Trump just disrespected the Medal of Honor. War hero Tammy Duckworth’s response is perfect | Trending News

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Trump just disrespected the medal of honor war hero tammy duckworth response is perfect for a president who claims to love the military Trump is awfully comfortable disparaging the brave men and women who serve in our armed forces when it suits him he exploits their service to rile up his base and wrap himself in the flag but doesn’t hesitate to insult gold star families it’s all performative lacking any kind of sincerity or understanding of what our soldiers actually sacrifice this morning Trump took his tradition of shameful disrespect towards the military to a new low during a call-in s…

Continue reading… ent with Fox and Friends Trump made the incredible statement that representative Devin Nunez RCA should get the Medal of Honor for what’s he gone through and his bravery Trump and pivoted to suggest he should perhaps instead get the Presidential Medal of Freedom the highest distinction awarded to civilians it should go without saying that Nunez deserves neither he doesn’t even deserve his current congressional seat the comments are deeply inconsiderate of the men and woman who actually earned the Medal of Honor many of whom died for their country Devin Nunez on the other hand is a sniveling little partisan hack a man willing to compromise national security in order to advance his own career and his toxic party’s agenda one would be hard-pressed to come up with a man less deserving of the honor now senator Tammy Duckworth d IL has taken to Twitter to check Trump’s ignorance Duckworth herself a veteran and war hero who lost limb serving this country tweeted that it doesn’t matter who you are you should never insult real Medal of Honor recipients with your fake hyperbolic rantings she included a link to an article from the hill about trumps comments Trump would be wise to heed Duckworth’s advice he refused to serve himself instead taking numerous deferments for bone spurs the man doesn’t understand the meaning of honor and never will