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hi there its WB and welcome to world broadcast YouTube channel before we get started make sure you hit the subscribe button and press Bell icon to never missed any latest news Trump just stuck it to caravan members by changing US rules before they get here president Trump is not letting up on the invading caravan at all in fact he’s doubling down Trump used the illegal aliens in the various care events as a threat to national security and they are therefore if he can’t stop them one way he’ll stop them using another Trump will supposedly sign a directive that will bar migrants who cross th…

Continue reading… S border illegally from applying for asylum after they are detained by immigration authorities he’s really sticking it to the caravan members by changing US rules on immigration and Asylum before they even set foot on US soil The Daily Caller has the details on this story President Donald Trump is expected to sign a directive that move our migrants who cross the US border illegally from applying for asylum after they are detained by immigration authorities according to US officials Trump could sign the order as early as Friday The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday night studying administration officials Trump promised on November 1st to implement sweeping changes to asylum rules before the arrival of a caravan of Central American migrants traveling through Mexico with a aim of applying for asylum in the US the directive under consideration requires asanam seekers to make their claims at a port of entry along the border according to The Wall Street Journal report those who cross illegally and turn themselves in to border agents will be deemed ineligible for asylum under current law a migrant can request asylum if he is in US territory regardless of how he got there if the asanam seeker is found to have a credible fear of persecution and his home country he is permitted to remain on the u.s. as he waits for his case to play out in immigration court a process that can take months or years but Trump administration argues US policy encourages people who don’t meet the legal standard for a Sodom to cross the border illegally in hopes they will get credible fear status and be allowed to stay as evidence administration officials point to the wide discrepancy between credible fear pass rates which are often involve eighty percent for Central American asanam seekers and ultimately successful asalaam claims which are well below twenty percent for the same demographic Trump’s impending directive comes after he ordered thousands of active duty troops to the southwest border saying they were needed to help law enforcement agents deal with the invasion of illegal immigrants as of early November roughly eight thousand troops were deployed to Texas Arizona and California and were mostly shoring up border security infrastructure and laying barbed wire wire to Trump’s Asylum order the Department of Homeland Security had already been telling asanam seekers to make their claims at ports of entry saying it was the only legal way to do so administration officials say the new directive is intended to enable more orderly processing of asylum claims and more efficient allocation of resources at the border according to The Wall Street Journal report critics say border authorities have an unofficial policy of metering essentially creating long lines at the ports of entry by admitting just a handful of asanam seekers each day please don’t forget to like and support our channel by press subscribe button thank you for watching