Twitter Bans NPC Meme Users for Election Interference, Thus Proving the Meme Inadvertently | Trending News

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All right everyone we’ve got a major story on Twitter with regards to censorship which is the the purge of NPC meme accounts it’s not successful because look if somebody and somebody is willing to troll like that and make it a joke and it’s really funny the idea is to wheedle you to get under your skin so when you get banned bye-bye jack on twitter you know hey it’s gotten under someone’s skin in Silicon Valley let’s make another account and that will continue to happen it’s not like you can actually suppress memes Twitter and other sites are doing their best to do so you see what Silicon Vall…

Continue reading… is trying to do is coordinate enough so that they can mass t person a person or they can mass suppress an idea shove it underground out of normy consciousness that’s their sort of anti meme strategy it’s probably going to end with them to being declared public utilities or something if Ted Cruz is you know talking to Beto O’Rourke last night is any indication there appears to be a growing will among some of those in the Senate to try to crack down on Silicon Valley for mass censorship especially of ideas but it’s interesting the specific part of the TOS being utilized by Twitter to go after the MDC mean it has to do with deliberately misleading election material now by that this is this is the same old problem TOS that are not entirely easily understood they’re too malleable and too expansive because that can apply to all sorts of things now I would think if they if the goal is to defeat state propaganda or something the election interference and the most pure sense what you’re talking about is like someone puts up an infographic that has the wrong voting date or something or here’s where you’re supposed to vote if you’re a Democrat you vote here if you’re a Republican you vote here then you know like you like the Republican locations behind some dumpsters or something attempted suppression on a social media scale yes it has in some cases been a problem I’m not sure that it’s a big enough problem to worry about censoring it but you know that’s my opinion but the NPC meme they’re not banning people for trying to dehumanize others even though I pointed out several months ago and the NPC meme was you know and after I pointed out that it could be a non-organic prop again it could literally have been created by some authoritarian think-tank deliberately to try to get people to fling it around now eventually the left will start using the mean because it’s successful you watch that’s the next step in its obvious evolution people on the Left will adapt it to go after Trump fans and stuff like that you see the very rudiments of that already now that’ll become more prevalent pretty soon what you’ve got is a situation where people both on the left and the right are basically declaring one another automatons that means that it’s okay to abuse them it’s literally psychological warfare I warned of this it’s a warning in vain but okay unfortunately what Twitter’s done though is make it more popular yeah because they ban it and then what happens all of the corporate media groups because they don’t like alt media and they don’t like the online world that they can’t conquer they begin to fall into ramble about how how terrible the emphysema is oh my god it’s like the one step from genocide and stuff they’re opportunists so the New York Times comes out with a big front page expose on this horrible new meme that got purged thankfully and it didn’t get purged you just removed some accounts off Twitter that were satire accounts they were making fun both of the meme itself and a people that were worried about it as well as the initial target it had been watering itself down which is inevitable until you start suppressing things then you create echo chambers so now you got a situation where the NBC mean will become more prevalent it’s just like Pepe when when you get people in the left-wing movement in the last election who start rambling about how horrible it is and this is like Nazi frog cartoon and stuff it makes it more funny to anyone who’s got a working neuron in their head and so they’ve done the wrong thing it doesn’t matter you know I think the NBC beam is funny okay it is potentially politically harmful for reasons that Twitter doesn’t actually discuss now but it is funny it’s amusing and it was being used in an amusing satirical sense these accounts are mocking people who themselves they have no concept of actual humor they’re incapable of making rational decisions on their own they have to be spoon-fed decisions by others their views are basically shoveled into their head through statement non-state propaganda the tragic irony then is that in banning the NPC mean getting irate about it New York Times declaring it dangerous and all these things you are displaying exactly the kind of behavior that the meme itself mocks in the first place your actually your actions against the NPC meme actually give evidence for why the NPC meme is both funny and important very it’s hilarious because it’s on it’s like completely self destroying it doesn’t make any sense that you’d think with all of the coordination and intelligence and resources and stuff that these Silicon Valley firms supposedly have you’d think that they could formulate a better way to respond to such things my feeling is you shouldn’t respond at all it’s not dehumanizing it’s a joke you should get over literally it’s all it is is a the expressionless grey face how is that dehumanizing you’re simply it’s sort of a spin-off and for some reason a lot of these people don’t even mention this sort of a spin-off of the idea that some people don’t have an internal voice and that was considered amusing also a novel idea it’s probably true and so it sort of turns into a meme about people being unemployed characters literally they’re ai-controlled there’s some evidence to suggest you might all technically be NBC’s oh they’re not that we’re not real or anything but we might be like an alien strapped into an AI system like we’re playing some sort of long-term game while we hurtle through space it’s like this is gonna be a boring 10,000 years hook me in you know we all right Roger you go pilot the ship I’ll be back in ten thousand years as the you know the four-armed alien be really funny Twitter banning the NBC meme is funnier than the meme itself and gets it more attention it’s going to end up becoming a Normie meme now it’s going to end up getting adapted by people who you aren’t far aren’t part of that first stage of meme dumb we see this over and over Pepe Pepe initially is you know basically just a funny frog cartoon sad frog happy frog whatever becomes mildly political it’s basically just being adapted by like 4chan and some reddit pages and then all of a sudden other people get ahold of it and then all of a sudden there are a million different peppe’s which both expands and makes it more powerful while setting the stage for it to collapse itself over time all those Pepe is still widely posted it’s probably the most successful meme in history on the Internet um the NPC meme is quickly approaching number 2 on that which is funny because it’s basically an adaptation of whoa jack a lot of these people they don’t know anything about that they don’t know Twitter knows nothing about that I guess Jack the New York Times whoa Jack what’s that what’s that that’s that’s a face similar to the MVC meme only slightly different but you wouldn’t know anything about that because the New York Times doesn’t know how to mean that’s about all peace out