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All right everyone Vaux made an article the other day and they accidentally praised Joe Biden for perhaps his worst characteristic they’re applauding him for this and saying well you know Biden essentially what they’re saying represents a return to normalcy that’s what Biden offers us only number one if you count the Obama era as normal which trust me it isn’t an era of degradation of the government essentially lowering people’s expectations departing from the fairly long term tradition of America first ultimately now I’m going back to the the new norm of Obama of 7% unemployment having to liv…

Continue reading… ith less we need to scale down our role in the world you sort of sort of manage our own decline so to speak Americans are not born and bred to think that way and so the idea that that was ever going to take command as the new norm I think is Trump actually represents the return to the long-term norm Biden represents it to return to boringness that’s both basically the Obama administration was a boring administration Obama was rather quiet and and well-spoken in his mannerisms very professional istic even that even his elocution the way he literally walked around simply was astute and academic he looked more like a professor than a president now that’s really good for dealing with your allies in a diplomatic fashion really great for our relationship with Europe no problems there for the most part few squabbles over the Middle Eastern stuff but for the most part that was okay good for dealing with your allies good for projecting an aura of calm during a time of crisis Trump meanwhile is good for dealing with our enemies he’s good for dealing with Russia and China and Middle Eastern affairs and Maduro and people like that not so good with European affairs he’s good for representing a symbol of strength during a time of prosperity which he helped to promulgate he is created Trump’s economic policies in part part of it’s due to a fuel boom Obama basically stepped out of the way he gets credit by the way from before that he chose not to stand in the way of things like fracking and oil exploration in the latter part of his presidency leading to an economic boom now in part it was it was the private marketplace in the unbridled fashion moving forward Obama was pressure significantly by environmentalists in the far-left to squash that down and say no no no no more oil just solar pails he didn’t do that even his attack on coal county coal country basically just led to more oil being extracted yeah but you have a lack of fuel in one department and other fuel sort of takes its place and solar is growing there’s nothing wrong with it but it’s not exactly how we became an economic juggernaut so they represent different things Joe Biden is nothing more than the older more gaffe prone less well-spoken creepy version of Obama I am telling you now that if you put Joe Biden on a debate stage with Donald Trump Trump is going to run rings around him Joe Biden is not a good debater he is not a good speaker Trump’s only mediocre at these things he had a weak opponent before had helped him win ultimately if you had an Obama level Democratic candidate someone with soaring rhetoric and and you know sort of better experienced probably they would have won against Trump even given the given even the polling bias and the fact that Trump had the superior platform I think in unmedicated Minds doesn’t ruin have really mattered the Democrats by default would have won even with the lackluster post-obama economy now though you’ve got a situation where Fox is praising Joe Biden essentially for being boring that’s really what he represents you remember sort of the excitement of the 2016 election well you know nobody wants a snooze fest in a situation where Biden is representing being normal being a being a student academic and he’s up against someone who’s gonna will prowl around on the stage and try to look imposing and say weird Trump’s gonna eat him up boxes literally you’re walking into a trap by nominating Biden anyway the worst thing is there’s no real alternative the Democrats have done a piss-poor job of trying to centrally manage the candidacies they did this in 2016 they thought Hillary Clinton’s the only one who can win we’ve got a coordinator they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar and it ruined their trust with voters it’s looking like they’re going to do it again only they’re doing it fairly openly the the fact that they have super-delegates at all ensures that part of their party leaves the primary process and is alienated they will at the very least have lowered turnout if not spurn the party entirely that the fact that the Democrats use super-delegates is crazy they should adopt a system like the Republicans have simply wait the delegates try to keep the states in line more or less with the primary process sometimes they they if a state tries to jump ahead in line they’ll say okay you don’t get delegates basically then it becomes a symbolic sort of situation states you know always want to jump on every state wants to be the first to vote but any time someone tries to switch it away from Iowa the parties balk and threaten them it’s weird because they really shouldn’t have Iowa first anymore Iowa’s now a leaning red state it’s no longer really a swing state for the most part anyway didn’t Trump win it by six seven points I think they should switch in Virginia should oddly enough probably be the first state to vote Virginia or New Hampshire maybe by default that would make more sense the Iowa caucus comes first usually and then you have New Hampshire but maybe they should switch it around and give New Hampshire the four they’re more of a swing state Hillary Clinton won by a lot with two points a little bit disproportionate that’s how you should