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All right everyone you may have seen if you’re into like you know YouTube is sort of a cultural thing YouTube has begun disabling comments channel wide on certain channels now this is this isn’t like a routine thing and they had been technically empowered to do this since 2007 which is actually when they introduced the idea believe it or not but I mean nobody ever really heard of it they’ve decided to crack the Gallagher family chat tronic certain others some of these are very very large channels and so they’re all taking the Twitter like you know what the basically YouTube has decided that be…

Continue reading… se there are a few perverts on these channels they have to lock the channels down entirely if I was one of these creators now unable at least on the platform itself to communicate it up with my audience or to allow them to give any form of expressive feedback about my material I would be very very upset indeed this by the way again is why even if you are not edgy even if you do literally nothing wrong even if you don’t you don’t make socio-political commentary you don’t tell you I mean your channel is literally g-rated like literally these channels are there’s a matter like a chat trying to is like toy reviews and like that naughty I mean you know wouldn’t even say fart on a video without worrying about oh is it family-friendly enough for my brand or something ah you need to have backup options and other ways to speak with people and not just Twitter a lot of people Twitter’s a dying platform now my advice to these peoples yes you should absolutely be backing things up on bit shoot because they’re you know comment section it’s never gonna get closed down you should be using gap you should be using alt Tech it’s it’s it’s clear at this point that people are being screwed over even where they’re not edgy now it’s not always a case of well you know some corporation comes along they don’t want to compete with Chad tronics toy reviews err he gives some some company of bad reviews so they decided to try to take him down a notch or something it’s not that a lot of this is just algorithmic YouTube reacted defensively details that there were some perverts on YouTube going to like kid-friendly channels to prey upon children their decision to lock these channels down therefore is in my opinion totally ridiculous they should just you know you know what would be a better thing to do there’s several possibilities like I said ban you know Under 18’s from even accessing the site make it an 18 plus website by the way it saves you a lot on enforcing a lot of other rules that would go out the window because they’d be unnecessary or you could do what you’ve been doing and the hope is the YouTube is participating with law enforcement proactively these people are going to get flagged think if you go into a channel with a million users and you’re leaving creepy comments don’t you think someone’s probably gonna notice that but the Creator can’t moderate at all asking a creator with their look I’ve got nowhere near the sub count of some of these accounts where we’re talking a million plus level accounts I got eighty two thigh immediately after it sort of started happening I’m like oh if I were to try to moderate my channel comments like if I were making you know the sort of content that would lead to YouTube doing that how much effort would it be required for me to moderate things and I looked at over the last thirty day period 82,000 Commons scattered across thousands of videos yeah that’s not gonna happen it’s not capable of happening there is no way to moderate at all I could I could have a half of a dozen people that I literally put on my channel as mods and say okay I’m gonna let you go through comments on at least the new videos I’ll take care of the old ones canvass them JLS comments or something and and we’ll sort of we will spend hours every day that I could be making material but you know we’ll go through and moderate things even that it’d be hard it’s built to take hours every day out of my time and then I’d be like giving people labor of light have to pay them at that point they’d be putting in effort seven that you you expect me at my level I’d have to have a half a dozen people work a couple hours a day every goddamn day that’s not I’m not gonna pay through the nose just for the benefit of having YouTube comments be cleaner now I’d rather they just do gap is coming out be reporting on this today to with a function called the center that will allow people to comment web why anyway and gab of course is a more you know edgy 18-plus style site I think they should proactively decide to make it 18 plus out of them might already be in their TOS just like definitely do that because otherwise they’re gonna get a hit piece like that like the New York slimes wrote about you – Oh YouTube’s not doing enough to protect kids yeah I mean they’ve literally probably busted hundreds of thousands of people at this point but they’re not doing enough because the corporation should be the Lord and Master of all communication weed through every single goddamn line of text and if anything happens it is automatically their fault it’s not the fault of the pervert it’s the fault of the channel it’s the fault of YouTube having comments it’s a terrible thing and YouTube did I not say what would happen is they would they would go halfsies on it it’d be like limited state they’re not gonna shut down comments YouTube’s wide I don’t think they’re that crazy but they will start shutting down comments perpetually on some of these just when are they gonna get their comments turned back on when are you gonna be able to comment on these videos never so the fact that they talk about like kid-friendly stuff means that they can’t have comments on some of the most tame content on YouTube therefore is getting automatically at least in part demonetized at number two you can’t even interact with it don’t you see how this might be a problem like they might say hmmm now this isn’t gonna slow down my channels growth at all and completely handicap me despite that I mean if put yourself and your in their shoes as creators they’ve done nothing wrong they’re being told that they’re being you know insinuated that they’ve done something wrong they’re not getting enough you know feedback from YouTube it’s crazy talk it’s it’s ridiculous it could harm the platform to a huge degree yes these creators should be using