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All right everyone we should be live just a moment because until it actually starts up here there’s no little thing at the bottom to be able to actually mute the volume there it goes excellent so we are now live over a hundred people were watching right as I was going on by the way big milestone soon on bit shoot five five five five five that’s 55555 subscribers I’m going to get need to get a screen cap of that I’m going to goes on at this point you know and subject number one of the day on YouTube you know there’s basically no growth happening YouTube has directly begun suppressing my content…

Continue reading… the way of course you should share out the link to this live feed you know whether you’re watching live or not some of you you’ll tune in after because I never get notified of it that way people actually know that the live stream is happening because for the most part unless they’re following on Twitter gab minds or parlor they are not going to get a notification and Twitter’s hit-or-miss like let’s face it it’s funny to watch CNN’s accounts like YouTube is trying to screw people in favor of CNN too but if you look like even their Twitter accounts like ten people give a shit about what they post mainly because they just should post all day and nobody gives a fuck about them it never has anyway we’ve got multiple subjects today I think the big news of the day of course is Epstein’s arrest Jeffrey Epstein longtime Clinton crime family confidant some people are saying that some 20 year old former child actor just was found dead like today and so people have come people a little bit mystified but somebody can fact check that though of course it could be you know total bullshit saw done for chance I take it with a grain of salt YouTube censorship I figured a dedicated topic about that made sense Trump’s approval this is big on ABC ABC came out oh yeah record high Trump approval by the way both in ABC polling and importantly the aggregate he has now hit forty five percent approval for the first time since what two weeks after he took the presidency the highest he was ever at was 47 he’s pretty close to an all-time high right now and I’ll tell you exactly why it’s the democratic debate he’s being compared now finally to a technical platform what’s that platform free shit aka higher taxes and also free health for illegal immigrants which is something that they think that people want but only in the Democratic primaries if you look at the general yeah I don’t think that’s gonna old watch anyway with six hundred people already tuned in live at the moment I’m going to look at chat slow mode is on as always 60 second delay so if you post something and try to post it again within one minute it won’t go through that’s to prevent some of the more over-the-top craziness that goes on in chat anyway by the way there will never be moderators in chat I’m so offended now I’m not offended not gonna I’m not gonna sit here and pretend to be offended by the way Paul Watson on their post that same thing every chat so don’t mind him I think it may be that communistic individual who’s actually messaged me before threatening to do stuff like that but it’s you know it’s full of shit because you know you know if you’re not a bigot you know you can’t be reported for bigotry anyway I am going to look at chat a little bit here before we jump into everything’s people seem to enjoy that D Tube enables censor proof content creation yes absolutely it does and they do have a live feature that I haven’t tested the problem with D Tube is it’s not user friendly the problem with D tube being like my blockchain and stuff is it’s it’s more advanced like it took me a little while to figure out most people don’t want to have a pseudo-random you know forty character long fucking password foisted on them randomly generated most people want to choose that themselves they’re used to a YouTube like layout which is why bitch shoe has a huge advantage that’s why I preferentially use bitch suit as a platform for video hosting if it’s not on YouTube the reason why it automatically colleagues from my channel people can do that manually now as well they can import things I think libri if I’m pronouncing that correctly I’ll be ry I think they can do that with I think Dawson message me I think a couple days ago saying how they can you know with one click basically you can import your last thousand videos that’s convenient I’ve thought about using it as a platform I’m hearing more about it sir like parlor bitch shoot is to gap is is maybe that site is to parlor like it’s more of a newcomer smaller probably has some you know some good features to it though I’ll check it out at some time your channel is blocked in Israel did you know that yes it’s been blocked since about 2008 Germany in Italy in Poland and the Chen lately the Czech Republic and France have blocked me too and I’ve never done anything particularly wrong on YouTube I mean I had one strike like 10 years ago on the channel for coffee right I think back when it was a secondary channel hosting Manson content if I remember correctly I can’t you remember it’s been fucking decades yes my channel is blocked in parts of the European Union as well as in Israel I don’t know why because I’ve never posted anything that would contravene any of their laws or anything now some people like well it’s because I’m afar right now because when I was first blocked was long before I started covering politics it’s like four or five years before I was seriously interested in that I mean back then it was mainly in theo jens and random religious content maybe it’s an to be like blasphemy laws I didn’t know that Germany had blasphemy laws ax I know Italy in Poland I think do ya do you think Epstein will snitch on Bill Clinton no that’s too much to hope for what’ll end up happening though is that all those people that rode on his airplane they’ve got to be nervous it’s probably there you know dumping the drugs down the toilet right now so to speak the thing is this right now you see a huge Schilling campaign like if you go on Twitter or on 4chan you’ll see people saying oh here’s a picture of Trump with Epstein and some of its Ben shoeplt actually which is hilarious so yes Trump was a compat reiative Epstein as a fellow billionaire but he never went to lo lolita Island he never went to rape island with Epstein he was never on that part of the journey the only time he ever flew on Epstein’s plane Epstein wasn’t there and it was on the way to New York City it was basically a fellow billionaire offering him a ride there’s no indicator whatsoever that Trump ever knew of anything going on Trump is the one of course overseeing his administration now in power is the one that’s overseeing with through the DOJ his prosecution for trafficking that dates back to the mid Bush administration he’s more of a Clinton