UK Government Considering Banning People from the Internet Entirely for “Abusing” MPs | Trending News

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All right everyone the UK can’t get enough of that dystopia now a think-tank which is like deeply regressive I’m going to assume run by globalist authoritarians is advising the UK’s government hey you know what you should implement as a policy if people are like trolling MPs like political figures if they’re trolling government members on Twitter or wherever because apparently that’s common because the British people are tired of their inept shitty politicians all around they should be banned from the internet entirely like we shouldn’t like remove their internet privileges for a week thinking…

Continue reading… god how how crazy can it be in the UK must feel like the government is like your parent or something that’s exactly what people left your country the first place to avoid and this is what we’re well warned against this is what literally every dystopian author is warned against this is what the United States is strenuously opposed for centuries now and you just can’t stop doing it I don’t understand how a proposal like this can be number one proposed by apparently a government co-opted think-tank number two it can be like I don’t see many British people bothering to talk about it and number three there are people probably in your government that will take it seriously how is it that you could possibly envision a scenario in which your government should be empowered to kick somebody off the internet think about it think about how much Commerce takes place on the Internet you should be kicked off of the internet for you know trolling and harassing an MP you know I’ve got a better idea how about this since in the UK you don’t have anything as like a free public forum just tell the MPs it’s okay to ban people who are trolling you it would not be a better thing instead of like over here we’re going in the other direction saying well like Trump’s Twitter is a public platform he can’t block people because they you know his constituents have an inalienable right to comment on what he’s doing now of course by extension this means Twitter is a public platform it means you have to be afforded equal access to that public platform already judicially acquired which which sets the stage I think for the death of some of the censorship on Twitter and elsewhere that’s a good thing but I agree with that decision I think is wonderful in the UK though maybe you should go in the opposite direction you should say well these political figures reveal like bloc anyone let him respond do you should you need a less polite society trust me from the outside looking in from this side of the pond the UK is too polite you are too sensitive you are too sensible you know the pip pip cheerio top hat and British baking show sort of thing okay that’s very cute but you’re beginning to go a little bit too far into that cute zone you’re becoming a monster you know just a monster with you know fluffy hair and big blinky eyes or something it’s like a little bit like a Tribble I suppose and it is attempting to crow its influence across the universe yeah I think this is crazy actually to tell the truth I think the idea that a government should be able to kick people off of the internet for wrong think is is itself wrong the thing is don’t you understand how much this approaches the kind of thing that you see in third-world dictatorships like tinhorn regimes but you think this is the sort of thing I would have expected Maduro to do oh well Venezuelans on Twitter that you know troll the Venezuelan policy gonna throw them in jail for a week we’re gonna kick them off line we’re gonna block this website because it doesn’t clean up its image it’s act with regards to criticism of Dear Leader Maduro this is the sort of thing we’d see in men like in some you know impoverished nation in Central Asia like some former commie Bloc State this isn’t the sort of thing well at this point I can’t actually say I was gonna say this isn’t the sort of thing we’d expect from a developed civilized in a Western European nation but I think that’s flipped now it’s like online on YouTube a lot of my material or my channel rather my channel is unavailable to most users in Germany France Italy some other countries within Europe it’s not blocked in Saudi Arabia it’s not blocked I get more views from China on my channel in this one it’s not blocked in Saudi Arabia it’s not blocked in Venezuela it’s not blocked in Bolivia it’s not blocked in you know Rwanda or something people in those nations can access my jail nobody gives a fuck but the French government gives a fuck the German government gives a fuck the UK is government I’m very very surprised hasn’t blocked out my channel by now either I’m very surprised that the UK has held off actually blocking out all of the alt media I’m really surprised that might have something to do with the fact that with alt tagging up it’s gonna be harder and harder for them do that but at some point I expect that will happen and unfortunately it looks like there’s really no pep in the UK’s population he protests these things now you know better you know that it’s a bad idea probably have plenty of British viewers you know see this is me like all this dystopian bullshit then fucking do something about it your soccer team loses and you burn cars in the street and yet something like this happens look people could lose their jobs over this they then and who determines what is harassment or trolling you know some some British bureaucrats the British police the ones that confiscate your bike wheeler you know they think hey this padlock is a deadly weapon you’ve got a butter knife on you you know you know ten years in jail for you and the salt mine or something I how can you trust your government to make any such judgment I know I know I wouldn’t I wouldn’t trust the US government I wouldn’t trust Trump to make such judgments no or even I wouldn’t even trust like I Rand Paul to make such judgments what constitutes what should be constituting acceptable speech all of it really if is is it a credible threat is it some form of slander and defamation is it attempting to prevent others from speaking like like chronic harassment I mean to the criminal degree No then it should be legal yeah absolutely and US firms really need us firms need to definitely encourage the UK and other populations to develop technological workarounds to this kind of tyranny it’s happened before look you you’ve had internet blackouts and protests net why and all sorts of stuff before for things that essentially we’re related to like you know trying to tax e-commerce or something like that you remember soap our peeper or actor you remember how people reacted to those years and years ago where’s the protest culture of the internet gone and by the way those were mainly led by liberals I think it’s because the Liberals want censorship now it’s really really weird to see they’re not really liberals anymore I’m not sure exactly what you’d call them you know the UK’s government soon will ban UK citizens maybe from using the internet all together it’s not hey Twitter’s allowed to ban you because you were abusive to – Teresa Maher sign it’s not like that it’s you can’t use the internet period by the way this will require them to have like an ID act of some sort like when you go on the internet Italy there won’t be any anonymous posting anymore there won’t be any VPNs available be illegal in the UK trust me that’s the next step coming that’s about all he said