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on’y updated September 21st 2018 1444 ist Moscow Russia September 21st Sputnik ani hours after United States issued new sanctions against Moscow Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned Washington that playing with fire was foolish and dangerous the United States on Thursday added 33 people and entities switz russian defense and intelligence sector blacklist meaning that anyone who does business with them will face mandatory US sanctions under the countering America’s adversaries through sanctions act CAA TSA we recommend Washington operators of the sanctions machine to at least superficially study our history to stop fussing around in vain it would be good for them to also recall the concept of global stability which they have thoughtlessly rocked by the escalation of tensions in Russian US relations playing with fire is stupid because it can become dangerous bribe cough said in a statement released by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday the diplomat noted that each new round of sanctions against Moscow proved that the previous ones had no effect numerous black lists of the United States are increasingly overlapping it is funny but it is true we can even see the excitement sweeping through US politicians who have become prisoners of their beliefs in their exceptionalism and hope that they will be able to impose their conditions on Russia if they put a little more pressure nobody will ever be able to do it ryabchikov stressed Sputnik honey