Why? Julie Chen Continues to Use Married Name on ‘Big Brother’ After ‘The Talk’ Exit | Trending News

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You Julie Chen wife of ousted CBS CEO Leslie Moonves and CBS host has continued to express her support for her husband on Big Brother after departing her daytime role on CBS’s the talk Shen opened Wednesday’s episode of the reality competition series which was pre taped on Tuesday the same day her talk exit was announced with good evening I’m Julie Chen Moonves Chen who has hosted reality show Big Brother since its inception began using her married name in the September 13 episode which came just days after Ronan Farrow revealed new allegations against Moonves at the time she closed the episod…

… e with I’m Julie Chen Moonves goodnight previously chant we did a message of support for Moonves July 27th saying that she fully support s him and his refutation of the accusations against him since then her use of her married name is the only public show of support she has made in a pre-recorded video message announcing her departure from the talk Chen appeared on the show for the first time in over a week to confirm her departure but did not directly address allegations against Moonves I need to spend more time at home with my husband and our young son so I’ve decided to leave the talk she said Chen thanked her fellow co-hosts as well as the entire team behind the CBS show she got emotional saying I have been at the talks since the day it started nine years ago and the cast crew and staff has become family to me over the years Moonves was accused of sexual misconduct and physical violence by numerous women in multiple New Yorker articles last week amidst speculation over whether the company would release the results of its investigation into his conduct he left his position as CEO and chairman of CBS Corporation