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All right everyone Trump is now weighing in a little bit more on the Cohen Fiasco of course he gave testimony several days ago and it completely falls flat I mean the thing he can’t corroborate anything that he’s saying during the testimony he’s asked by debbie Wasserman Schultz probably the most anti Trump person on the committee that he could be talking to softball him think that Cohen’s great cuz oh my god my evil drums and stuff she says well how can you corroborate what you’re saying he says well I don’t know he points out well Trump was colluding with the Russians yeah absolutely but you…

Continue reading… ow he didn’t expect to win which is doesn’t make sense he comes out says weird like yes Trump is indeed perverted and racist and I was misled and stuff but I can’t corroborate anything that I’m saying so Trump has come out now and said well Cohen’s got this tell-all book that he’s a designing I don’t think it’s like out yet I think this is something actively being plans like subpoena the manuscript you should read it so he’s challenging these people in Congress to make themselves aware of what Cohen really believes and and you watch the Democrats will probably balk at it here’s the thing it would be very strange if Trump were guilty of any wrongdoing it would be very odd for someone like Trump to come out and say well I want you to have the manuscript that actually corroborates everything that he said in committee what he’s doing is he saying what Cohen lied about this and that and the other thing I bet his story in the tell-all book is vastly different than what he told Congress and remember Cohen has already lied to Congress provably before he’s going to prison for the fact that he lied to Congress under oath and he’s lying this time to most of what he said is probably untrue I’m still there’s still a part of me that thinks that maybe Trump paid in huge amounts of money to lie and say weird just as a distraction knowing that it would around with the Mueller probe I mean if this is the best that you have his lawyer without it again without any corroboration he’s talking about here’s the other thing before I get into that this is the other mysterious thing he’s sitting there in this committee talking to Congress he’s like yeah I got like hundreds of tapes and audio clips and stuff of clients today it’s like a little bit shifty it’s like why are you recording everyone’s conversations could it be you’re an opportunist you’re looking to like blackmail somebody or it might be right your books offend him get implicated in major crime oh yeah that makes sense yeah absolutely what you want to put it on YouTube and have a viral clip maybe yours you know get a bunch of ad revenue that’s basically the best thing you can do at this one he’s sitting on this material for malevolent purposes but somehow magically he doesn’t have tapes to corroborate any of the things he’s saying about Trump so he’s got all these other tapes of other clients like oh yeah Billy do these dozens of clients they’re all crooked and say crazy but I don’t have any evidence of Trump saying the N word I don’t have evidence of Trump saying oh yeah you know I’d love to lots of models in a milani doesn’t know he doesn’t have corroboration of any of the claims that he’s made but he has corroboration for all sorts of weird about other people why is it the Trump is the one person he never thought to record except under one occasion very late on in their relationship in in in reference to a stormy Daniels payment that comes again and this is another reason his testimony didn’t matter before Trump’s campaign was official and was paid for after the fact which is perfectly legal there’s a reason when people say well you see haha he violated campaign finance laws that’s funny the Democrats aren’t pursuing it the reason they’re not pursuing it is because they’re smarter than you and realized it’s not a campaign finance violations Trump using his own money for app read to pay off a prior or a amount that he owed from before the campaign began is not a violation of our laws it doesn’t violate any law under the Sun you think it’s dubious say well you know he’s someone on the side okay do you honestly believe with his checkered reputation with women let’s put it that way with all the connections in WrestleMania pageantry with like you know 18 19 year old girls and laundering around in their changing rooms and then the stern universe and and the fact that he had already been married to us do you think Melania thought oh yeah this he’s a really sweet guy keeps in his pants gonna be really loyal it no she’s like miley is a powerful man he likes me you know this is a great arrangement I can do you know I’ll have all the money and I can buy the expensive clothes the may 7th she did modeling to you know you’ve actually some of you have seen the first lady totally nude you know by the way well put together and everything uh it’s a business marriage it’s sort of like the Clintons do you think that they even sleep together I think that they did Trump in milania’s case they seem to be loving enough but I mean it’s sort of like JFK now isn’t it yeah I’m sure he loved Jackie but I you know he also slept around in his own bedroom