other sites as well do not put your eggs in one basket because here we see even totally g-rated creators the sort of people they would they wouldn’t say damn it they wouldn’t say that they’re not doing anything wrong they can form these hyper conform to the tos they go beyond that like YouTube could be 10 times more censored and they would still be within tos because they’re so tame it’s like the happy-go-lucky like little nursery rhyme lullaby music and bright colors and you know puzzles and like that and they’re still getting affected negatively and leaving because of the MSM it’s because of a hit piece written by the New York slimes the MSM has been doing the spheres now now they’re in the same basket of deplorable zazz people like myself who get branded like we’re extreme or there’s something wrong with us you know with me I have a potty mouth and some of the people I talk to the conspiracy theorists they are hateful people because you know they believe in borders I guess or something it’s very hateful these days they have the wrong socio-political views we must do more about this evil bigotry and they’re whipped into a frenzy by the MSM the MSM constantly attacks independent content creation because we compete with them probably it maybe as the New York Times planning to release a children’s fashion line or something is there something in the works where the MSM is going to start doing like a kid’s section of the news to have more youth appeal you know instead of having just geriatric people who still buy newspapers or something I almost wouldn’t put it past him if this is some sort of preemptive strike to knock people out of the way to do that I wouldn’t be surprised at this point these people have slime bags they’re the ones you know you know all together if I had a kid I wouldn’t let him have a YouTube channel no YouTube originally was 13 Plus anyway until about I think it was 2012 or something when they I think they scrapped that from the TOS you aren’t supposed to use YouTube if you were under 13 that seemed reasonable yeah well yeah I mean it’s basically isn’t basically an r-rated site when you think about it back then war footage was allowed back then a lot of a lot of stuff that’s a that’s allowed now wasn’t like lesbians kissing would get you kicked off not signal cares it’s like you know just put it to 18 plus or something why not just put all these channels in restricted mode like 18 plus you have to be signed in and like that or better yet again why don’t you just give the information of these people to the police have you ever thought about that like a normal Criminal Procedure you know if they’re being and and sometimes it’s saying well they get around it because they’re not saying anything illegal they’re just sort of they’re just sort of being creepy it’s like you know Sargon mentioned it’s just innuendo well III doesn’t matter unfortunately in some cases they’re probably from a country where it’s not totally not illegal you know whatever they do like they’re from Thailand or Russia or something where it’s not enforced or or not on the legal books or anything that could be a problem because the global nature of the internet differential law enforcement in various places you know some some countries take like child trafficking stuff more seriously than others the same is true of like rape or you know what we would call hate crimes you know against so-called assault you know you being a homophobic you’re harassing gay people are saying in some countries that’s encouraged so yeah it could be a little bit of a problem now couldn’t it Silicon Valley moving more and more towards European model models of policing their content I think that’s a terrible thing that’s why I like Alltech it’s all American except they have to keep using non-american sites because of the way our own financial industries keep dumbing these building what happens if Chase Bank or Visa or something decides well these channels are attracting perverts we’re not gonna process payments for this person anymore no they’re not allowed to have a patreon they’re not allowed to have a PayPal they can’t have a credit card the gamma credit line they can’t have anything because they’re – they’re you know they attract edgy people so now we’ve gotten to the point where they’re trying to establish a precedent by which you’re not judged on your own content first it was you were judged on what you did on a platform then Twitter got the bright idea maybe you should be judged based on what you do on other platforms patreon and some of these others then followed suit they expanded their TOS to encompass reports of bad behavior on other sites or in real life then now they’re trying to lay the groundwork of oh if you’re surrounded by people that are too edgy or something we’re gonna judge you even by the company you keep watch TOS will change on some of these sites and in some elements of the financial corporate sector to deny people service based on the mere fact that they refuse to censor those that are part of their passive audience like like like I could get in trouble because you know my YouTube commenters are our edgy or something and when that happens it will be again totally misused I guarantee this will be misused look some some Russian troll or or person in Thailand or something they’re like I don’t I don’t like this channel I’m gonna deploy some BOTS to say innuendo you know about kids on their channel they get their comments shut down well it might be a while before they get turned back on if YouTube can’t establish that it’s a bot attack or stop the attack from happening they’re screwed ain’t run roughshod over the whole platform it’s just like all the false copyright strikes we see being launched right now YouTube has enabled it to happen through the change to their TOS they are encouraging flagging raids they are encouraging copyright rating and now they’re going to encourage comment raids to try to get people that trust me because those same people those same malevolent actors are the ones that will sit there for 24 hours looking through lines and lines of code and testing over and over YouTube’s algorithm to find out what triggers it they will find out they will exploit it and then it’ll be hell mageddon on youtube and it will take and YouTube will have to patch it change their algorithm and apologize to users and it won’t have been necessary it won’t really have so deserved any true goal whatsoever that’s about all peace out