Woman shot with JET OF WATER as she threatens to take her own life | Entertainment News

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A woman who threatened to commit suicide by jumping off her third-floor flat in East China was saved by firefighters in a video of the rescue released by police the distressed woman was seen sitting on the window sill of her flat in Wenzhou city and Hui province with one leg dangling over the ledge a fireman was seen pushing the woman back inside the home with a long rod while another rescuer used a high-pressure water cannon to blast her back inside the dramatic rescue happened over a span of ten seconds share this article share firefighters and police officers on scene on Wednesday failed …

Continue reading… talk the woman out of hurting herself after 30 minutes of negotiations acting swiftly the rescuers decided to first approach her from her neighbor’s flat [Music] wearing a safety harness a firefighter was filmed climbing out of the adjacent window and reaching the woman with the rod he pushes her back inside with the rod but she reappears back at the window right away fearing she might jump firefighters on the ground deployed the water hose on the woman [Music] the