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All right everyone hearing Trump insulting a tional pastime at this point is gonna be sad after the next four years when he’s you know leaves his second term I’m just probably what’s gonna happen it’s gonna be sad because then it will no longer be President Trump angry tweeting it’ll be just Donald Trump former president Trump I hope that he gets even more bitter though I hope he I hope he starts losing his mind a little bit like loses his marbles slightly so that he just says like weird and coherent on Twitter for the rest of his life it would be it would be such a gift from God if that were …

Continue reading… happen like Trump just gets a little bit demented like I don’t wish any ill upon the dude but you know just just a little bit weird a little bit a few marbles fell out of his head that’d be perfect it was perfect balance to hear but anyway and he’s thought up a new insult for Joe Biden had sleepy Joe now sleepy Joe the importance of that is sleepy rhymes with creepy it’s like he’s not actually time on his energy level he’s just trying to call him creepy Joe as a dog whistle without actually saying creepy because he’s afraid you know Trump doesn’t want to be seen as stoking conspiracy theories like there’s any conspiracy we got hundreds of pictures of Joe Biden like squishing kids shoulders and weird like that he’s a creepy he’s a dirty old man is what they used to cop he’s not trying to children but he’s a dirty old man let’s just put it the way it is Trump haha he has a better insult for Joe Biden he called him a reclamation project that was not salvageable especially the ideas that Joe Biden has fallen into disrepair you know he’s old he’s faltering as a candidate he’s got issues he’s a reclamation project essentially like he’s blighted and needs clean up but that it’s not possible to do that because he’s just like you know he’s up it’s not wrong it’s a very inventive way of insulting him I don’t I think it probably will go over the heads of the average American like they’ll be like what the is he talking about like they’re gonna have to Google salvageable they’ll have to google reclamation project half of them but for those that know sort of what he’s talking about hilarious and it’s true where the truth is always funnier like when you’re making up a fiction to insult someone like when they do orange man that sort of gadfly tabloid reporting it ceases to be funny unless it’s really really over-the-top and up because it’s not true it’s a bunch of but when Trump comes out and does these things typically there’s at least a kernel of truth to the insult like sleepy Joe being just a stand-in for creepy or say or basically saying you know like you know calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas to show the fact that she’s actually not Native American at all and she’s a liar and it’s funny it’s funny because you’ve inverted you’ve made a sort of a sarcastic inversion of reality with Joe Biden he doesn’t even bother to invert it though he’s just like look the dude’s up his campaign is dying his biggest donor group abandoned him which is true he’s lost five to ten points of support within the field and it didn’t go to Bernie Sanders like progressive voice would want it’s all gone to Warren and people oh my god the Democratic primaries could turn out to be Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren duking it out to see who’s going to have the I’ve got a vagina platform it would be funny either of them loose and be hilarious and the Democrats will crash and burn and hopefully become you know Phoenix will rise from the ashes of the old left and the boring you know 19th century socialist rhetoric will die down a bit and then the business Democrats will come back and say look maybe maybe we should go back to sanity maybe the answer to the Republican platform is not to go completely apeshit and start saying weird crazy things about how we want free stuff and we want you know free healthcare for illegal immigrants and stuff like that maybe we should probably have a little bit of populism here but that’s just our opinion and of course that might not happen it might take another cycle it might take him a long time to learn their lesson sometimes political fronts are very very resistant to change the Democrats you know they changed you know decades ago and turned into an 19th century style socialistic movement they’ve stubbornly clung to that because they think that if they just offer more free to the poor that they’ll magically win elections I’m sorry to say that doesn’t work on a national level as well as they think which is why Trump is the president right now wasn’t because of Russia was the Democratic Party mostly he wasn’t a terribly strong candidate but this the candidate this year could be worse than Hillary Clinton oh my god it’s me hilarious isn’t me the best election ever 2020 is gonna be one for the ages no matter what the outcome is I can’t wait for the debates in the general but this is Trump’s greatest insult by far and Biden deserves that the thing is a Biden faltering leaves a field where you’ve got three or four different people sort of stacked up that could actually be competitive this could be a very long race if Biden doesn’t sort of shoot out of the gate early on win Iowa if he wins Iowa fundamentally it’ll be over very quickly unless he does really poorly in the other three starting states inexplicably but if he comes in behind in Iowa then I mean he might hammer or he might win New Hampshire but then he loses like I or South Carolina then he loses Nevada sweeps half of Super Tuesday and you have a long struggle because of the delegate system basically what I’ve counted on is we can know by the end of Super Tuesday if someone is ahead in optics by any measurable amount they’ve become the nominee the delegate count no longer matters but if you’ve got a situation where three or four people are sharing that limelight and electability you’re gonna have to go all the way to the end you might have a brokered convention sort of situation where the candidates are trying to make all sorts of backroom deals and you know politics makes weird bedfellows and so you have no idea who the candidate will be you can have but a geek with Sanders as a running mate or some crazy arrangement like that just because of the fact that they’re making deals with one another then you’ve got the super-delegates system too it’ll be crazy so Joe Biden is a reclamation project yeah I would agree with that and any mentees right it is a non salvageable Biden is now too old to be able to really change his ways he can’t change the fact that he’s a GAF master he can’t take back his long and illustrious past of being a moderate Democrat which has become the fact that Joe Biden he had to apologize the other day for working with people back in the 70s he literally apologized yesterday for working with people who have been dead for decades that’s that’s the Joe Biden of today it has become a liability in the Democrat party to have been able to work well with others I’ll be almost half a century ago this is a problem for Joe Biden now this is the Democratic Party of today they don’t want anyone who’s had a past of being able to not obstruct government they want orange man bad and free and that’s really all that’s what they’re pressuring the candidates to deliver even if they’re elected I’m gonna tell all you socialistic goofballs out there they’re not going to deliver on any of it you’re not gonna get free muff free health care you’re not gonna get student loan forgiveness you’re not gonna get any of these things I’m gonna promise you the moon on a stick and they’re gonna deliver nothing that’s the Democrats mo that’s about all peace out