ally Clinton donor sort of he’s literally in with the Clinton Foundation Epstein is that’s really the story of the day though is is there have got to be some people out there that are nervous maybe they’re thinking maybe Trump will actually you know fucking deal with them once and for all I hope so but yeah yeah you never know to anyone just joining which is half used now twelve hundred people watching make sure to share this out like it click the bell for notifications subscribe and all that bullshit that I shouldn’t have to say because you literally have to remind people at this point because it’s the only way your channel can grow and also you might be seeing this on another platform you should share that out too a bit shoot and so far they think reddit blocks but shoot links now anyway the first thing here that we have to talk about is YouTube censorship for those not already aware YouTube has been passively demoting content for a while not just for me or even political commentators but site-wide specifically because they have what’s called priority creators that means CNN Jimmy Kimmel nice dad all of the corporations and corporate pawns now sell outs basically uninteresting people they get favorable treatment under YouTube’s algorithms because their channels automatically will show up first in a random order if you search for anything under the Sun that any of them have talked about so unless you’re breaking news like if you’re a small journalist breaking a story and then CNN makes a video of it it’ll immediately bump you down a notch the second that they release their video even if yours already has a hundred thousand people watching live theirs will quickly take over it starves you of an organic growth on your channel therefore what’s happened is that four channels like mine it’s still growing but it’s very slow because the only way for new people to find my content is off site they can’t find it on YouTube if they search for anything they’re not gonna see me there’s the active suppression it was slowed down anyway because you would be behind the content creators that have been sort of a coordinated by YouTube is the right thing people the right the the pretty kids crowd so to speak the corporations and corporate pawns now as simply as stuff doesn’t appear at all try searching for political topics and then filter for recent results and see if you see me anywhere for most of you the answer will be no there’s a reason for them there are very few independent content creators that are actually not being at least passively demoted anymore on the platform so basically YouTube is funneling all support to you know a few thousand creators mostly corporations those that are owned by corporations that got contracts they’re the very g-rated very bland so that’s number one for the day let me go back to chat here really quick I’m just diving for anyone just joining I’m just reading chat here and seeing if there are any uh cool things being asked what do you buy BC Crump T what do you think of Tim Poole I subscribe to him I like his content I don’t agree with everything he says like I don’t think that we’re imminently going to enter a civil war or anything I look at you know history for the last couple centuries and I say actually things are pretty calm right now now things are pretty calm historically speaking look back a century ago to the early 1900s with wild fucking riots and workers rising up and socialist movements and bomb throwing anarchists and plutocrats and carpetbagging and all that crazy shit that was a time of stress in the United States don’t get me fucking started the level of violence that we see right now is nothing it’s just it seems like more because we’ve got the Internet to show people what’s going on we can see the truth why do you think the establishment wants to muzzle the Internet so much they don’t want you to see the truth they know they don’t want you to address the fundamental problem that is politicians that have been dynastic Lee in charge for half a century have done but fuck nothing about the remnant problems in the United States only the free market individuals have ever solved anything so they want to make more problems and they want to hide them then from the public that’s really what it’s about no sticks what do you think happens to us when we die I happen to believe generally in reincarnation but I don’t pretend that I know that for a fact I don’t know what happens when we die I also have stopped caring for the most part cuz I’m going to die someday that much is clear now something will happen maybe I just rot away and stop existing maybe I go to heaven or hell maybe I reincarnate as a slug that’d be pretty cool by the way if I reincarnate is a slug go on to any of you if you fucking the poor assault on me I will come and get you in your sleep my slug spirit will haunt you man you’re you know you’re gonna wake up in a pile of goo and it’s not going to be for a fun reason sticks if you were a Democrat who would you vote for I would probably I would cast my vote for Tulsi Gabbard out of all of the Democrats honestly no reincarnate is a creeper stick slug him yeah would you debate rocking em re on the occult I have heard of that person I’m drawing a blank on specifically who it is I think I might even be subscribed which is the terrible part I know YouTube never notifies me when people have subscribed to upload so sometimes it can get a little fuzzy like a tree of logic like I haven’t seen her in my notifications list in good six months she was on the naughty list way long ago that bootie judge you know just start your own country that’s a problem what’s in the jars and this is chamomile misty okay next subject which is Trump’s approval this is a big one this is this should be the big news of the day but then Jeffrey Epstein you know did stupid shit years ago so now he’s big news Trump has hit and this is the aggregate never look at an individual poll they can be important in context but generally you want to look at the aggregate the aggregated poll number for Trump’s approval right now has finally hit 45 that is the first time it’s hit that number since the start of his presidency he started off around 47 the day he took office he was at about 45 for the first month or so and then after that dropped off down he is as low as the mid 30s for a few points the highest he’s been you know even recently was 44 he is broken through that ceiling which is good for him and I’ll tell you why it is when the Democrats went to the debate it’s a combination of his fourth of July speech in the DEM debates he’s being compared and contrasted now finally with recognizable faces by more of the population this is a glaring indictment of the Democratic Party in that none of the mainline candidates there every single candidate there wants to give free health care for example to illegal immigrants they virtually all want to