Woman who became a ‘full-time traveller’ reveals money-saving trick | Entertainment News

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A woman who quit her job to become a full-time traveler has revealed how she managed to save a year’s worth of rent while still living a life of luxury Carol and Phil a grass 28 made the decision to uproot her entire life selling almost all of her worldly possessions and leaving her home to hit the road full-time I’ve basically been travelling around the world since 2014 I’ve always loved travelling and I wanted to explore how I could make it work as a full-time gig she told news calm daddy when she left Germany she had only been saving for three months and had made plans to work and travel …

Continue reading… the same time in a bid to try and save funds to view this media you need an html5 capable device or download the Adobe Flash Player www comm slash go slash get Flash Player but the 28 year old discovered a popular new trend which she says has allowed her to save thousands of dollars every year while still enjoying traveling [Music] share this article share she stumbled across trusted house sitters a website that connects potential house sitters with homeowners both of whom have to be signed up to the service [Music] she said that after joining the site it allowed her to travel Europe Australia and the United States [Music] miss Villa grass now lives in Australia and is based on the Gold Coast I knew the Australia was going to be expensive compared to Southeast Asia so I started looking at what I could do and I was stoked when I stumbled across a house-sitting opportunity in Darwin she said I was able to drive their car and I saved money it was pretty amazing and I looked after their doggies and cats too [Music] she said once she experienced the house-sitting seems she was hooked and recommended other