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Middle East 720 for the 18th of September 2018 gets short URL waa SH ing gon Sputnik the United States is encouraged by Russia’s and turkeys efforts to avoid violence in the Syrian province of Idlib US State Department spokesperson told Sputnik on Monday on Monday Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip air Diwan held the meeting in Russia’s Black Sea resort of Sochi which lasted almost 4.5 hours they have agreed to set up a demilitarized zone in Italy by October 15th we are encouraged that Turkey and Russia appear to have taken steps to avert a military offensive by the Assad regime and its allies in it Laband welcomed any sincere effort to reduce the violence in Syria he said the United States hopes that the escalation will be permanent the spokesperson said adding that Washington is not involved in negotiations between Moscow and Ankara the spokesperson also warned Syrian government and its allies against violence enid lib an offensive by the Assad regime and its allies against the densely populated in Lib province would be a reckless escalation and would have serious consequences for Syria in the surrounding region we reiterate something both US President Donald Trump and President Putin agreed to in Da Nang Vietnam there is no military solution to this conflict he said read more turkey Saturday residents wanted lahbab to start ASAP Washington urges all parties to turn away from further military escalation and focus on political solution he added