eliminate private health care though those that that say that they don’t align like Bernie Sanders I think is one of them he’s fucking lying through his teeth they’re saying basically us we want to tax you a lot more a lot of that we’re going to give to people who aren’t even represented by the US government fuck you you’re a bigot if you disagree with us that’s their platform they don’t seem to realize that’s great during to whip up the far-left during the primaries the Democrat Mary it’s not going to go well in the general election and this is an indicator of them his aggregated approval level is 45 ABC News is a legacy media outlet the systemically underestimated his support for the last two years asthma 47 percent approval that’s pretty damn good considering it’s an ABC News poll and know by the way no I don’t like Bernie Sanders because I’m a Vermonter and I understand them I understand what Bernie Sanders actually means when people see Vermont when they come here as tourists and this is getting slightly off subject but it does couple into the election they see pristine wilderness and they see nice brightly lit storefronts and they see cute little homes and they see peace and quiet and stuff like that now yes the socialistic policies that this state is indulged in have definitely made for clean water and a lot of trees and good tourism the entire us cannot be a tourist economy it’s not possible it works here because we have a low population we have a small-town America charm and allure that a lot of part of pieces of the United States can’t have you need heavy industry in order to support the US economy you’re gonna have that it has to be somewhere there is agriculture monoculture which is has its own problems most of the Midwest you have all of these other things Vermont is a small tourist money-driven landlocked state it’s fine if Bernie Sanders leans on the state politicians here and says well we’re gonna you know we need more social democracy welfare spending bullshit it’s fine most people can deal with that because this state what you don’t realize what happens here is our tax money which is high goes towards a lot of good things a lot of health care a lot education for the kids they get a world-class education what happens when they turn 18 they leave or if they go to an in-state college because they want to pay through the nose they leave when they’re 22 or 23 they go off and work on an oil rig or they go to Texas to be a doctor or an engineer or something like that they go to a low tax state they pay off their student loans they work for 30 40 years retire and then they come back then they get it they get their nice big retiree home for the lower class in Vermont that a lot of people don’t know even exists it’s not like that try going beyond mainstream Vermont sometime Mainstreet Vermont go to Woodstock but don’t just stay on the main drag of Woodstock go to go to some of the outlying areas come here to Rutland but don’t just look at the scenic downtown go down to North Clarendon or something putter around Shrewsbury what do you see lots of trailers and dilapidated cabins and people that are living in basically what amounts to Appalachian squalor why don’t you go to Bridgewater why don’t you go to something other than cuicci on the other side of Vermont why don’t you go down instead of staying on Main Street Brattleboro why don’t you go right across the river where New Hampshire’s policies are also fairly high tax not in the same way but you know you have some blight there to new hampshire being the slightly more sane version of Vermont Bernie Sanders and his policies are responsible for creating a bipolar state in which you either do quite well or very badly and you and you’re kept on on wick and then snap and all of that stuff if you’re on the lower half of society I’m very fortunate because I was on that lower half for most of my life now I’m on the upper half of it so now everything’s on the up-and-up and I can be in the state and I don’t have to worry about being forced out of my home due to the tax burden but you know there could come a time if Bernie Sanders policies continue to mount and mount and mount if they’re exported to the federal level fuck me yeah yeah damn right I’ll probably have to move to Texas I’m not gonna pay fifty five sixty percent of all of my income to some form of government it’s not going to happen I’ll give the state zero I’ll go to a state where there’s no income tax problem solved and then I’ll wait while the Socialists get kicked out because they’ve ruined the economy and then I’ll wait until the president’s probably a Texan at that point be hilarious to me yeah and solve the migrant problem who would want to migrate to the United States under socialism who collapsed the economy and we wouldn’t be working there would be no one to pay for the welfare programs fuck Bernie Sanders fucking moron do you think they should have less taxes yeah yeah I do think I I think that every person in the country pays too much yeah it’s not like well lower the tux is on the middle-class no no yeah do that too lowered on the rich lowered on the poor middle-class people with or without jobs lower the taxes on everything sales taxes should be lower property taxes should be lower this should be the income tax should be lower in the non existant arguably yeah yeah absolutely a flat tax is fine to have a full you have one flat tax and then have one flat you know universal federal sales tax cap the state’s tax rate the tax burden is some reasonable amount so that even the richest pays like you know 20% instead of you know upwards of 50% now it’s a moronic yes stick screw up poor yes very very poor extremely poor a one income household working class in an area where you know Woodstock Vermont is where I grew up it’s as place where there are haves and they’re have-nots if you’re on the green and you’re looking at those homes you got people who have seven-figure salaries or they’re retired and they’ve got eight figure bank accounts they’re the ones that live there go up into the upper floors of those apartments on Main Street don’t you find people who are poor you go off the beaten track and you find people in trailers and stuff there’s a fairly large trailer park like five minutes outside of Main Street Woodstock anyway right to the south you can’t see it from the main road that’s for a reason I think there’s probably five six hundred people that live there do you think we should help people on the autism spectrum get jobs so they’re not on disability well you know I don’t believe in the autism spectrum you’re either autistic or you’re not autistic to tell the truth just because someone doesn’t like to look other people in the eyes or has social problems does not mean they have a mental disability it means they have a character flaw so call hey I’ve got that I don’t like social situations I don’t say that I’m on