do it which oddly enough gives Bernie Sanders uh the first shot on the field because he almost certainly will win there unless he gets totally crushed by then in the debates but I mean yeah Biden’s boring he’s not a particularly charismatic individual and the thing is he’s old too now the other problem is he’s 76 that’s a problem for someone who’s campaigning to be the President of the United States both of the frontrunners that the only two people in the dem feels that have double-digit totals right now are both literally geriatric they’re over 75 they are literally elderly people Trump is approaching that threshold anyway now if the Democrats have a fifty-year-old candidate it’s gonna kind of be it’s gonna be kind of conspicuous that you have a younger ish sort of person running against someone who’s basically old no offense to anyone who’s like you know 75 watching these videos but that’s old when I’m 75 sitting here making videos with a holographic projector or whatever weird technology we have you know 45 years from now yes I will be old I’m gonna look like a wizard hopefully I don’t want to look like Joe Biden somebody sent me a sign Twitter yesterday a video there was this um like you know those can the Sphinx cats the ones that are almost hairless they’re kind of wrinkly and weird-looking I kind of liked them but they are weird and you had a little shirt on and it was like kneading on another cat and the other cat was like looking on unamused and it was like this is Joe Biden as a cat and stuff like that like the cat was doing this mushy thing where like purrs into its fur and suckles and kind of creepy and Joe Biden’s case but yeah that’s basically what he represents I can’t think of many positives about Biden other than he has the political experience he has the corporate money and he happens to have the most name recognition this really his advantages Sanders also has name recognition he’s disqualified on the basis that he doesn’t understand jack about economics and that he’s even too far left for most of the Democrats why do you think he’s hovering around 15 20 percent right now and then a per in the polling Joe Biden has got at least 30 on a bad day there’s been not one poll has been conducted since the beginning of the Democratic primaries in which any candidate has ever at any time been ahead of Biden even when Biden had not announced and was still dicking around with the idea of not running he’s like well maybe we’ll see I’ll make a decision eventually kinda yeah I thought about running he did that for six months every single poll he came out on top and now things are gonna get more and more after the first debate that’s basically the last chance for most of the lower tier candidates if they don’t score a big win then they’re not gonna have time to build up the campaign energy and sort of interior machinery they need to compete anyway the lower half of the field will be literally disqualified after the first debate some of them will drop out after the first debate as the field thins I have a feeling that the Democrats who consistently went pulled about what they’re most and what’s most important to you going into this election in a candidate electability this is an electorate because they are so alienated by Trump that they just want to win they don’t really care what they replace him with the problem is that a close second I’m sure in some of their minds especially the blue did the Rust Belt Democrats is we don’t want a leftist candidate the Democrats are either way because their party is schismatic right now and comprises two different voting blocks that don’t get along the two minor voting blocks within the Democratic Party respectively ten to twenty percent of the party on each side are the far left and the business Dems slash sort of conservative or center-left individuals the centrist the moderates the Biden Democrats then you’ve got the neoliberal core where all the money is and that core has to side with one group of the other it can’t waffle between the two you can’t straddle that kind of fence it’s not really a fence it’s more like a minefield eventually you step in the wrong place and Pelosi you know people like Pelosi they know this they’re sitting there sweating bullets right now trying in in vain to project strength and sort of you know pretend to be dismissive of Trump but at the same time you’ll notice sometimes when you hear them speak they seem panicked part of that is because Joe Biden is likely to be their standard bearer and they’re not too happy about that they’ve Biggs they they should have let Hillary run this time and at Biden go the last time arguably that would be funny this Biden would die in office anyway at his age Hillary Clinton gets a crack at it and it wouldn’t matter if she was likable because they’d be coming off of incumbency Joe Biden you know goes bye-bye she gues gets to be VP or something like that so our first female president wouldn’t be elected at all that’s why people didn’t vote for John McCain they were terrified of the idea of Sarah Palin being the first female president can you imagine that election was more of a referendum on Sarah Palin than it was anything else Joe Biden being a return to normalcy yes wonderful yes I want to return to paying more taxes 7% unemployment a government that is disdainful of parts of the US population of guns and Bible flyover state business with Obama with a president who’s just just boring no no thanks I think I like the mean tweets better I think I like paying less better I think I like the idea of the United States actually maintaining an active role in the world not a militaristic one but an active you know we we are sort of the major power of the world role yes I support that very much now I do not care about my free because my free comes with a hell of a lot of taxes attached that’s about all peace out