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All right everyone time to start off the day talking about the Trump social media summit itsuka been garrisons going I think Bill Mitchell Charlie Kirk Prager use invited notably this is the news this morning I was looking it up just to you know sort of see if I could find like a guest list the big news of the day Facebook and Twitter are not allowed at the social media summit the Trump is holding now people on the Left are complaining like oh my god Ben garrison the Nazi it’s like you took the bait if you think that Ben garrison has a Nazi bone in his fucking body then then you either have sp…

Continue reading… a lot of time on 4chan or a lot of time on BuzzFeed and it’s interesting how the former is able to con the latter regularly because the latter is so fucking stupid BuzzFeed or salon or fox or Huffington Post oh my god Ben garrison he makes Nazi cartoons oh really the one criticizing George Soros is a Nazi cartoon George Soros said you can criticize George Soros it wouldn’t matter if he was Jewish or not he’d still be a scumbag it doesn’t matter he can be a hundred percent totally non kosher he can eat nothing but an all bacon diet and he’s still a scumbag so fucking who cares Ben garrison a Nazi don’t give me fucking don’t make me laugh I’m a Prager you they’ve been you know algorithmically demoted forever by you to Ben garrison I think it was at Instagram that kicked him off one of these sites did now but here’s that here’s the funny part it’s funny watching people who are supposedly liberal proclaim the Trump is like orange man bad for this what he’s doing is he’s taking people’s private individuals private citizens impacted by censorship and small organizations and he’s giving them a seat at the table all Congress has ever done is take a bunch of multinational corporate lawyers and billionaire CEOs and talked to them and handle them with kid gloves now who’s more who’s more populist Akande people friendly which of these approaches is is more actually liberal the Trump’s approach Trump’s approaches the liberal one here as opposed to maybe the moralistic and extremist for approach of Congress or of some of these left-wing hacks then in order to it’s easy to talk to a multi-billion dollar corporation especially if you got Zuckerberg there and you don’t even put him under oath or something like that very interesting this is perfect timing too because tech censorship is really heating up there is a lot of bias unfairness and censorship on these firms what I have said repeatedly and I’ve seen people literally talking to the people on Twitter that are going to this social media conference that Trump is holding and begging them to bring this up the one best thing that they can tell Trump and make this abundantly clear to him and everybody else at the social media summit these sites platform government services they use taxpayer money in so doing they are public platforms Twitter platforms the USGS you can get alerts you saw the California earthquake recently there were people who were alerted to the fact that the quake could happen before the shock actually hit them because they signed up for some alert on Twitter or some similar service if they had been banned they wouldn’t have gotten the alert now would they that would have been a little bit of a problem maybe they got hit in the head by a metal pitcher falling off of their wall because they didn’t get the alert that’s a problematic yeah that’s a potential life-saving service weather alerts Oh a supercell is forming ten minutes west of you you might want to make sure that you’re indoors you know you’re gay you say oh maybe I’ll go for a picnic and you know you don’t make it because he gets struck by lightning hail storm comes through and beams you on the head your fucking knocked out of the middle of woods and they find your decapitated corpse the next day pounded into minced meat because of all the hailstones the size of golf balls something like that happens now I know that that’s hyperbolic I know that that’s like a one-in-a-million chance that anything like that happens but what if it’s you what if you’re an American taxpayer you’re paying money the through the nose to the government you can’t even use the services that are there by the way the other attack line very very simple federal judges already rule I can’t remember which which circuit it was the Trump’s twitter is a public platform he can’t block people for example if you’re a US citizen you can say whatever you want on Trump’s to think he can’t block you so why can’t whitter prevent you from accessing it Mike and Twitter active preventing a US citizen who’s not breaking the law or or spamming which is you know BOTS and spamming behavior is a gray area I happen to think that it tilts towards it’s not really speech or expression because it’s trying to prevent others from speaking and expressing it’s sort of like taking a megaphone to a public meeting to shout someone down it’s no you shouldn’t be able to do that they have the right to speak you can hold a counter rally if you want to erect your own platform draw your own audience and stop being shitty other than that though know if someone’s not breaking US law they should be able to use all of these different things Google Google you know the Google cloud do you think it doesn’t hold government material of course it does both privately held you know by figures they’re in and and publicly held taxpayer-funded archives and shit like that of course video in facebook all these government services have Facebook pages and most have Twitter pages in some cases you can even DM them what about airlines you can DM and get questions answered from the airlines ah airlines aren’t fully privatized either so you’ve got all of these different goods and services that are either public or partially public that are making use of social medium by the way for strictly pragmatic reasons any conservative the things that text censorship is a