Trump goes on maniac rant if He doesn’t get His Wall | Trending News

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Trump goes on maniac rant threatens to close southern border entirely if he doesn’t get his wall an unhinged Donald Trump descended into a deranged rant on Friday threatening to close the southern border entirely if the obstructionist Democrats don’t give him money for his wall on the Mexican border we will be forced to close the southern border entirely if the obstructionist Democrats do not give us the money to finish the wall and also change the ridiculous immigration laws that our country is saddled with Trump tweeted he also criticized past presidents and congresses over the nation’s …

Continue reading… rent immigration laws hard to believe there was a congress and president who would approve the threat comes as a partial government shutdown enters its seventh day with no end in sight the shutdown began on Saturday after Democrats rejected demands from trump that five billion dollars be included for the wall in a measure to keep the government open the tweet was one of several Trump said on Friday morning as the shutdown increasingly looked like it could drag well into 2019 Trump in a second tweet tied the fight over the wall to another of his signature issues trade he said the US was losing money through the North American trade agreement and that closing the border would be a profit-making operation he also claimed that closing the border would help the US auto industry the shutdown has left 800,000 federal employees furloughed or forced to work without pay through the holidays a Reuters /if shows poll released Thursday found more people blame Trump for the shutdown than Democrats in the poll 33% blamed Democrats in Congress for the shutdown compared to 47% who blamed Trump just 35% of those surveyed said they wanted Congress to fund the wall