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All right everyone it’s time to talk about Jeb Bush because he keeps prattling on now a pro tip for people I’m starting to think that maybe Trump is is starting to lose some of his luster it’s not like he has any real sane opponents so it’s like you know Trump or nothing in twenty twenty at this point he’s starting to fall short not unlike the border stuff but I got in diplomacy he’s taking I think a little bit too much time for it and he’s not defending the people that have been defending him as well the big thing for me is in the tech world I’ve said years ago the biggest issue we faced was …

Continue reading… h censorship and that was before the last two or three waves of tech censorship it’s it’s becoming a big problem because you see more and more independent voices being silenced and the government is not doing anything about it despite the fact that we already have laws on the books to compensate for such a thing what I would say is the Jeb Bush here we have a funny situation I’m like well yeah Trump’s foreign policy is starting to dry up it’s becoming problematic we’re now keeping a thousand troops in Syria I hear which is you know it’s like fuck off I don’t think there’ll be a war in Venezuela although you know the troop buildup on their border naturally has people a little bit concern I’m not worried about Trump you know going off hauling off and attacking maderos people I am worried though that somebody else might come along and do likes let’s say Trump isn’t re-elected the next president my cell the troops are already there why don’t I just do some nation-building it’s a fun time but no matter what Trump does though he’s never gonna be anywhere near as bad as as jeb Bush’s brother or his daddy with regards to foreign policies daddy the fucking loser and his brother the fucking loser and Jeb’s a loser too and it’s a good thing that he lost I came in third in the state that I said that I needed to win to persist and then still waited until after Super Tuesday to drop out fucking vote for me that Jeb Bush you mean please clap the turtleman though the hey I’m just like you kids one with the hoodie and shit meaning the dude who’s a you know he’s just basically he basically imagine brian Griffin if Brian Griffin was not a dog and was a Republican he’s even sounds the same like if he could do voiceovers for that show by the way Family Guy now becoming censored too it’s like you know fuck the whole fucking world at this one Jeb Bush is weirdo he’s from a family that’s destabilized to dog numerous nations around the world the Clintons by the way are the same here’s the other thing people they still don’t understand that neo-cons and neo liberals are exactly the same oh no no the Clintons have bushes oh they’re not exactly it kind of the same thing the dynastic and rich and stuff but then they like they look at they are and the D after the name in their mind can’t fucking process the fact that it doesn’t matter anymore that the parties don’t really stand for any broader overall ideology at this point in any real way shape or form but that’s the truth anyway they’re just ignorant it’s really sad to see people so fooled Jeb Bush is gonna tell Donald Trump of all people about foreign diplomacy is his his beef with him appears to be the the main bitch that Jeb Bush has as well he’s going it alone it’s unilateralism he’s not bringing our allies in on things it’s like that’s exactly the opposite of reality like in North Korea for example the US has made unilateral meetings with Kim including the last summit that kind of fell through although again I do expect there to be more progress made I think that’s the one bright spot that I’m still fairly confident in South Korea though took the floor and started working with North Korea separately or semi separately and they’re making ten times as much progress as we’ve made with North Korea China’s gotten involved how can you say that that’s not involving other parties of course it’s involving other parties the ROK and the DPRK are primarily the parties negotiating and that’s a good thing they’re the ones who live on the peninsula we just happen to have a military presence and a strategic point to being there to make sure that the ROK doesn’t get steamrolled by newly-minted hydrogen bomb wielding North Korea that shows some degree of sanity because they haven’t deployed him on South Korea yet in order to expand their glorious People’s Empire something like that I think that things can go well there in regards to the border that’s basically shuddered at the moment but Jeb Bush is nuts the whole Bush family is fucking nuts they’ve always and they always have been how soon people forget it’s funny to see like you know I’ll see you know random partisan Democrats or Lowell girls on YouTube or Twitter or wherever they’re like praising Jeb Bush because he attacks Donald Trump on me you’re praising a dude who is literally adjacent by kinship to a man responsible for half a million civilian deaths for ruining Iraq almost completely in league with the sort of people that ruin the Libya tried to ruin Syria and Egypt fucked Afghanistan and we’re still in Syria we’re still in Afghanistan we’re still operating in all of these countries more or less when does it end that was basically was basically Clinton and Bush began that foreign policy and the Middle East intervention policies that we have date back to the 50s I hate to say it but everyone’s favorite ass to President Eisenhower was the one that began it for strategic purposes having been a world war two light having been in the military he comprehended hey one reason why the Nazis lasted so long is they had control over this vast area with all of this oil wealth and stuff and these countries began pumping more and more of it because the Western nations as they became more and more industrialized needed a lot more oil and they moved from economies like the landscape of Europe before World War Two a lot of people are still living that windmill lifestyle afterwards the concept the German concepts of the Autobahn of building elaborate road systems for automobiles instead of you know from mainly geared towards the local foot traffic that expands you have all of these things happening in Europe factories going up a thousand of merry fucking day that needs a lot of oil so the u.s. simply said hey if we control a bunch of this he’ll starve the Eastern Bloc you know Russia has oil of its own soon and Central Asia Eastern Europe and stuff but all of this other oil we want control of it that way we can support NATO it was a military move unfortunately they haven’t quite wised up to the fact that it’s no longer 1960 the oil is declining in its relevancy we now have massive stocks of our own that we didn’t even know we had natural gas is playing more of a all renewable energy for for all non-military applications is starting to bite into oil the cost is flatline probably won’t rise for a good long time hope X power is waning and they’ve gained semi-autonomy anyway Trump is is decent it of putting the genie back into the bottle when it comes to OPEX power like literally dropped the oil price by a couple dollars a barrel not long ago by saying the cost was too high and maybe we’d have to do something about that it was magical the free market listens to Trump’s words on that one economically he’s still an a-plus president don’t get me wrong foreign policy a little bit less than a plus this point as far as domestic policies he’s quickly crashing because he’s not doing anything about censorship no but a Jeb Bush is one to talk yeah yeah I have problems with Trump’s policies let me elect another Bush that’ll help the situation that’ll make everything peachy keen let me vote for a fucking Clinton or something let me adopt socialism yeah not gonna happen dude that’s about all peace out