Tourist SLAMS Sydney cafe after being served an ‘x-rated’ acai bowl | Entertainment News

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A tourist who claims she was served a banana carves into the shape of a penis at a Sydney cafe has described her treatment as sexist and disgraceful Brazilian backpacker ISA Nascimento ordered an also Ebola at the CJS cafe in Bondi on Thursday [Music] when the meal arrived it was garnished with a phallic-shaped banana rather than the standard topping with fresh fruits and nuts [Music] posting to Facebook she claimed a group of Knost rallyin seated next to them in the cafe were given a normal SOE Bowl [Music] the waiter then reportedly asked the woman where she was from and laughed as he serv…

Continue reading… her the unusually shaped meal Misner see mentos friend Bruno Lera told a Brazilian news site about the dining ordeal Brazilian women fight to not be stereotyped I cannot believe in 2018 we need to ask men for respect she said share this article share she was embarrassed and disgusted she left the place immediately and threw the acai in the bin [Music] commenters on Facebook slammed the cafe for the meals appearance one user said disgusting unacceptable behavior from employees with two girlfriends where they have put a banana with the shape of a penis on top of the AH so weak [Music] another said that story for a woman to go for an Ave and instead suffer disgusting behavior more than 100 people have complained to the cafe since the backpacks are uploaded the photos on to social media Thursday siege list which is in the bond