some special snowflake spectrum and demand money from the government that’s never going to happen I do have a you know sympathy for people who are actually mentally ill but I think I think what’s happened is the every soccer mom wants a little Jimmy to be labeled autistic so they can say oh yes my child is on the spectrum too they want to be special you know anyway we got to talk about Epstein so the big story of the day because you know the Trump approval poll isn’t as exciting and spicy as somebody spending most of their life trafficking small children Jeffrey Epstein finally by the way I accidentally thought it was Brian Epstein and I looked it up and I guess it was like a musician like 50 years ago but Jeffrey Epstein a longtime Clinton aide basically you know Clinton Foundation ties rubbed elbows with Hollywood rubbed elbows with Wall Street and DC and stuff probably knows him most of the politicians from the era 90s and 2000’s he’s been arrested on charges stemming from trafficking children about 20 years ago or were actually a little bit less about 15 years ago I believe mid 2000s I think that the specific era was 2003 to 5 I think the FBI was looking at now what had happened is of course some time ago he cut a plea deal that basically gave him a slap on the wrist he was given what was it was 13 months in jail but six days a week he didn’t have to be in jail he could leave and go work at his office and stuff still a billionaire he had to register as a sex offender whatever but other than that no problems then for so many billions of dollars you know having that happen I suppose you don’t exactly have to look for a job or worry about you know your neighborhood because you can buy a fucking neighborhood to stay away from the school I guess so it’s not as big an impediment as if it’s some you know some sister fucker from a trailer anyway that’s the plea deal that was awhile ago now he’s brought in on new charges and these are again a decade and a half old there are shells right now all over the internet trying to conflate Epstein and Trump together as though they were like bosom buddies because Trump once said something kind about Epstein in the year 2000 no less that’s three years before this investigation period begins that’s three years before this there was never an indicator I think in people’s minds in 2000 that Epstein had done anything wrong unless they were traveling to his Island already and Trump never did there’s why we know that Trump hasn’t done anything wrong he was on the flight log once going to New York City and that’s it that’s really he never went to Lolita Island he never never joined Epstein on one of his excursions Bill Clinton did apparently multiple times so did a lot of actors and so did a lot of other politicians probably judges and lawyers and all sorts of people and I bet you’d find an interesting slew of names if you had access to the whole little black book but people are saying well Trump was in his black book no he was in the flight log there’s a difference the little black book is hey here are the people that I’m supplying children to essentially these people are coming to my Island and partying and hanging out I’ll bet anything that Epstein has all sorts of dirt on these people that he’s held over people’s heads for political reasons why do you think the Clintons are owed so much and then end in turn it’s a symbiotic sort of well parasitic style of relationship they get him stuff he gets them Bill Clinton you know what Bill Clinton is into it’s funny because if you look there’s an out of context quote that the one about mama Jeffrey Epstein is a good dude from Trump saying oh well yeah he likes women like I do on the younger side again though he’s talking about women he’s not talking about underaged individuals it doesn’t seem that Epstein dedicated his sexual attention just to a specific demographic it seems like he just didn’t care that they were young and probably supplied that to other rich people but it seems like he didn’t really care and he was also and I guess just generally females or something sort of like a Joe Biden deal if Joe Biden were even more creepy but I mean he broke the law and he’s facing life in prison thank goodness get him off the street be funny but I know he’s got plenty of ties to the Clintons and plenty of ties to the DNC they must be a sad right now it was funny because some people are saying that that was what pence was called back for that the unspecified emergency was looking into the fact that Epstein was about to get nabbed or something maybe it’d be funny if Trump had engineered everything for the last two years just to try to literally clean the swamp out if this is a drain the swamp remove yeah it’s pretty great anyway I’m gonna look at chat here a little bit oh do you think anything will actually come of this I’m not sure it could Trump is a master strategist so if you assume that he’s actually interested in cleaning house there might be some more charges or something might come of it it’s not entirely clear though because it’s happening behind closed doors in every rung of the intel agencies they’re very opaque the public may never know really you know about all the victims or anything like that apparently Epstein turned some of his initial victims into recruiters to get more children not surprising like I said if you take a pervert and you give them billions of dollars they’re probably gonna attract other perverts and and help serve them in exchange for a lot of money and shit how much does a haircut cost I don’t know because you know I’m not exactly on the market for getting a haircut hey you know what I’m saying have you heard of Q yes I don’t believe in the muck you posting bullshit and that’s what it is by the way you should definitely share the link to this live stream out you should share it out because otherwise nobody will know that it’s actually happening because YouTube algorithmically demotes me on a regular basis wondering if there are any other cool news stories right now I didn’t look up as many as usual I mean we covered like it the last one the other day was a mini AOC and all these other things the most interesting is the polls and we’ve also we don’t have any additional post democratic debate polls fir for the Democratic candidates if the trajectory continues though Bernie Sanders is toast he’ll fall the fourth place more and I think is actually in second I think Kamala Harris is a flash in the pan I think there’s a little bit of fuzzy numbering going on in the polls because there is one that appears to be an outlier showing her well ahead of the aggregate I think six or seven points which is the differential is a little excessive I think it’s lower than that I think she’s about five points behind where that poll puts her I think she’s in third and I think the Bernie Sanders arguably has already fallen to fourth he could fall below but