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Twitter reacts to Patriots Browns Josh Gordon trade heavy dot-com the Cleveland Browns have traded Josh Gordon to the New England Patriots the NFL was sent into a frenzy on Monday and we have the Cleveland Browns to thank after they traded Josh Gordon to the New England Patriots in a deal first reported by NFL dot-coms Ian Rapoport the Patriots will send a conditional fifth round pick to the Browns in exchange for Gordon ESPN’s Adam Schefter offered an update shortly after the initial report which revealed the full compensation of the deal the conditional pick will go to the Browns if the 27 year-old wideout is active for 10 games if not it would then become a seventh round selection after the news came down it sent Twitter into an absolute frenzy mainly because fans of almost every NFL team were hoping the Patriots wouldn’t land him and for New England fans they were obviously on the opposite side of that here’s a look at some of the top reactions on Twitter starting with a very awkward moment between current Patriots receiver Phillip Dorsett and the media it seems the deal happened during the middle of dorset’s interview Phillip Dorsett wasn’t sure what to say Albert brer doing his best to slow down the hive former NFL quarterback calls out the rest of the league the Patriots put the NFL on notice Josh Gordon with Tom Brady greater than Josh Gordon with any Browns QB this is what fantasy football owners have waited for one tweet sums up how all Patriots fans feel congratulations for not making this decision spoiler alert this guy is a Jets fan Josh Gordon may need to lock in very very soon we’ll update this with any other big names who offer insight including potential players or Gordon’s Patriots team mates there will surely be no shortage of news and additional updates on Gordon moving forward [Applause]