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All right everyone I talked about Tommy Robinson the other day in the livestream episode three of the sticks show but we’ve got to talk about it again in more depth but number one he has not apparently yet been sent and somebody had said he’d already been sentenced I think they were confusing that with a potential sentence which is he could get like something like two years in jail or an unlimited fine they’re gonna throw the book at him probably they’re not gonna give Tommy Robinson of all people a slap on the wrist because they don’t want the leftist to get up in arms number one and they’ve …

Continue reading… eady bullied him around for a year number two and they’re gonna keep doing it because you know they are crazy they’re suicidal here’s here’s what I would say a lot of people right now are bickering over Wow does it fit the definition of contempt and all this stupid minutia take a step back as an American looking from across the pond I’m looking at the law itself that he supposedly broke and that’s debatable in and of itself and I’m saying okay so he supposedly broke reporting restrictions by recording people that were going into a court I’m thinking about the u.s. I’m saying they do that all the time he was on fucking TV or on someone’s iPhone it doesn’t matter it’s perfectly legal I’m thinking you live in a country if you’re in the UK where a judge can unilaterally decide to muzzle the press from even talking about a trial initially they did that about Tommy Robinson being put in prison for the first couple of days there were no British commentators talking about it because of a court order from one of your moron judges over there one of the spastic judges that are on your rainy Island and so a bunch of Americans like myself had to talk about it and people in Britain Stan but you know half the time didn’t even dare to comment on the fucking videos for the first two fucking 48 hours so that alone it’s weird it’s a weird concept to someone in a free country looking at non free countries where reporting can be restricted in that manner meanwhile all of them all of the weirdos and and creepazoids keep trying to pretend that the UK somehow has a better press than the US no it’s not over here a judge can’t say the press can’t report on something people can’t talk about this as an issue publicly because it might it might endanger trial the idea that Tommy Robin doing a Facebook livestream outside of the court venue somehow in dangers the ability to put away a bunch of child traffickers is totally wrong only in an ass backward system could that endanger the fairness of a trial meanwhile Tommy Robinson for merely recording outside of it with and without commentary gets thrown in jail for up to two fucking goddamn years just for whipping out an iPhone that’s an ass backward system it’s the opposite of what should happen it shouldn’t be seen as endangering the trial at all who cares if you know who the identity of the the alleged criminals there were well what does that have to do with putting him on trial oh my god while their image is publicly broadcast they can’t get a fair trial now the jury is gonna see him anyway what are you talking about what the fuck you talking about it doesn’t make any sense and here’s that here’s a simple solution but they’re never gonna use it because simple solutions don’t come easily to to certain European governments here’s a simple solution we don’t want these people to be recorded okay then cordon off a wider area instead of just the sidewalk in front of the fucking courts so nobody can record it if you’re really that crazy if you’re really that anal about it if you’re really that spastic about the whole issue why didn’t you cordon off the whole block you drive mint or better yet here’s a novel idea why don’t you have a docking area so that they can get out of the vehicles in an interior area that’s guarded that has nobody else in it to record why don’t you do that you know they do have stuff like that as some of the some of the the courts here there are like little like mini parking garages they know the cop cars go in the person can get in or out you know they’re it’s like higher security why don’t you do that and when you’re putting people on trial for anything significant then you know you’d have a reporting restriction on you do that instead of trying to go after Tommy Robinson you know what it’s really about it’s politics it’s pure politics in the UK doesn’t like Tommy Robinson because he’s a brags a tear and he’s nationalistic and he doesn’t like open borders and that’s really what it’s about they’ve been looking for any excuse to fuck him over they’ve tried intimidating him and his family they don’t have a problem with with crazy left-wing gangs harassing and stopping and even physically assaulting him and those around him his supporters and then if I look at the British media like if I look at BBC and stuff like today or throughout time Tommy Robinson supporters get violent the roughy and Tommy Robinson supporters get angry at their Fuhrer