again the problem is that Bernie Sanders no longer has anything particularly special about him other than being Bernie Sanders he’s got that mystique among his core fans that core is a lot less than what he had been riding at they wanted the other part of it was people who thought he was simply more electable than Biden but now they’re seeing Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris shine and they’re seeing Bernie Sanders is the befuddled confused old man that he really is he’s almost 80 he’s no longer the Bernie Sanders of 2016 that had higher energy arguably than Hillary Clinton so at the same time was quite old Trump is quite a jump is like what 72 73 Biden’s seventy five or six and Sanders is 77 Kamala Harris is a nice young 56 years old thoughts on the board up whoa just a second it flew past thoughts on the border and detention centers they need to be upgraded and Trump is you know secured the money to do that but it’s gonna take a long time meanwhile the judges keep blocking the money that was allocated for building any wall it’s amazing how the judiciary has been weaponized to literally block the will of Congress since even Congress has appropriated money to build segments of wall and upgrade what’s there but Trump should do is at least divert that money to upgrading the existing wall that if you can’t use it to expand the wall use it to fortify what’s already there problem solved at least something’s been accomplished there are still pieces of wall there that are like ten-foot chain link fencing in an embankment they’re not a 30 foot steel barrier he’d probably get a couple hundred miles of that retrofitted it’d be better than nothing and then he can just go before Congress you know hopefully after the election if he gets a second term in the Republicans clean house he can hopefully go forward to say look we’ve got a mandate let’s fucking do it and and suppress the Rhinos within the party but he needs that he needs somebody different to run the Senate he needs to kick him a Connell aside to put Rand Paul in there that’s what I would do if I were him I would I would encourage the party to abandon Mitch McConnell to his own devices he does well on a handful of issues he can be if McConnell can be a powerful man but he’s still a neocon he doesn’t want the border to be completed because then oh my god it’s not a lingering issue we can’t use it to campaign with anymore when and why did you get in to libertarianism my intellectual ammunition uh it was the Ron Paul revolution sort of period it was Ron Paul around uh you know in the to 2012 election basically I looked at what he was saying I said well the GOP you know and I’m not a Republican or conservative and even now the GOP should choose him I thought he would have beaten Obama and he probably would have by the way he would have survived even if he had gotten the second term now wouldn’t he people that going his tool is like a crazy grandpa he’s still there and he’s still a coherent that’s more you can say from more than you can say for half of the devil and you know not all of them are elderly you q uq Colton imbeciles are gullible rubes I’m not saying that I’m just saying that I don’t believe in the Q stuff I can understand why some people would I mean I’m not gonna call them names I just don’t happen to agree with them sticks for Rogan yeah if people like mass contact Joe Rogan maybe he did invited me on a show he’s got a considerably large audience he’s pulling in people like you know fuckin Jesse Ventura and Artie Lange so my hands a little bit different from my sort of material that’d be interesting I does he care if I swear on his program I don’t think so since he sits there and does marijuana I don’t that might be a problem he might offer me a joint off to turn it down and then you know his audience might not like that oh my god sticks doesn’t like marijuana why is he on Rogan no I can’t smoke marijuana just gives me anxiety why did you stop taking in thousands because of my near fatal overdose and now I can’t enjoy any of these things anymore I do enjoy coffee I don’t even drink anymore I’m sober from alcohol too yeah the goal is that by Halloween I want to be like really skinny again like you wanted I wanted you to be able to see it in my face so that I can go as Jack Skellington a hundred them semi jokingly no me funny how long have you been a black metal fan since I started hearing it like in the mid-2000s basically when I laid an school started with mardik and a few of those bands you know the more known ones and then I got into the more underground stuff kuroh cactuses take mescaline once or twice yeah I took mescaline once it was good it was fun I didn’t take like a heroic dose of it like I did with psilocybin which was less fun but I mean I wouldn’t I don’t want to do it again I have no reason I’ve already gleaned whatever wisdom I can from and Theo Jones the bad experience that I had shows me that I’ve done all I can with that and now I need to find other things to do as far as spiritual stuff goes which is why I used psychedelics in the first place I’d rather look into the occult read and write books and things of that nature and enjoy nature itself like gardening the woods stuff like that fucking you know I like the fresh air and being alone being outside of society look my job entails talking to hundreds of thousands of people potentially every single fucking day yes I like to take the occasional hike it’s just the way that it’s very funny that the things that I was worse at like when I was young when they gave you that comprehensive I can’t remember what it was called there’s like a comprehensive academic battery that they used to give people like around the time they were in seventh grade I can’t remember exactly what it was called it might be different in Vermont than other states it could have been state administered I’m not sure if it was a federal standard it was some sort of battery of different you know sort of sub sub genres of learning to see where your skills were and where you were less skilled my worst skill was in editing and revising those were my worst skills and yet editing is literally what I do mainly as a job editing and releasing occult works I was very poor in regards to socialization like social interaction I never had an adding any academic problems in any year that I was in school the only problem I ever had was being social like working well with others especially team work and stuff now I mean I do then basically do that for the living it’s hilarious with 3,000 people watching live at the moment or almost as keeps switching between like 20 20 31 on make sure to share this stream out whether it’s live or not it doesn’t really make a difference because again otherwise people don’t know I exist no new subscribers can come aboard because they don’t know about the channel make sure to subscribe to if you’re watching is