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All right everyone it’s time for a little bit more 2020 election analysis here and you’ll pardon any background noise there’s rather chaos going on at the moment I’ve got a lot to do today actually fun stuff mostly so it’s no problem I’ll go out and don’t get lunch or some bullshit we got to talk about the 2020 election specifically how Trump has now come out his campaign which has already formed it’s like well we’re gonna target some of these states that Clinton won now the general I think consensus among most people especially hidden until the Mueller report ended was that it would be a bett…

Continue reading… idea for him to simply target the states that he won that were kind of close I go to Michigan or Florida it’s very very important that he spends a lot of time there especially within the Rust Belt states Pennsylvania absolutely essential to you know sort of that 2020 battleground politics style that you’re going to see emerge and it really depends on who he’s facing off against because the Democrats have different amounts of strength and support around the country but he’s decided to go one further and I agree with the decision I think some people who were black pilled are like well Trump will be lucky to even be reelected because my floor mud Texas demographics or he’ll lose some support in the Rust Belt it’ll go blue again for the next ten million generations because everyone knows demographic shift is one-sided and stupid shit like that but actually things favor him I think a lot more than people would like to believe in some cases it was a squeaker in Virginia for example in the last election he is capable of winning there especially with the fallout from some of the politics on the state level there where the Democrats got so much fucking egg on their face it looked like they became an omelet so the Democrats are very very weak in Virginia now that the polls aren’t gonna tell that full story when it comes down to it he’s got to press that issue and I think he will when he’s campaigning he’s gonna go down there and he’s gonna talk about Northam and all of these other goofballs in the Democratic Party he’s gonna hammer away at that he’s going to try to transform a state-level situation into a national level politics making the Democrats guilty by default of the sins of some of their end party members down there which makes sense as in north of one of the top Democrats really when you think about it and now he’s gonna have to deal with the Fed the the number one two and three in command in the state of Virginia’s democratic system are all scandal written with regards to black face and and what was it sexual assault allegations and weird shit like that so he’s got that as savior Minnesota is another one you’ve got a lot of I think social alienation even now beginning in some of the outlying urban districts really because of the issue of immigration number one and number two Islam Islamic moralism specifically it is becoming more of an issue in the United States now it shouldn’t be it should be a non-issue by all rights we shouldn’t have to deal with this bullshit but it’s an issue anyway and Trump is on the winning end I believe you know historically I think that that populistic sort of quasi native istic rhetoric aimed at specifically religious moralism actually ironically enough fits in more with maybe a true liberalism and so I think it wins over time I think that that issue blows up in the Democrats faces because what they’re doing is they’re trying to appease people who have let’s say fanatic religious views in some cases to the detriment of their ability how the hell are they going to conduct outreach with like LGBT youth or something like that by the way we support your right to get a gay marriage but we also support these other people who think that you should be thrown off a building yeah that’s gonna go over well as a campaign slogan by the way I’m not like oversimplifying you realize that that’s only a small proportion of people who are you know even religious at all like anyone among Christians most Christians aren’t particularly homophobic and don’t give a fuck about the issue anymore but it is still an issue and it’s still one that Trump can take and and you know hyperbole eyes on a national stage they look it’s a huge problem you know migrants and the alienation and crime is a hyperbole is politics politics in part is the art of taking small problems amplifying them and using them to get people to give you 51% of the vote it’s real slimy that’s why Trump is doing well in politics he’s a corporate cutthroat he’s a boardroom hawk he does not say anyone who thinks that trumps and I said hey Donald will you babysit my kids or something you come back and your kids have formed a money-laundering scheme or something a pyramid scam or something it’d be like a second Amway or what hurt his be a little bit similar to be very funny but that’s the kind of president ultimately we need right now yeah we need a cutthroat president go after the Chinese on its currency manipulation and bad trade deals someone who can keep Russia and check yeah we absolutely need a exactly the kind of president we have in trump yeah I’ll probably vote from and also some of that tax relief didn’t kick in it won’t kick in until the next fiscal season like the mandate being repealed and stuff I know some people have said that they didn’t file it with that like they didn’t have to pay it and some people did I don’t even know I fucking don’t know I think you’re supposed to but it’s not enforced or something and so some tax experts are just putting it on there it’s like again it’s 2.5 percent I’m willing to pay that to not deal with the IRS auditing me or some shit I mean it you don’t get to the point where you can you know go to federal prison for 10 years because you skimped a couple of dollars I’d rather pay more than I owe trust me it’s like blood money I guess or something no I think it’s great that Trump is planning to target these states Minnesota is a good one in Virginia would be the other big one he does need to buff up states that were close Florida’s is essential Pennsylvania’s essential North Carolina arguably would be a battleground in the election although I think it’ll probably go a little bit more red this time I think I wouldn’t bother with New Hampshire specifically because if Bernie Sanders is the nominee he wins New Hampshire’s hands day I’ll get 60 65 percent of the vote just because it’s the twin state thing and Bernie Bernie spends a lot of time in New Hampshire and Vermont and New Hampshire is similar there there are less taxed more wise libertarian neighbors