good idea can’t possibly be a fiscal conservative because you’re essentially taking us creators and demoting them along European lines to make foreigners more competitive it’s like on YouTube think about it this way YouTube’s a US firm when it makes money supposedly anyway it pays taxes into the US trade treasury into this collective coffer of the United States budget supposedly because they use tax havens like every multinational firm does those should because Trump’s trying to close the tax loopholes Congress won’t go for it so that’s their problem supposedly that’s happening when US creators are selling merch or gaining views and gaining ad revenue song it’s staying in the US or foreign money’s coming to the u.s. it’s a big money sponge it’s great for the US economy these tech firms want to demote us creators down to the same dumbed down level as tears in tyrannies like the UK where people aren’t allowed to have an opinion without a license that’s problematic it means less money for the US economy so where all of these these fiscal conservatives to defend the u.s. budget we wouldn’t need as many taxes if we were maximizing revenue now would we people are getting fucked they’re getting screwed up the ass on a daily basis by these big tech firms Trump finally says well you know it is a problem he acknowledges it’s a problem and he’s a Nazi he acknowledges that censorship is a problem and people call him a Nazi for it because the people that are mainly being censored are supposedly on the right who fucking cares so so some random like Yves Angelo Khan is a Nazi now – just because they say Jesus Jesus now they’re not a Nazi this is Nev Angelo Cod so trad cons like well I want to have a squeaky clean picket fence house and the quarter-acre law and the little trees out front you know the little pomegranate Chan and my little wife and two kids in a two car that’s not an extremist view to have that’s just someone but maybe maybe a fiscally antiquated view at this point numb nuts anyone who supports censorship is no friend of mine Newman because they want me to get screwed up the ass – partially but I mean it’s an anthem of the very founding goals of the United States know the founders never would have suggested you know what the First Amendment just cuts off at the government it’s perfectly okay if a private entity that controls virtually all human communication should start censoring people especially when it platforms goods and services like it like you imagine some monopolies back in the 1700 springs up in making printing presses and of course you can literally make your own press so it’d be different you can’t make your own Facebook you can’t make your own internet it’s total monopolization it’s a total trust it’s it’s already illegal what these tech firms are engaged in imagine that someone owns like 90% of all the presses and and they own all the presses in New England they’re like oh well you’re not allowed to use them because you print stuff that I don’t like you know and you’re not allowed to make your own press because no copyright or because we’re just gonna come and bust up your press they’ve been by the way they used to do that back like the Tammany Hall era they would literally go and they would attack one another’s presses you know there’s some opposition political movement they liked a different candidate you’d go in and you’d ruin their press and so they wouldn’t be able to speak and it was illegal to do this it was appointed this form of sabotage is seen as one of the darkest terrors of human history in the United States and we’re replicating it now only now we’re giving that power to multi-billionaires they control worldwide human communication yes it’s absolutely problematic it shouldn’t be happening Trump is good to have this summit hopefully something comes of it one thing I would say is though you shouldn’t either you need more creators why aren’t there like a few prominent youtubers on this panel like I think bill Mitchell’s then I’ve heard of him I’m not I know that he’s a manga sort of person I don’t know that much about his views and Kirk is that’s fine some of these others and Ben garrison like you know probably the most hopefully he lists I hope tea seats Ben garrison right next to him and he’s just chatting at him the entire time I hope Ben garrison can explain a chump look new Twitter already has weather alerts USGS alerts all these politicians use it yours is already a public platform and yet US citizens can be banned by Twitter from ever utilizing that public platform it’s already it’s exactly the same as the company – I can’t remember the the case involving a company town that wanted to ban people from distributing literature I think there’s always witnesses or something they’re like no you can’t do that the court came and said yes they can because essentially you’ve created a public space in the way that you’ve structured things twitter is a public space it is explicitly for human communication between entities that’s in the explicit purpose and the only purpose in fact of Twitter it already has government services on there that my money pays for if I am banned from Twitter my constitutional rights are being violated equal access under the law has been violated it’s clear-cut any court in the land taking the case up would find that way it’s just a matter of the fact that these groups have billions of dollars to throw at legal teams to drag it out forever and prevent it from ever going to a high enough court so a needs executive action it needs to become a Supreme Court case yes the Supreme Court needs to be brought in with trumps should get involved by executive action it’ll get blocked by the Ninth Circuit and it can go before SCOTUS and that’s when text censorship hopefully gets ended on amiable terms that work for the average American that’s really what we need to do right now it works for you know the one millionth of 1% that actually runs Silicon Valley and literally nobody else that’s about all peace out