again you know you click the bell too and you know you should follow me links in the description all the other sites that I’m on fucking Twitter gab myung’s everything else mines I think I’m the most active on other than Twitter which at any given time could ban me and I wouldn’t give a fuck now they algorithmically to vote too what are your thoughts on thrash and death metal I like them too I don’t like them too much death metal some of it it’s got to be more on the heavier side but I like doom metal I don’t like to get into too many subgenres though metal as metal is metal to me ultimately I’m not exactly a purist some people oh my god I can remember that we may be the first heavy metal song ever made if you look that up I wonder if my videos still on they had hundreds of thousands of views but it was a plastic thunder and it was made in 67 or 68 some people claim not on him such airs from the Nuggets compilations of really obscure psycho to psychedelic rock it’s like garage rock slash proto heavy metal and I mean the number of debates on there between people that were more purist and people that have more loose definition of metal and people who are like you know garage rock fans psychedelic fixing it was insane people like oh no my yard birds oh no Black Sabbath is the first developing coven Jimi Hendrix with along the watch the number of debates that it started I was not prepared for I never expected it to you know that technically speaking and that was the first sort of viral video I actually made and it was plastic thunder a fucking psychedelic or metal or proto metal or garage rock song depending on which person in the comments section you asked it’s a good song by the way you should look it up plastic thunder yeah did you ever go to Ozzfest no how could I go to Ozzfest and like they’ve got a lot of drugs there late 90s I was still a kid I’m uh you know I’m only 31 it’s funny you’d probably think I’m 40 or something you think I’m you think I’m 40 based on my politics is funny it’s funny that younger people now have more conservative politics in mind at times worst scenario if the Democrats win okay this is an interesting question what’s the worst-case scenario of the Democrats winning it depends on the Democrat if someone who’s actually into the identity politics and is serious about them as if as opposed to like Warren if Warren when she’s gonna be a standard neoliberal she’s gonna start off with a bang promising and the moon on a stick like she is well campaigning she’d get elected she wouldn’t do anything like that she’s not gonna raise the marginal tax rate to 60 percent she’s not she’s not actually gonna do most of what she says because she’s a neoliberal pretending to be far left to get votes she’s doing a damn good job hell she stops come off being the nominee she’ll have served the country even if she wins the worst case scenario is that the Trump economy collapses that is the company’s there their morale tanks because they’re like okay we’re going to be paying more taxes there’ll be more regulation the good times are over the boom has ended there will be a delay of about a year or so and then the economy will go into a backslide it probably won’t collapse but it will begin to slow down and slide backwards it’ll be more like the Obama economy now I know I’m a job growth under Obama and GDP no no no no the job growth under Obama was low-wage jobs primarily it was people who formerly were making 6070 K here now flipping burgers at Wendy’s that was the Obama economy under Trump we have some manufacturing coming back we have better middle-class jobs and at least upper tier working class jobs replacing some of the low-wage jobs meanwhile some people yes because the baby boomers are beginning to retire labor force participation is lower now that’s just a something that we’re gonna have to deal with for a number of decades to come after that it will begin to ameliorate a little bit but it’s difficult the fact that we’re able to maintain the growth we’ve got under Trump is miraculous he’s owned Trump who would need a magic wand to achieve the girl Theodore Mel well he did so you know I want to see his Hogwarts law at some point me funny looking back at chat here a little bit what do you think about Hong Kong protests well that’s that’s you know old hat that’s been happening forever I’ll have to look more into that maybe that’ll be a video for tomorrow I didn’t know that there were protests going on at the moment you may have to be given honorary gen-x status well I like I like Gen X more than my own generation and all honestly the music was better the culture is better politics were generally better you know Millennials have completely sold out I had such hopes for the Millennials you know back in the back in the days when Facebook was still interesting and the Iraq war was still going on and Bush was still the president although thankfully he was leaving I had hopes that the Millennials wouldn’t sell out unfortunately I’m in the minority in my own generation I have more in common with people they’re considerably older or younger it’s sad I heard his wand is short and has spots now what was it that that won that stormy Daniel said that he had Yeti pubes and a mushroom-shaped cock Chuck Trump had a mushroom penis mushroom manhood by the way funny story really quickly I mean speaking of early way of Facebook there used to be a feature called bumper stickers on Facebook it was of like an embedded sort of little module there because you used to be able to move things around on your page in gym and it would have these little like 200 by 200 pixel pictures and you could put them on there with search terms and people could put them on their profile and it was decorative mainly I I went through and I made so many of those actually some of them tens of thousands of people had them on their profiles it would literally show you in the app how many people are using them some of them got real damn fucking popular particularly the anti-war and then you know Pro anti drug war ones I had one that was basically just a pot leaf and I think there were thousands of people using I think the most popular said piece and had a peace sign behind it but some of them we’re just an orange background with poorly drawn cocks on them and they had they had different names like disco balls which I took disco balls with like a Google image put them below the cock another one jingle balls and had Christmas ornaments another was dick beard and those like big ass fuzzy pubes hanging club cock pencil penis you know stuff like that it’s simple areas yeah you’d be surprised how many people actually thought that was funny enough to slap it on their fucking facebook page that was back when Facebook was worth using when it was a Gen X style platform it hadn’t been streamlined with rounded corners to look like an Apple product is funny thoughts on Kamala slave-owning