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All right everyone yesterday there was a well-intentioned about ultimately humorously wrong article by The Daily Caller that several people fronted to me and those like YouTube’s latest purge isn’t just targeting extremist historians and left wingers are getting kicked off the platform first I would tell you this is by design these are all independent creators that are being profiled by hip pieces basically by corporate interests this is not about politics that’s number one number two the idea that a person is a left winger and therefore not extreme that’s a net feeds right into the line that’…

Continue reading… eing told by the partisans that have clasped on to the extremism online argument their argument is that if a person is on the right that their extreme or something but that you know it doesn’t matter how far left they are that’s okay Lex person is a a communist or something that’s not problematic it’s only problematic if their political proclivities tend to be on the generic right somewhere that way people who are like a right libertarian or something like you know I lean towards the right maybe on fiscal matters because I’m a libertarian we can get classed as extreme to despite the fact that what is an extremist libertarian want they want less taxes and they want people to be left alone fundamentally if they’re at the core libertarianism is the radical notion admittedly that people should be left alone that’s not the same as classical liberalism I think sometimes people conflate them I’m more of a classical liberal in some senses I have a problem with the existence of a state I’m not an an cap or selling I suppose those would be your extremists libertarians or fanatics or whatever you want to term them for propagandistic reasons I don’t feel too threatened by people who by virtue of that could never actually organize a movement I don’t feel threatened by people who actually disdain the concept of sensuality to the point where it’d be kind of difficult for them to form anything but a very temporary voluntary citizens militia for defensive purposes I don’t feel threatened by people like that it’s like some people if you know San Franciscan are selling you see some carrying a gun oh my god it’s being a terrorist extreme person or something and I carry a gun sometimes so he’s a fuck stays in its holster magically it doesn’t read doesn’t randomly jump out of the holster and along the ground looking for children to shoot you know it’s it’s a moronic opinion to say that but there’s something deeper here that I’d like to say there simply isn’t an extremist problem on the Internet at all on the right on the left whatever light it’s like some people on the right they’ve been gulled into the argument this is by design to buy these corporations oh well if you’re gonna censor the far you go to censor the far off you no no no I don’t think they should be censored you know someone like that that Mohawk fucking hippie communists they’re the one that wears very capitalistic suits use crapple products I can’t remember his names first name’s Jason I probably wouldn’t use his name anyways you know people have to go in a flagrant people like that they’re extreme in their views but I don’t think that they’re actually going to cause and they like incite violence he had a picture once where he had like I guess a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and said something about Trump and I thought it was like you know that’s a little bit on the edgy side but it’s legal I mean he’s not physically threatening anybody he’s not saying well I’m going to go attack the motorcade wish me well or something like that the fact is that the number of people that are radicalized by the Internet is considerably lower than the number that Ardi radicalized that I can tell you for certain if you look at crime stats since the internet became popularized you’ll see it for your fucking self violent crime in this country on all aspects soon as soon as the gun crime or not gun crime because I know that’s a special category that causes a lot of people a lot of weird emotional pressure now suicide homicide you know anything involving weapons or killing violence is down for the most rape assault arson all of these things are becoming less common over time concurrent roughly with you know the beginning of the end of the drug war in the beginning of the worldwide web essentially I think that all three of those things are definitely related I think that when you stop throwing people in prison for simple possession and you allow people catharsis by arguing online instead of going out and taking out their aggression physically I think that is a good thing the number of the but the problem is this you’re never going to hear a story in CNN about someone who got de-escalated who was at Lehrer like well I was in the Klan but then I started hanging on chat rooms and I you know it got jiggy with this girl realized she was black and then I realized that you know I shouldn’t be lynching people and burning cross I think there are probably a lot of stories like that but you’re not going to hear about him because they’re not as exciting as hey Little Jimmy started using YouTube and pretty soon he was listening to screwdriver and stuff like that and painting swastikas in his own poop on