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All right everyone yesterday you had a disgraceful act by the legacy media what happened long story short the Ralph’s retort was doing like a charity stream for the saying I believe st. Jude’s a Cancer Research for children it raised over $25,000 overall in pledges the idea is you can allocate I guess YouTube allows you now to allocate Super chats to like you know Cancer Research and other charities that they work with it’s a good thing it makes sense the huge amount could potentially be raised can you imagine if PewDiePie said egg I’m gonna raise fucking money for you know the fucking Animal …

Continue reading… iety or something for the autobahn foundation you can super chat me for this hour can you imagine how much money he interface he should do that but he probably would raise a quarter million quite easily he’d be like yeah I’m sending the goal at a half a million dollars for this fucking foundation he can do that every week to a charity stream by the way it would be a really good branding opportunity for him probably even though he wouldn’t make himself any money off it probably sell a lot more merch but the Ralph’s retort kill stream gets on they raised this money apparently what happened is that the Wall Street Journal pressured st. Jude’s to decline the pledges they came out and they said well basically you know yes we were the ones that made this decision why do you think they did it’s not in the nature of a Cancer Research Fund to turn down a five-figure total doesn’t make sense it’s a quite a large donation this isn’t hey grandma gave him ten dollars this month 25 grand that’s a lot of my I wish somebody would offer me fucking 25 grand and I do you want yeah no more student loan problems that’s for sure here’s the thing who do you think pressured them could it be the Wall Street Journal who’s a you know person there I can’t remember what name I’ve gotten your eco I believe it is journalists so called for the Wall Street Journal had apparently messaged Ralph and said something to the effect of going to create a hit piece big you know in no uncertain terms based on super chats basically the Ralph you know if you know anything about the kill stream a lot of the super chats are edgy deliberately offensive it’s trolling but I mean if you say that someone pays $100 to say some Nazi stuff but it’s going to cancer kids I would think that they wouldn’t care it’s like hey sorry you’ve got cancer but this money we can’t give to you because it came from a person who has wronged think we’ve got to be pull it we’ve got to have we’ve got to maintain our branding image a branding image that now involves really removing tens of thousands of dollars for cancer research wonderful yes it totally didn’t backfire the thing is the wall street and then link in the description to the article that ended up going up it’s about how how racist people in the wake of the synagogue shooter the problem with racist super chest you fucking fools you’re attempting the link the never Trump synagogue shooter with with the kill stream and then Ralph for torts channel goes down I wonder who could have possibly targeted it the thing is the Wall Street Journal’s done this repeatedly they were the ones that opened up the can of worms months and months after I predicted that youtubers would be targeted by the corporate media because we were slowly beginning to replace them in popularity The Wall Street Journal made its famous hit piece with regards to PewDiePie in which they claimed he was dog whistling to racists in order to get more subscribers I had pointed out prior yeah he’s taking up a Trump bite strategy with regards to his branding but the idea that he was dog whistling the racists is purely untrue he was simply getting into meme culture because it works we said bolson arrows done this to win reelection orbán’s done this other but political figures are doing this because they realize it works self-made sort of self marketed figures online ISA labs of various stripes they’re doing it it’s not just people on the right and it’s certainly not just identitarian as far as I know Ralph is not like you know stormfront mode but then again the Wall Street Journal thinks if you wear a manga hat you’re you’re going to go postal so the Wall Street Journal did that some time later they did a hit piece that involved in it was the same dude that wrote the PewDiePie article they wrote a hit piece I was named there as a far-right youtuber alongside VP Earthwatch who’s sort of on the the you know due to the what would you call it the bible-thumping side of YouTube the the weird side of YouTube that overlaps with Christian religiosity you know no offense to him but it’s what I see it as anyway you look at the recommended videos it kind of is and then Infowars which of course has been basically de person what I’m saying is there is no problem with racist super chats hateful comments edgy content on YouTube these things where these things have always been happening as long as there’s been a commenting function there’s been a huge amount of trolling if you think that there’s a lot of hate and vitriol on YouTube now you should have seen it ten years ago the Wall Street Journal though is using it as an excuse to attack its competitors The Wall Street Journal competes for the same kind of audience usage as live streamers on YouTube as people who analyze politics in society like I do and now increasingly as well all tech why do you think gabs been to platform this is all about money and they don’t want in a million years the idea to take hold the edgy people on YouTube can in order to outflank the corporate media raise and raise money for noble causes you’re not supposed to do that Ralph because you’re supposed to be a one-dimensional Nazi villain that’s what the Wall Street Journal wants you to be otherwise they can’t target you if you if you’re hateful supposedly but you’re raising 25k for cancer kids it makes it more difficult for them to deep person you and it makes it more difficult for them to outmaneuver you in any verbiage as a so to speak they did this din for Wars like imagine don’t you think they were worried about the possibility what would happen if Alex Jones said oh I’m gonna we’re gonna raise money for AIDS research or something it raised like a million bucks for it that would have been a problem for these groups and that wouldn’t it so they they what they do is they’re very worried because they’re looking at this and saying oh shit if super chats can be allocated to charity people that we want to knock off line through lies through smear campaigns they might preempt us they might all of a sudden they might get in the news for raising you know quarter-million dollars for for the Humane Society or something gonna be kind of difficult to write a hit piece about him we’ll get attacked we’ve got a cutout we’ve we’ve got to nip this in the bud right away that’s why they attacked you Ralph Nathan they’re a bunch of cowards apparently had messaged him saying there’s going to be a hippie so then as he has channels go down right after it’s towed again totally fucking coincidental that happens it was not planned it was not coordinated there’s nothing to see here folks totally totally normal no it’s not normal it’s not normal long-term online in any way shape or form it’s also not normal that the corporate media would be so desperate that it would have to write hit pieces on people that are supposedly irrelevant two years ago they’re like a YouTube on that funny stuff that’s where you see cat videos and stuff now YouTube’s not even quite at that point like you know it’s like 10 years old back in 2013 2014 and stuff YouTube was it was still a joke they considered it to be funny its cat videos and humor and stuff sometimes dirty humor and edgy stuff and they didn’t have a problem with it they didn’t have a problem with it until it the lines were blurred between that edgy humor between the irreverent satire and mockery and actual political commentary especially in the wake of attacks on the corporate media that it deserved like when the Wall Street Journal comes out and tries to smack PewDiePie in the talk nobody’s if people need to bring that up in the same context because it’s the same concept when you have by the way apparently the reporting system being misused by the Wall Street Journal which is presumably a priority creator on the site to harass another user simply because of the content of their super chats to preempt them from doing a stream with regards to the Wall Street Journal targeting them in the first place and being mean to cancer kids that is quite troublesome and worrying there’s a reason why that hashtag was a wsj kills kids exploded across twitter for a few hours it still is yeah so I condemn that like the Wall Street Journal’s tried to defame me too you know and BuzzFeed picked it up afterwards again total Cohen says no collusion between these groups at all they don’t have the same pool of competitors quickly rising up to throttle them that they’re all trying to stop through various malevolent methods and they’re stooping the tactics that were used during the Gilded Age trying to censor and suppress and intimidate and harass those are all strategies it’s not like this is a new thing the the new media that’s rising up with the new technological paradigm is having to deal with the same shit that muckrakers did back at the fuckin the fucking dawn of the 20/20 ahthe century or the journalists really they’ve had to deal with continuously during the Red Scare being puzzled then you know or in Soviet Russia as it’s surprising how similar it was on both sides of the both sides of the pond so to speak people often think that uh here in the West things were hunky-dory and those evil commies were the only ones censoring things nope and trust me it was just a little bit less overt over here that’s about all Pisa