family well that that’s the case with most people in the country if they have roots in the south regardless of their race by the way yes there’s probably slavery somewhere in their lineage for the most part so I mean more rich families would have had quite a few children possibly you know certain slave owners did things with their slaves and shit like them as far as me my direct lineages been in Vermont for you know quite some time there are southern routes it’s funny because actually when when my branch of the Warwick family first came across from Europe back in the fucking 17th century they originally settled in Virginia and half of the family sort of went to Georgia and I don’t think our Warwick’s anymore mostly and then the other half came to New England and I’m from that half from from like the early 1700s by the time my lineage was settled here slavery slavery was abolished in Vermont before it even became a state so they settled here in the nobody ever owned slaves they never could have thoughts on Portugal in general its Portugal no problem with it people making slavery jokes the stream has gone off the rails yeah Jared Halton furiously playing with himself at the moment looking at the comments section I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised they’ve gotta have somebody analyzing comments on live streams once in a while who will the fly of wisdom land on next in the debate yeah the joke about Hillary Clinton attracting flies on a routine basis I have a feeling that if the Democratic debates I’ll have those fly strips all over the place like up in the rafters just to make sure that doesn’t fucking happen again don’t don’t tap the chaos gods dolorous ever probably superstitious actually yeah hi Jared talk about Morrissey yeah Morrissey of the Smiths of course whoo-hoo you only have to use his last name and people know you’re talking about that’s when you know that you’ve made it in the world like when people just start calling me sticks I was like oh this is pretty cool I’m no longer I don’t have to be sick sex name I’m just sticks okay that’s funny Morrissey coming out defending his political positions and everyone going crazy over it let the man have his beliefs he’s 60 years old number one he hasn’t sold out number two it’s very funny because actually other people from that same generation of the ones that have sold out Morrissey’s the one that stuck to his guns he’s realized that censorship censorship is bad as a rock and roll artist censorship is anathema to rock and roll so he’s decided to be against it which means magically he goes and become supposedly far-right and he’s like oh my god they’re like oh my god he’s supporting a British nationalist movement I can’t remember the name of it who cares fucking cares he did you don’t like it don’t go to his concerts if you do like it go and buy a ticket I guess can you please check your Twitter DM see if people DM me all the time but I mean I don’t have time to respond to all of them you wouldn’t be so you’d be surprised how many I get every single day by the way really quick I want to check my bitch new subscriber count by the way link in the description you should join me there yet one shy of the big 55555 so who will be you know the magical pent-up Olinda vidual who knows do you still play runescape no I haven’t played runescape in about a year or so the reason why is because I was getting too much into it I wanted that time to do other things I wanted to be able to work you know why I’ll enjoy editing you know do musical stuff hang out stuff like that runescape doesn’t produce anything or add any value to the world as far as my time spent there so it’s a waste of time I’d rather I’d rather grow plants or something like that rather bumble around in the woods how long do you think Syria will be divided between Assad’s forces and the FSA from papas Khwaja who knows BAE well now that the u.s. is not really involved in the FSA is stopping existing altogether yeah Zappa Zappa never sold out either Frank Zappa by the way moon Zappa with valley girl very funny song you should look at that up again what’s it the two jars behind you that’s chamomile tea that’s that’s mm mostly dry at this point heard anything from war ski in the past year he’s seemingly dropped out of contact I think I don’t even know exactly what’s gone on with him because I never kept up with it so I’ve done like I don’t really care for the blood sports thing anymore the thing is blood sports went from basically people meeting up in a basement to you know fight with boxing gloves on to people stabbing each other’s kidneys in an alley that’s what blood sports did I don’t want to be part of that I don’t have a problem with war ski or anyone else associated I’m fucking medic ER failure talk to all of these people no problem with any of them but I don’t want to be involved in it because I’m a content creator I’m here to appease the my audience I’m here to appease you I’m not here to appease other people and join some sort of UFC style spin-off worldwide wrestling thing faction that’s just not my bag I’m my own person I can’t even read half of the comments out dudes you know when you say certain things I don’t have a problem with it but I can’t read it out on air because then I get a car contents to make didn’t even mention once your intent to leave Vermont yeah and anytime I get when I pay taxes I want to leave Vermont what I have to file my taxes I’m like hmm you know others to pretty much every other states looking good right now how my tax burden would be lower in Hawaii and then I could Garden 3365 so yeah I’ve actually thought about Hawaii one problem is internet probably cost a shit-ton there and then of course a volcano at any given time to destroy your property chill land is cheap though there I was surprised actually if you’re in sort of in the slopes away from the beach land is cheap in Hawaii like it’s cheaper than it is he we’re middling as far as the cost of property property taxes here are high but the cost of property especially an empty lies is reasonable it’s on the reasonable side it’s actually funny because it’s cheaper than you know most of Texas it’s funny because down there a house might be 30 gram but the half acre lot next to it’s 50 grams doesn’t make any sense I don’t fucking get it and do you remember when we were in Vietnam I’ve never the only other country I’ve ever been to his Canada which doesn’t really count because back then I was a kid and he didn’t even need a passport but yeah his Coogler a man or a woman computers are non gendered they’ve tried to make AI even a non gender it isn’t there some AI that they’ve developed that they deliberately blended a male and female voice to make it as a gender to neutered as possible and just sounds creepy to me it still sounds a little bit more feminine than masculine but that’s I don’t know the preps probably some psychological