for a reason he’s like yeah she sleeps in the side room I sleep in here with Marilyn Monroe and with Marilyn Monroe’s relatives and her friends and all of my female friends from high school that want to say oh hi jack baby finally a thousand women in the White House and trumped is a tame compared to JFK and all these liberals they had never had a problem with that they don’t have a problem discussing now Oh all-american couple Jack and Jay you know Jack Kennedy what a wonderful man is you the picture on half of these liberal pages as either JFK or or FDR who was boiling his secretary married his third cousin and did all sorts of weird and was a bitter bigoted racist those are the those are their idols there’s nothing odd here notice they never applaud Jimmy Carter the one among them that was actually like loyalist who is like at this point can’t even get it up probably without you know injecting peanut oil into his dick no Trump is telling Congress Hey look at his manuscript I bet it’s different I bet it’s not the same as what he told you that means either the book is in which case he’s trying to basically hatch a job going before he releases his book which would be epically funny Ari or he’s lying to you which you know he is obviously I don’t believe for a second that Trump is actually racist he’s probably uses like you know insensitive language all the time that doesn’t mean that he has any systemic problem with anyone you know 99% of the population has done that you do realize that correct especially back in the 90s oh is it common to make like homophobic slurs back then in just a general setting it was common by the way that’s definitely gonna become an issue for millennial politicians over the next 10 20 years as they start to enter politics oh well you posted this on Facebook thirty years ago you said the you know the you called somebody gay and a malevolent sense as opposed to meaning homosexually used as a slur you should resign that’s gonna happen especially since Zuckerberg is hopefully archiving all of your posts so you enjoy you might want to think twice before you run for office you know if you’ve ever use social media of any variant because guaranteed they’ve sold that info to other companies and stuff it’s it’s gotten onto servers for political activist groups by now of course it has it’s been archived and it’ll look organic they’ll cover their tracks really well guaranteed that this will actually happen oh yeah someone hacked his account 20 years ago and just was sitting on it this whole time well and then we just suddenly got a hold of the cinema said an anonymous poster gave this archive to us yeah but the thing is of course they’ve screwed with the metadata it’s actually they bought it more recently but you’ll never know because of course it’ll be going through an Intel agency or something like that Trump has definitely uh bamboozled them on this one see the thing is the Democrats now they’ll have to say well no we don’t want the man you see because they don’t want to be proven wrong so I don’t want to read the manuscript they don’t have enough time to do it anyway it’s just like when a Cohen was supposed to what was it submit some of his statements like 24 hours or something beforehand or 48 hours and then they didn’t do that then they refused to the to postpone the Cohen testimony and stupid like that it’s a procedural attack by the Democrats mostly just like they know Elijah Cummings it’s like he’s a wool which not pertinent what Cohen’s owes and his books even though it is because it’ll show claim clearly that he’s a total liar probably in his book okay like yams or trumps and okay dudes of the blah blah blah and here’s I’ve got proof of him being racist but you know I worked for him anyway for years no I don’t think that he’s got proof of anything again where are the tapes it’s just like when all these people like um once isn’t it Tom Arnold’s oh yes I’ve heard the n-word tape okay well then where is it Oh on being threatened so I’m not gonna release it dude that’s a total cop-out you don’t have a tape there’s no Trump n-word tape there’s no Trump peeing on Russian hookers tape there’s no Trump anything tape the Billy Bush tape is the end-all be-all of what you’ve got on Trump because by now you would have released the rest of it if you had anything absolutely I say with 100% certainty there’s no Trump n-word tape they would have released it by now apparently all these people have heard it and and then know of it and everything but nobody’s got a copy except for Tom Arnold who’s too big a coward to release and no it’s not that he’s a coward to release it he hasn’t been threatened by anyone he doesn’t ever tape he’s full of wanted to get back in the limelight that’s what happens over and over with these people Cohen it’s the same he’s like well I’ve got a short sentence in a federal prison not exactly a high-security facility he’ll be basically a prison with a golf course at that point so he’s got a short stay for lying to Congress again it’s not a particularly massive charge he gets out he sells his book rights for millions of dollars he sits pretty the rest of his life that’s what he wants it was very funny how his uh his offices got raided as well it’s very very funny that’s about all peace out