the bathroom stalls lurid tabloid gossip bullshit like that has always been the fodder of the legacy medium this happened in the 80s with the satanic panic totally mainstream groups mainstream radio shows and newspapers both local regional and international mainstream papers mainstream television Geraldo Rivera famously mainstream television broadcasts it wasn’t just you know the the Mari and Springer pulp of the era was mainstreamed to talk about how secret devil worshippers were being promulgated by music it was it was seen as degenerate and extreme oh this music is extreme it’s talking about having premarital sex and doing drugs and you know said Satan and stuff My Little Jimmy can’t listen to that we need to ban it we need to burn it basically banned and burned basically is what we need they’re doing the same thing now and the same corporate interests were involved then they made a lot of money off of all of those books all those self-published books about the worldwide devil conspiracy all of those shows Geraldo Rivera Satan’s Underground was one of the most popular shows of all time you know I think it was a bit of been on the top 10 or 20 certainly of all Broncos the most popular was also Birol de Rivera when they opened the tomb of uh what was it Al Capone’s crypt there and then he said that baby that you know we expected to find stuff and they found a couple of moonshine bottles and that’s basically it they didn’t even find like a rusted-out tommy gun or anything like this or a hat or something cool and they certainly didn’t find Al Capone’s dead hand or something like that and so we were all that was like really fucked out about it and ended the broadcast early it was visibly shaken it was still extremely popular at the time and so this was a mainstream sort of thing it was accepted that devil worship and Wicca and all they did all these things were tied together it was accepted that people were being radicalized by heavy metal especially by the gothic movement and there was also an element of white nationalism that was played up people like Nicolas Shrek were like were likened to white nationalists there were a handful of actual ethno nationalists within so that the goth sort of metal scene sort of fused together the punk scene you know heterogeneous man or all of these things sort of lumped together by the lamestream media it got to the point where people who had nothing in common with these movements you know just some random rocker who happens to have like vaguely right-wing political beliefs would have been likened to you know a heavy metal Nazi or something like that they would have been lumped in together and a lot of venues have banned them they’d be banned from playing their music they’d be banned publishers wouldn’t publish their books printers wouldn’t print up their bill it’s stuff like that happened all the time back in the satanic panic happened back during the Red Scare with people that were assumed to be a little bit too far left there a little bit communistic they were communists to Jason just like every other Gulf rocker in the 80s was Satan to Jason and just like now if you make content on YouTube and you’re too independent to outspoken and its political at all or satirical at all you’re all right adjacent and you’re like platforming extremists by talking to people so you should be shut down to you shouldn’t be able to make money because there’s a problem with extremism no there’s not that’s why this article is laughable it’s they mean well they’re saying well you know it’s not just extremists they’re going after absolutely but the people being labeled extremists start usually extremists either remember the doctor of common sense probably not he had a very popular youtube channel he’s no longer on YouTube why he was called extreme but he’s not he’s not an extremist he also happens to not be white so you know as far as joining the Ku Klux Klan I think it’s off the table you know some of the people you Sargon gets banned on Twitter yes very extreme man he made a joke once about a female politician shame on him you know happens over and over again blonde in the belly of the beast she got kicked off of Twitter why I don’t know who knows who fucking cares either she should she should be on there everyone should be have a voice especially since these platforms also give government services US citizens especially should be absolutely prevented from banned from any of these sites that are offering such services and that involves YouTube Facebook and Twitter certainly they should not be able to be banned from those platforms because it violates the Constitution there aren’t any extremists online for the most part most of those labelled extremists aren’t extreme those that are theirs in many cases is no proof they’ve been radicalized by any other content creator in most cases I mean they have Twitter pages they have pages on all it’s like they tried to blame all tech like that one shooter there they said well you had a gab page and said something about optics and obviously you got radicalized by gab we got a deep platform he had a Twitter page he had a Facebook page he had a YouTube channel I didn’t hear anyone go after them and then when they do go after those tech sites all they wanted to do is fuck around with people like me it’s a bunch of nonsense that’s about all peace out