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All right everyone the other day Alexandria kzo Cortez came out and she was being interviewed I think this was two days ago I think it was on CNN she was asked do you believe the Donald Trump is a racist oh yeah absolutely yeah of course a total bigot Trump was then asked about it yesterday by the press and he’s like I know I don’t fucking care basically just totally ignores her that’s the way to take care of bullies and Alexandria kZO Cortez is one I mean this is this is the sort of language that someone employees when they don’t have anything policy related to actually talk about them the me…

Continue reading… fact that it was asked is is like ya know I wonder if this socialist here thinks that she is going to say that the president was from the other party who she really obviously doesn’t like for political reasons I wonder if she’s gonna call him a racist it would have been funnier would have been very odd if she wouldn’t because the general consensus among people who don’t like Trump is that he’s everything wrong with her old right he’s a racist he’s a sexist he’s homophobic somehow he’s everything phobic small hands small oddly shaped penis doesn’t know what he’s doing terrible for everyone basically the next Hitler only also a dumbass that’s basically what they’ve cast him off as and I can empathize because I’ve actually had situations where people who are far left you know in in discourse with me in various ways on political topics devolve into the same kind of bullshit instead of sticking to actual issues like they can’t debate you on policy someone who wants you know the productive class to pay a 70% marginal tax is not going to be able to debate you on economic things if you have any common sense at all even if you’re like a routine like a liberal or something they’re like oh yeah I want to raise it to like 44 and still like an Obama tax or something even then they’re not gonna be able to hang you because anyone listening to that situation is likely to be totally alienated by the socialist and she can’t call herself by the way a social democrat all she wants bullshit term absolutely meaning us okay it’s basically like saying Democratic Socialist okay we’re not gonna purge people to get in power we’re going to purge them after we get into power in an elected fashion now Venezuela is technically speaking a representative system see how well that sewed democratic socialism worked out for you you have the right to vote ah basically a little bit fascistic there no it’s funny to see him get labeled a racist constantly when the only time he really talks about the issue is when people are calling him racist somehow is somehow lowering the tax rate is I guess a form of racism now I don’t really pretend to understand like the logic here but that’s the whole point and it’s happened to me too and I’ve seen it happen other people it’s like people want to dismiss you out of hand you make it a proper point you’ve got evidence you’re objectively correct what do they do they devolve into oh yeah but I don’t have to acknowledge that fact is your racist sexist homophobic near your far right far right is the the blanket term they most often use because if they don’t have any specifically other reason the class someone is phobic and in some men are hateful those say oh yeah but your far-right so you know I don’t have to listen to your you’re one of those alt writers or something even when people aren’t sometimes they even use that label to describe people who are professed liberals and it’s really funny like like you look at for instance hate to go back to this example Allah the Sargon he happens to have views that are not far left with regards to feminism therefore because of that one stance he has he’s labeled Phi or he doesn’t want no censorship or something or with me I want you know basically I’m ostensibly a libertarian but I also disagree deeply with like the LP on borders I think border control is fine and in fact necessary in one of the pure and functions of the the state that do need to be done and for that you know apparently that’s considered a far-right opinion now the Trump is not a racist he’s given nobody any indication of why it’s like Tom Arnold keeps coming and going a tape of Trump saying the n-word fucking release it then Tom oh no I can’t because I’m getting like death threats and stuff okay well if you’re getting threatened anyway why not fucking release the tape look you’ll have lines in the lines of scores you have you’ll have antiphon members around your house defending you Tom you don’t have to worry about anything you know why why because there’s no tape it doesn’t exist or or when they label them sexist for the Billy Bush tape and it’s like he’s sitting there they use the term braggadocio I use the term just being pigheaded at the time cracking a joke and probably not even telling the truth Billy Bush at the time it was funny because then he gets sacked for chuckling a little bit and that was even funnier yeah think about that Gillette add that we’ll have to talk about later as well with regards to sexism I’ve never gotten any nobody’s ever given me any evidence that Trump is a racist I see pictures of him 20 years ago hanging out with Al Sharpton nobody said that about him then they said no easy stand-up guy a class businessman and a gentleman and wonderful things yeah look a little bit of a womanizer but you know and then he’ll stab you in the back for your land maybe please no he’s no racist says Al at the time now all of a sudden they’re singing a different tune or Jesse Jackson it’s funny how the race card is constantly employed by the left-wing yeah because their policies are shitty basically on many counts it’s sort of like you know Comic Cons Mikami or or atheistic they’re they’re irreligious they hate Jesus or something like war on Christmas style like I remembered like the 90s and into the bush era certainly people on the right who you know many of them pretending to be traditional istic not actually being like Bill O’Reilly would say well this person you know basically their argument doesn’t have to be listened to yes it’s okay to censor them to defame them in some cases because they happen to have one or more beliefs that fit in with being like they’re an atheistic commie or something like that you’re far left you’re a bleeding-heart liberal I remember that term used to be quite common they don’t use that anymore now they say socialist but then you have people like Cortez who actually are socialists and by the way don’t give me the social democracy bullshit okay so basically socialism light yeah no thanks I don’t think we need to go down that road no I think that’s a bad idea go ahead and have universal health care pay for it by cutting a bunch of other bullshit from the government and no I don’t mean just the military you know the one thing that the Liberals occasionally at least talk about cutting everything else it’s grow baby grow you know more and more government you know let’s have the government control fucking everything that’s not socialism though it’s social democracy now bullshit absolutely bullshit the government does way too much already and it’s funny to see someone who’s gonna end up you know in the future probably campaigning based in part on ethnicity because she’s Democrat it’s funny to see them trot out racism when the ones that bring that conversation up every fucking another day and what if they done for the inner city by the way all of the minority communities that some of these people represent are they getting richer ha ha are they having is anything better happening for them no it is under Trump with the unemployment rate plummeting to half of what it was I think when he took office at first and that was already a fairly low number now it’s like you know almost non-existent unemployment in some of these communities true by the way and in closing here as an aside the right wing doesn’t need to own up to the fact that labor force participation is also kind of anemic that’s part of the reason why the unemployment rate slowed some people stopped looking for jobs but some people got employed and some people are now better employed than they were before because you know you don’t just have burger-flipping jobs coming back like the first half of Obama’s fucking presidency that’s about all he sell