getting thrown in potentially in jail so yes no people people don’t get angry at all when fundamentally you have rules and stringencies in the UK basically preventing any possibility of a free press even existing because it can be muzzled unilaterally by any fucking judge in the land I suppose only overturned by an older more more more pompous judge or something yeah no I’m sure there’s no reason for them to be upset at all over the fact that he’s been kangaroo court at a second time because they threw him in jail before and then they let him out they’re like oh yeah we’re gonna reconsider this and then I God know yeah he’s really guilty I maybe we’ll put him in jail they’ll probably just slap him with a million dollar fine or something it was a million pound fine me crazy currency my goodness he got to be nuts now I was sparring with Tommy Robinson critics in the first place you know the first time he got put in prison for recording out sighs fucking trial and they were like well he verifiably broke thought he broke the conditions of his parole that wasn’t even that’s not even part of this it’s not even it has anything to do with it in contempt of court because you’re recording outside of a trial of any my god how stupid can you be as a system when you get to the point where a person can’t even conduct basic journalism then they’ll say well over there in the United States wah wah wah you’ve got a tax on the Free Press yes because well we’ve got mean tweets at people at CNN that’s certainly the same as a judge being able to unilaterally muzzle an entire story for days at a time there’s no equivalency whatsoever I can go to any court in this land Criminal Court civil court whatever I can whip out a smartphone and I can record whoever I want I don’t need anybody’s goddamn permission nobody’s gonna do a fucking thing about it the police don’t care the judges don’t care lawyers don’t care nobody cares if the defendant or plaintiff or whoever it is doesn’t want to be Sene they put a piece of paper up near their hand or they huddle behind their lawyer put a coat over their head or something it’s a long honored tradition it has never caused any problem with a proper trial in the United States why is it suddenly a problem for the British why is it that you have a problem delivering a fair trial if you see the face of a person before a jury is convened it doesn’t make any sense it seems in total nonsense it’s bullshit is what is it’s an excuse that how many times do they actually charge people by the way for that is Tommy Robinson one of the only people in the last however many years who’s been charged under this probably I bet anything you can’t find many other examples of this happening and it’s not because ooh that ruffian Tommy Robinson just doesn’t understand when not to record things now it has nothing to do with that other people probably do it all the time they just don’t get charged differential justice a clear-cut sign of tyranny that’s what you have in the UK of a tyrannical system with a bunch of morons who don’t really know what they’re doing and our office and they where they like to wear their wigs and get their high salaries and they get off on it’s exercising power because that’s also a time-honored British tradition of throwing your weight around and getting a big dick about things while calling Americans egotistical of course and Gobert terribly egotistical but you know I can actually go and record these things you know here’s how you get in trouble for recording stuff at a trial venue in the United States you get physical with people you start being disorderly in hurling insults of people or you stand in their way and you’re providing a public nuisance but if I’m standing off to the side on the grass recording I can do that all day I don’t have to have permission public property I can do whatever the goddamn hell I want as long as I’m not Lloyd as long as I’m you know recording and doing something and not just loitering nobody cares oh the Americans have a strange legal system there you can’t even record outside of a court because some goofball and a wig said you can’t yeah talk about your free press yes you have total free press rights over in the UK and the thing is this isn’t unique to the UK there are other European nations that have similar problems like these in France I believe making muzzle the press at a moment’s notice to the Chron I believe fond of them Germany what Free Press Yeah right yeah – Spiegel yeah you mean the dish pika what they are spying on people on time and trying to crack into their phones for getting stories or something wasn’t that a big scandal didn’t that happen over there like ten years ago or something if I remember correctly and they were trying to get into the phone of like a murder victim or something or I can’t remember exactly what the story was someone tell me in the comment but yeah I mean Tommy Robinson should be free and clear he shouldn’t be charged with anything the fact that he’s been charged with anything is a farce contempt of court don’t get me started that’s about all peace out