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why was Urban Meyer suspended how long is it heavy calm Urban Meyer was suspended for three games by Ohio State for his handling of the situation surrounding former assistant Zack Smith a report conducted by investigators detailed some of mayor’s missteps in handling the Smith situation who has been accused of being physically abusive by his ex-wife Courtney Smith here is Ohio State’s statement on the suspension / 11 warriors although neither Urban Meyer nor Jean Smith condoned or covered up the alleged domestic abuse by Zack Smith they felt to take sufficient management action relating to Zack Smith’s misconduct and retained an assistant coach who was not performing as an appropriate role model for us the student-athletes permitting such misconduct to continue is not consistent with the values of a university and reflects poorly on Coach Meyer athletic director Smith and the University their handling of this matter did not exhibit the kind of leadership and high standards that we expect of our athletic director head coach assistant coaches and all on the football staff Urban Meyer is suspended through September 2nd 2018 and for the games on September 1st eighth and fifteenth without pay Jean Smith is suspended without pay from August 31st to September 16th at Big Ten media days mayor’s denied knowledge of Smith’s 2015 domestic violence investigation even though he would later say he misspoke when Meyer handed over his phone to investigators all text messages older than a year had been deleted Ohio State’s report summary provided an overview of some of the troubling parts of the case including Meyer potentially deleting old messages after learning about Brett McMurphy’s report / ESPN on August [Applause] one after a published report indicated that Durbin and Shelley Meyer were aware of Courtney Smith’s legations of abuse and a police investigation in 2015 as the chief of football operations Brian volt olena approached Meyer on the practice field and advised him that it was a bad article the summary report claims the men specifically discussed how to adjust the settings on Myers phone so the text messages older than one year would be deleted our review of coach Myers phone revealed no messages older than one year indicating that at the time it was obtained by a Hsu on August 2nd coach Myers phone was set to retain text messages only for that period as Coach Meyer and Brian ville towing I discussed the report said we cannot determine however whether coach Myers phone was set to retain messages only for one year in response to the August first media report or at some earlier time it is nonetheless concerning that his first reaction to a negative media piece exposing his knowledge of the 2015 to 2016 law enforcement investigation was to worry about the media getting access to information and discussing how to delete messages older than a year investigators called Smith a blind spot for Meyer the investigation shows Meier acted negligently in his handling of Smith at best Meier was simply being loyal to a family friend at worst Meyer knew more about Smith’s actions than he let on the investigation reported the former noting Meier did not cover up the allege abuse the full truth is only known by Meyer and a handful of others involved here is what we do know Myers mentor was former coach Earl Bruce Smith’s grandfather the investigation called Smith a blind spot for Meyer it is a perplexing blind spot given Smith was a wide receivers coach and Ohio State would have had no trouble finding a competent replacement even more puzzling as all indications are Smith was not performing his job at a high level CBS Sports 2 tailed Smith’s job performance Zach Smith’s job performance suffered during his divorce proceedings in 2015 he was regularly laid to practice and team meetings he also failed to appear at recruiting visits at various high schools while claiming that he had been there Meyer Warren Smith that continued problems were made to his dismissal Jeanne Smith recommended to Meyer that he fires Exmouth that year from the investigation we learned that Meyer kept a position coach on staff that had been accused of abuse multiple times and was routinely late to meetings stadiums Bret McMurphy reported Smith had sex with an Ohio State staff member in a coach’s office after releasing several statements throughout the investigation that appeared to do more harm than good Meyer issued an apology to Courtney Smith in a final follow-up statement let me say here and now what I should have said on Wednesday I sincerely apologize to Courtney Smith and her children for what they have gone through Meyer said / ESPN Meyer will return to his full duties as Ohio State head coach on September 22nd as the Buckeyes host Lane