experiment they’ll show it to people and then they’ll analyze the personalities of people who think it still sounds a little bit like one or the other and they’ll make some sort of sweeping statements about human psychology or sexual orientation or something that way you watch it some sort of technological test so now they can they can analyze that to me manifest destiny take over Canada I wouldn’t be hard no offense to Canadians all we would do is poison the maple syrup supply you know the manpower would be significantly lower be the equivalent of deploying chemical weapons will a I take over no here’s the thing and I made a video about this a long time ago in order for robots or AI in general to take over it has to be able to feed itself energy it has to be much more stable than it currently is the problem is a human technology can’t currently give a robot a storage system that’s efficient enough to really justify that you would have to develop a digestive system for it so it could like eat cellulose containing matter like eat plant matter or something make it you know basically an herbivore as well as probably being coded completely in photovoltaics and fold the photo of voltaics sari in order to feed it enough energy and you’d need a much more efficient battery system you know for an AI program of course it could just be like a president needing just a computer attached to a whole building full of shit but it wouldn’t be able to take over wouldn’t you be able to do anything it would just sit there it wouldn’t be able to amalgamate resources and actually produce or anything you wouldn’t be able to create an assembly line to create an army of robots that would need to be be able to be created by humans as well the big thing will be this the next step in robotics is fully autonomously functioning robotics not not autonomous in the sense of processing power like being self-aware or anything but able to continue to persist to maintain itself to maintain essentially the robotic equivalent of homeostasis right now we’re a far cry from that we don’t have to worry about that for a good couple of decades at least I’ll be an old man by the time that happens what is the best Fallout game every time I say that I lose subscribers because it’s fallout for any I mean it’s bigger than Fallout 3 the graphics are better it’s considerably more customizable in every possible way it’s a better game three had been the best new Vegas was small and primitive and glitch prone one and two wife the same kind of game for their own purposes are good but it’s different and the worst of 76 because not even really it’s not even fallout at that point if it’s multiplayer you know 17 fallout 76 I’m like God show us your gun range my gun range is some soil filled wooden panels and a target out in the garden which you know you’ve seen in some gardening videos I do need to build something a bit more sophisticated than that because it’d be nice to be able to you know not have to replace the wood is thing bullets solely eat it down to nothing was cool back in the day I want Willard Romney to run in 2020 yeah it’d be funny if he did he’s like 72 I think he doesn’t he doesn’t look it he must add plastic surgery or something what’s your take on DB Cooper probably dead by now they did end up finding caches of the bills you know years and years later he probably survived the fall they didn’t find a body they as far as I know they’ve never found any of the bills in circulation though that’s the real mystery they’ll probably never be able to solve it it’s probably the ultimate cold case it isn’t interesting by the way you should look up DB Cooper if you want like this is like I think there was an in search of a documentary about that one of the you know in search of with Leonard Nimoy back in the 70s I think that covered DB Cooper very interesting story I’m probably the weirdest in US history as far as that kind of thing crime goes is it worth moving to Vermont um are you independently wealthy and or retired or are you like really really young and then like you know an urban serving yuppie or do you have a master’s degree yes then you should move to Vermont it’s great otherwise no now you shouldn’t I can barely make ends meet here simply because I’m self-employed I don’t have to worry about the shitty roads and the car maintenance salt in the winter and stuff because I don’t have to go out as much I have to drive 30 minutes to a fucking job thankfully also you got to realize in Vermont like the top speed limits like 55 comes on some of the better roads up north of here otherwise usually you’re going 20 miles an hour you know right getting from town to town takes a little while and it doesn’t need to be like you know I’m a pretty good driver you know so I should be able to go twice that fast and avoid hitting people go flying down Main Street at 70 miles per hour I’m not gonna hit anything not unless someone gets in my way yeah is the novel dead no I don’t write novel though for the most or sickness and hell kind of counts yeah that’s normally I’ve still got to go back and re-edit that there were a few spelling errors and the fonts wrong like they’re like it’s not up to my new standards same with morbid stories by the way morbid stories if you’re into splatter Punk which is the more extreme side of literature you can go the blogs book blogs in the description and go to my works and you can see a sickness in Hell or whatever there see some weird ship have you ever read The Sandman comics no I don’t like comics I don’t like comics or any of that sort of stuff and never really did I actually ironically when I was a kid I’m the only magazine I read was a Mad Magazine that just stopped existing you know a few days ago but good riddance because they hadn’t been relevant this is what almost 20 years what does your logo symbolize it’s my own personal symbol that I’ve been using literally since high school the Ouroboros represents completion the moon represents the lunar occult power the powers of darkness the night and so forth it’s an alchemical statement as well the skeleton is that’s the artist Sarah Kony am actually just put the skeleton there that was her own touch were Bros for life yeah what me worry alfrid he Newman I mean Mad Magazine still there’s still some funny stuff in it but they sold out completely oh yeah poor Artie Lange yeah Artie Lange by the way Stern Show sidekick for many years was on MADtv did stand-up had his own show for a while I think he had a ghost like a sports-related show for a couple years then he had a podcast Opie and Anthony I think and more recently had something with HBO they got cancelled he keeps using the fucking drugs and like he was on Rogen actually I mean at that point I think he was semi sober but he just can’t leave the cocaine alone even when he’s not using heroin he just can’t stay away from coke and it’s like you know point his nasal cav