Trump: “Ask Warren’s psychiatrist” if she thinks she can win | Trending News

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Trump asked Warren psychiatrist if she thinks she can win in 2020 president Donald Trump expressed excitement Monday at the prospect of running for president next year against senator Elizabeth Warren but told a Fox News interviewer that you would have to ask her psychiatrist if the Massachusetts Democrat believes she can beat him earlier Monday Warren dms announced she would launch an exploratory presidential committee making her the highest profile entrant in what is expected to be a crowded 2020 Democratic primary field Trump who has regularly targeted Warren for criticism and ridicule …

Continue reading… ivated at the possibility that she might win the Democratic nomination we’ll see how she does I wish her well I hope she does well I’d love to run against her the president told Fox News in an interview during the network’s New Year’s Eve coverage asked if he believes Warren thinks she can unseat him Trump replied well that I don’t know you’d have to ask her psychiatrist the president has long derided Warren over her claimed Native American Heritage pinning her with the nickname Pocahontas a line of attack that some have said is laced with racism Warren sought to settle the question of her ancestry last fall by releasing the results of a DNA test that suggested that she has Native American heritage that dates back somewhere between six and ten generations but the DNA test results were met with significant criticism including that her Native American ancestry is too diluted and too far in the past for her to claim it in his interview with Fox News Trump mocked Warren once again for claiming Native American ancestry I think you have more than she does Trump said of Warren’s Native American ancestry to interview or Pete hugs and maybe I do too and I have nothing