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All right everyone Donald Trump has come out and said that socialists are as far as he knows they’re responsible for the Biden takedown of course for the ten people that in the world that don’t know Joe Biden now facing allegations of sexual impropriety not really basically related to what would count for sexual harassment the problem is of course he’s an old white Democrat which leaves him very very vulnerable because a lot of people within the Democratic Party don’t like old white dudes so there’s there’s a lot of racism and sexism now within the Democratic Party it’s more prevalent than it …

Continue reading… been it was always simmering there like they were the party of the Klan and they still are trying to get people to basically be their slaves the basic is it’s called the Democratic plantation for a reason I hate to do the Dems or real racist sort of thing but it is actually true but Trump isn’t wrong now is he I mean when you look at Biden’s coalition who supports him some of the business Democrats some of the what count is centrist within the Democratic Party and then maybe never Trump independents that’s his coalition which by the way is not a small number of people in a packed field he wins Joe Biden probably still becomes the nominee despite this unless it unless it becomes a lot more prevalent if he gets al franken like if you have two or three more women come forward especially like some of the some of the kids he’s schmoozed with and say like yeah like Biden put his hand on my ass and he was like feeling me up he was getting all hot and bothered I wonder if he ever did it to any dudes that be funny not that would get him more votes as a Democrat uh I mean if something like that happens he probably doesn’t actually end up getting any probably will he’ll use an excuse and I’ll say well I’m still cut up about my son you know who died a couple years ago I’m just I’m too old someone else needs to take the torch up some use some sort of excuse he won’t tell people the truth oh yeah by the way I’m afraid if I announce right now that all of a sudden there can be ten more websites that are creepy pictures of me you know hugging people little too close and the problem is for him you have footage of it you have videos you have animated images and and everything else under the Sun we’re talking dozens of individuals possibly hundreds any of those individuals could come forward and say yeah I felt uncomfortable and it’ll be a me-too moment because they’re not going to be able to ignore it the other thing is you’ve got to look at the the composition of the people who are gonna ream him for this like a Sanders fan or a Kamala fan or certainly in a Warren feminist or something yeah there are socialists most of them are some of them don’t use that term because they’re disingenuous but that’s what it boils down to I would say yes when you intend to hyper nationalize productivity and increase the tax rate on the productive wealthy by an inordinate amount and when you intend to embark upon a campaign of economic imperialism ok global interventionism led by the u.s. supposedly but it’s multinational yes you’re socialists yeah dude stop mincing words look if that’s what you actually believe is right if you actually do want me to pay like a 60 percent tax rate at least be honest about it don’t be a coward say it to my face what you actually are you’re a socialist I think that makes you weird yeah I think that you have weird economic views I don’t agree with you at all and I’ll diff it unfortunately have to defend to my death your right to say the weird that you say like that you want to rob most of the money I make but at least be honest about and some of them are Bernie Sanders has called himself a socialist for a long time Cortez’s is like oh I’m a social democrat now you’re a socialist there’s no difference between the two stop lying to people all day the sort of economic programs that you are proposing would require socialism the green New Deal would be so expensive yes you would need a tax rate of approaching 90% on certain rungs of the population what are you talking to no that’s not socialism at all you totally own the means of production oh you’re renting them you idiot that’s what happens when you have burdensome tax rates it’s basically socialism already oh I think holding it together is that it’s not applied to a bunch of multinationals so we can afford to give subsidies cheap handouts to the half the population that can’t put enough food on their plates without them we do that largely on the backs of the successful working wealthy in the upper-middle class you know people who aren’t exactly rich yeah when I’m paying the tax rate that I’m paying I’m looking at I’m singing I wonder how these people became rich in the first place if they have to pay this much every year especially the self-employment tax brutal but I mean Trump’s right yeah socialists are the ones doing it it’s not like some well my evil far writers are trying to take biden down dude a lot of them are Vince that if Biden is the opponent that Trump wins hands down and it’s other people they’re worried about every other Bernie fan just tells me well it’s Bernie Sanders that Trump is worried about because they know that Bernie will win Bernie Sanders will probably stroke out on stage during the campaign from stress he’s almost 80 years old dude this is the Democratic Party of today washed-up old career politicians people can’t keep their hands to themselves and wedge issue users like Kamala Harris or Tulsi Gabbard yes by the way Tulsi Gabbard well stellar compared to the other Democrats and never taken seriously uh yeah she’s still part of that same crowd she’s doing the same she just happens to look cute for the cameras while doing it you know she’s not built like a brick I guess like some people we know at the campaign you know that’s what’s happening you know Trump is right socialism is a crazy and that it has infected the Democratic Party and it’s funny to hear people that are on the Left they avoid that term like the plague like you should just own it it’s like you did this with the term liberal I remember like 20 years ago and you’d call someone a liberal oh no no no I’m not a liberal no no I’m just have my certain buddies I just want a little bit of welfare here I’m no liberal or so it was a dirty word now they use the term liberal and they think it means like sellout or something because they’ve gone even further to the left just go ahead and own the term socialism you know them be proud of who you are be proud be proud of the fact that you know you have a few screws loose on economics be proud of the fact that it’s like someone was remarking that Cortes when she speaks she sounds like the the kid that went off to college and after a semester they come back for like you know spring break or something and they think that they know everything I just discovered Marx i just invented communism sort of the joke yeah there are a lot of them in the Democratic Party and by the way I don’t like you to look progressive was he’ll probably say well sticks is indicating every Democrat as a socialist no it’s not what I’m saying but there are socialists in the party self-proclaimed you don’t have to believe that what they’re advocating is literally socialism for them to have used that term specifically Sanders and people like him and it’s becoming more prevalent over time there is a block of the Democratic Party that’s going further left and it’s going to keep going there will become there will come a time fairly soon at which they start talking about communism you do realize that right it’s only a few years away and that’s that’s really when the schism happens because I can’t imagine the business Dems are gonna do well with that the problem for the Democrats is that they’re still reigning over this fractured party you have a party where the core the core of the Liberal Party would organically rather side with the business Dems that’s the Rust Belt support it’s very important maybe more more wealth in there generally whereas you’ve got this smaller but rapidly growing and very very vicious far left aspect which is younger more die no more diverse as well and which really is beating the whip at the party to try to get it to move in the direction that they want alienating the business Democrats in the process this has become their problem it’s gonna stay a problem too that’s what I would predict I say I think it’s only a matter of time before the party falls apart now for if you’re a Democrat don’t be too concerned that doesn’t mean the party dies off what it means is it rises from the ashes in a new form that is that the corporate liberals will have to temper what they’re doing and figure out who they want to partner with for your sake hopefully it’s the business Dems look let the far-left go and vote for the Green Party like they have been anyway or vote for the American Communist Party because that’s really their home anyway they’re never gonna agree with your ideologies and they’re always gonna call you a sellout if you’re a standard liberal you know which means you only want to tax me 5% more instead of 50% more so I appreciate that it’s it’s not highway robbery it’s just like you know side street robbery I guess something like that I can still get by it’s just that I can afford less ketchup and less MREs very very sad times many such cases that’s about all peace out