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All right everyone along the way today Trump finally put it out there and used the T word to describe the FBI scandal that’s you know know right now mounting his bar slowly looks through the legalism of it and that’s treason specifically labeling what happened to his political campaign treason um he’s not possibly entirely wrong it’s not a hundred percent clear exactly what mechanism was at fault whether it was sheer ineptitude on a scale we’ve never seen which would be trust me more troubling or mass corruption at some level on the FBI it doesn’t really make itself clear at this time but some…

Continue reading… ng happened and an active presidential campaign was spied on and infiltrated by FBI informants it’s unacceptable it never should have happened it was prefaced on the steel dossier which according again to lisa page via stirs out there was the only bit of evidence that they had when they signed off when FISA signed the documents to have the Mueller probe begun and then it went before Rosenstein and it goes from there according to them it was solely the steel dossier and according to separate sources that are there at the FBI it was actively questioned at least by some people when it was new when it was you know freshly there they should have known that it was politically motivated it was obviously politically motivated judging from the content and it had the Hillary Clinton campaign fingerprints all over it anyway when it got fed to the FBI initially so essentially biased agents in the FBI took something that was itself pre-eminently biased and fed it to the FISA Court as though it wasn’t failed to neglected to mention to the FISA Court that anyone questioned its actual veracity it got rubber stamped which is what everything does at the FISA Court basically you know they can spy on a they could spy on the president now today and get a FISA warrant for the FISA people probably don’t even read it they had this tab that one board dude is the FISA Court judge he just has a rubber stamp next to him they put a piece of paper in front of it he doesn’t even read it before stamping Rosenstein rubber stamp it then poor Mueller he gets stuck with the probe of a lifetime based on bullshit and I think that when he began his probe I he didn’t make the decision to begin it it had already been forced upon him his special counsel anyway and he gets appointed position I think that Mila probably went berserk at that point when he realized what the probe was pasted on when he began looking into it you can you imagine the look on fucking poor Mueller’s face I don’t think Muller is a traitor I don’t think he did anything wrong I think Rosenstein might have I think that some people at the FBI might be on the chopping block and probably deserve it here’s the problem though here’s the problem for bar for Trump for everybody else how do you investigate an investigative body how do you and how do you out prosecute the prosecutor you can’t how are you can you investigate the FBI and properly I mean these people are literally paid to know how to hide you know what they’re doing and be very you know conduct surveillance and be kind of subversive and and in the shadows if you’ve got a bunch of people whose job whose mo it is specifically to hide their activities from the person they’re investigating to be secretive to have all of the into Intel and info highest classified level how are you gonna possibly nail them for a crime and they can cover their ass easy be like investigating the CIA for drug running or something it’s not gonna happen you know it’s going on it’s transparent it’s plain as day but unless some agent gets sloppy and stumbles you know around higher than a kite you know you’re not gonna be able to do anything the supervisor will cover their tracks and claim ignorance oh I know I always thought he had some problems but I never knew he was a cokehead I never knew he was dealing for the cartels yeah there’s always a few rotten apples in your barrel meanwhile the barrel itself is falling apart sometimes the FBI usually has more credibility and people it’s funny here’s the funny part for Trump and he can run roughshod over the legacy media on this he said for two years that he thought his campaign had been spied on specifically and they called him a conspiracy theorist he said it never happened it was just in for an informant within your campaign mr. Trump told the FBI you were dirty and stuff like that maybe okay maybe the Mueller probe didn’t find any wrongdoing but at least there was probable cause there was smoke so they thought there was fire and so they sort of exonerate the people that were responsible he said four to fuck in the ears to people hey I was spied on by the FBI yeah they spied on a presidential campaign it’s worrisome oh no no mr. Tripp there goes mr. Trump being a fear longer again there goes crazy Donald and he was Ronnie and MP probably new look here’s here’s the reason why I chuckled about the Mueller probe from day one because Trump’s actions did not show that he was actually afraid he basically just blew it off and started insulting everyone which is what you would expect from someone who’s innocent here’s the thing I think he knew that his campaign had been infiltrated because I think that he has all sorts of informants he’s massively rich he’s extremely well politically connected he’s connected to Hollywood he’s connected to Wall Street he does have Kremlin connections although not of the subversive or dubious type basically business connections all around the world do you not think somebody in the FBI is on Trump’s side like he doesn’t have anybody in the Intel community watching his back right now do you think there aren’t people that are rubbing elbows right now with a bunch of fucking liberals that hate him that actually are his eyes and ears of course he’s got informants he’s probably got a whole network around the world of people feeding him parallel info to what the Intel community has why do you think that he constantly runs up against them and says you know weird shit that’s totally different from what the Intel agencies are saying he has a totally different network now probably private surveillance going on and by the way this is a huge advantage to us why do you think that he seems so prescient at times why do you think that he seems to think two steps ahead he’s got other people watching it’s not just Trump happens to be a super genius okay he’s a smart dude he’s not he’s not a 300 IQ fucking Albert Einstein he’s no Nikola Tesla he’s not you know he’s skilled but he’s not quite that high up I have no reason to doubt that there’s a whole network of people helping him out he’s got an inner circle of people the funnel info from a bunch of other secondary sources probably all over DC the Kremlin Beijing everywhere else he’s got spies everywhere probably so he knew what was going on he knew he had been infiltrated that’s why he came out and said it it wouldn’t have made any sense otherwise strategically to make a claim that big and then you know never to pan out make it look like it’s a conspiracy theory that would have given the legacy media what it wanted so he’s finally used the T word treason which means yeah probably heads are about to roll he’s gonna have Barr be the one to pretend to stumble upon the info he’s already got basically what he’s got if he’s got his own network of informants he’s already got the info but he needs to dig it up a second time through bar and through people and through official channels otherwise it exposes the whole thing the whole operation by the way I think JFK had something similar going on with some of his mafia buddies of course they were looking out for him may have killed him but yeah some of them liked him I guess because he was good for business you know baeksan basically they make a lot of money funneling hookers to him I’ll find some I find some go-go dancers you know Jen you know fucking John is feeling antsy tonight you know and Jackie’s being a cold frozen person so you know he needs some relief the president needs our help get him some coke too probably snorted that as well I hope that trumps nortz coke once in a while when he sniffs a lot up on stage I’m hoping he did snort an adderall to be good for him maybe that’s why he’s so 5 functioning but yeah it’s interesting to finally it’s significant look this is an optics presidency it’s just like Pompeo declaring Maduro officially illegitimate like three days before da dough rises up it wasn’t a coincidence it’s a very optics related presidency when he uses words you’ve got to pay attention to those words even when he makes spelling errors there’s usually a reason he’s doing it to get more attention on some tweet or something like that when he says cough FA and weird shit like that and and by the way it was a total cover up when he said almost like in Arabic termers and no no it was definitely you know autocorrect or something like that something went wonky at 3:00 a.m. and fundamentally it was a mistake except that he was using it to get attention anyway and take the news cycle away from other shit is pretty funny so yeah the FBI scandal continues it’ll be interesting to see what Barr finds or does not find but prediction time he’ll find something at least some speculation of wrongdoing that’s about all peace out