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I’m m mark Tyson you’re watching the next news network the leader in Liberty news president Trump’s DHS chief silences the anti-trump media with four words that they will completely ignore before I get to that after this report head over to Patriot Charger comm to check out one of the most innovative safety devices I’ve seen in a very long time and you’ll save $10 off a retail on this six in one device at patriot charger dot-com let’s get to the news Andrew O’Reilly for Fox reports of the Department of Homeland Security Secretary kerschen Nielsen defended her boss on Sunday men rising accusatio…

Continue reading… that president Trump’s fiery rhetoric inspired Cesar seoc to allegedly send mail bombs to a number of prominent Democrats no speaking on Fox News Nielsen said the Trump firmly stands against any form of political violence and said that anybody who uses the First Amendment as a cover to threaten or commit an act of violence will not be tolerated take a look I think the president has made it extraordinarily clear that we will never allow a political political violence to take root in this country I firmly believe in the First Amendment but anybody who uses the First Amendment as a cover to threaten or commit an act of violence will not be tolerated there is no place for hate in this country hate is hate violence is violence we will do all we can at the Department of Homeland Security to ensure that such attacks are not perpetrated to the extent that folks exercise their First Amendment rights that is protected in our country but there is a line when those choose to use the First Amendment to incite violence to incite disruption rather than being constructive to have conversations that instead tear Americans apart I do not support that I you know there was a time very recently Chris where I daily had to review myself all of the death threats against the great men and women of the Department of Homeland Security who every day wake up to try to enforce the law and protect other Americans there is an appropriate way to express your solutions to express your ideas I welcome them at all times but these calls to violence these calls to disruption are not effective not productive and frankly they just contribute to additional deconstruction of our ability to work together there is a line yeah and Democrats have crossed it a long time ago speaking of Fox News Chris Wallace Nielson lamented the rising partisan discord across the country that has led to instances of violence like the mail bombs and last summer’s shooting at a congressional baseball practice and public disruptions and protesters Nielsen herself had to cut short a working dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Washington and over the summer after protesters shouted shame until she left the day before protesters gathered outside Nielsen’s Virginia townhouse chanting no justice no sleep and played recordings of immigrant children crying now the person who is responsible for all that well she worked for the State Department she’s since been fired and she was illegally using the State Department computers to locate the addresses of government officials like Nielson so they can go be harassed now liberals they continue to take things way too far they push the blame on Trump look look look look hate is hate okay violence is violence liberals need to learn the truth comment below subscribe for updates and we’ll see you at the next report for the next news network I’m Gary Franchi I hope you enjoyed that report if I got something to show you yes it’s from patriot charger com probably one of the most innovative safety devices I’ve seen in a very long time the patriot charger has six powerful features in one handy little device an emergency window breaker emergency seatbelt cutter flashing emergency beacon ultra bright LED flashlight it’s got a 12 to 24 volt USB car charger and also a 2200 milliamp hour power bank patriot charger is always within reach because it plugs into your cigarette lighter and doubles as a car phone charger and portable power bank it’s great for an early Christmas gift for your loved ones to have peace of mind that they have a tool helped to protect themselves in case of an emergency right now they’re offering a pre-sale special on this handy device for only $39.99 their retails for $49.99 use the link below and save $10 at patriot charger dot-com grab one for yourself we’ll see you that report for the next news network I’m Gary Franchi thank you for watching that report if you want more subscribe to the channel by clicking on the next news network logo right here you can also watch our latest news reports by clicking here or you can get the latest breaking news by clicking here or the most viral news in the channel 2 News at Hillary and Obama hate right here