and where the with a granola-crunching fish listening redneck hippies and so we just get along like there’s no animus at all like we’re not gonna build border fortifications on the Connecticut River any time soon if we do it’ll be to keep people from Maine from fucking coming across to no offense but uh yeah I will put ketchup in my baked beans I do not care if you have a problem with this I’m just joking I don’t actually do it I’m not a bat big a barbarian when it comes to catch up it’s a good idea for him to target those states some the other ones the other thing I would say forsake the southwest don’t bother like Arizona is not gonna flip blue you don’t need to worry go there a couple times and visit Phoenix or whatever New Mexico is not gonna go red demographic shift is causing that to have and unless Warren happens to be the nominee if Elizabeth Warren becomes the nominee Trump should go in full southwest and ignore the rust almost say well yeah I can guide Helen grab up California maybe because of some of these voting blocks he might get into his head that that’s actually a good idea it depends on the candidate like again Sanders wins New Hampshire there’s no reason for Trump to even bother showing up there if Sanders is the nominee Beto O’Rourke could potentially be a challenger in Texas I don’t see it in the cards I don’t think it’s likely in fact it might alienate Texans from the Democrats because he says weird shit like we want to get rid of the border that’s already here and I don’t think that that’s a wise political strategy but it could be a problem Elizabeth Warren would be very weak in some of these southwestern quarter states she definitely would suffer in New Mexico or Arizona that may be a Utah R so because of the Native American populations because Trump could turn that into a major platform part of his campaign look the Democrats hate you and they’re fucking racist and say weird shit you know Elizabeth Warren pretends to be Cherokee and you know talks about her mayonnaise omelets or whatever fucking recipe it was in the powwow shall book there and it’s like yes this landlocked a Native American tribe made such great crab cakes oh my god it was the funniest thing ever now I’ve got to get a copy of that book I’ve got to make the recipe like I actually hate crab no just saying I’m not big into omelets either so I don’t know I guess I’d have to try it I’ll cook the recipe on video and then I’ll try and then spew it out because it’s an bees full of shit as she is and then there are other candidates as well like that’s other than Kamala Harris that sort of rounds out the people that are viable now doesn’t it better roark Elizabeth Warren I give Booker’s not viable anymore I think he’s fallen from grace nobody even fucking knows he’s still in and you’ve got Biden who might not even run he still hasn’t made a permanent decision it’s like the time to get in would have been a couple months ago to get in early I mean he’s the front-runner according to all polling without being in the race I think part of it is he wants to remain above the fray he knows as soon as he announces everyone else attacks him well that doesn’t really matter most of them are leftist he can outmaneuver him just by saying look these people are fanatics this isn’t what our party’s supposed to be beto Aurora cand Hickenlooper would be the ones primarily attacking him at that point with any viability and nobody knows who Hickenlooper is or but a geek who’s a flash in the pan look we saw this by the way when you see some of these candidates rise up like better or buddy gig is right now he’s like at five or something this usually perceives a collapse of their campaign they say something and they do something it’s like oh it’s so great people jump on but it’s never hard support it’s just people sort of riding that wave for the moment while they’re exciting and then they peter out and they go back to a viable candidate this happened like six times during the last election among the Republicans Trump consistently was at the top everyone else they got to the top sometimes even surpassed him like Carson did in a couple of polling periods and then they crash and then basically that’s it basically the only other person who had sustained support was Cruz even Rubio crashed and burned you’ll remember he was the third tier candidate you can already see this happening with people like buddy geek low Bush are arguably like if you could see a movie with Julian Castro or something they could suddenly spike at ten points and then go back down warren is sliding booker has slid backwards Sanders is sliding right now right now the people on the upswing or but a geek who won’t win Joe Biden who stable at almost 30% which is why he’s these fucking stupid if he doesn’t get in even after the scandal he’s going through because he’d still probably win anyway Kamala Harris is more or less sustaining and then Warren has dropped off a cliff probably because people are starting to realize hey it’s not a good idea to nominate some of these people some of these people are not capable of beating Trump no matter what they do Elizabeth Warren will not become the President of the United States it is not feasible for her to put together the kind of coalition she would need she’s already that bridge had burned long ago with her lying about her race number one which would piss off every business Democrat and her embracing of far-left fiscal policies there is no coalition she can make to expand the Democratic coalition if anything she would alienate millions of voters it’d be a terrible idea I’m still saying the people ultimately that are the most viable are not being taken seriously that includes someone like maybe a buddy geek that includes him the closest thing they have to a first or second tier candidate right now that could be considered viable is ironically Joe Biden the technical frontrunner without even getting in who doesn’t want to get in me ceiling wow I don’t know I’m know my son died or some some excuse I think it’s ultimately he doesn’t want scandals to come to the fore I think he’s worried about that he’s gonna take time to tie up loose ends before he gets in and just hope that it doesn’t blow up in his face number one and number two I think he is honestly considering whether at his age he wants to go through with it I do honestly believe that part of me believes maybe he’s just doing all this for visibility he’s gonna tease and drag it out and never announce or something like that he never filed the paperwork I think it’s likely that he gets in all signs point to yes but it’s like you know fucking shit or get off the pot at some point that’s about all peace out