturday night [Music] share this article share authorities are now searching for the owner of the adult pitbulls which later died in the custody of local animal control officials one of the dogs is described as a gray 80 pound male with cropped ears that appeared to have chain marks scars around his neck as if he had been chained up the other dog is described as a roughly 55