Youtube Down For Several Hours: This is Why I use Bitchute, Dailymotion, and Steemit Too | Trending News

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All right everyone last night of course YouTube was down for everyone for over an hour actually probably the largest YouTube outage since maybe the good old days of YouTube we’re talking back during cosmic panda period I can only assume they still as far as I know haven’t come out with a definitive reason YouTube I’m 100% sure though does know ye the outage occurred because it would simply know these things since it has control of its own servers and everything else they know what happened whether is a glitch a hack you know something else or whether they were doing some sort of site update an…

Continue reading… ou know someone pressed the wrong button that would that one digit was off very slightly therefore the whole system crashed that can happen so this zero was accidentally a one-hole systems completely gone they know what happened the fact that they’re not forthcoming therefore immediately know like oh yeah we would try to roll out an update but it didn’t go quite as planned the system overloaded you know it was you know they released the wrong version it was buggy now the fact that they haven’t come out and said that is suspicious I would think especially since it was worldwide trending again you know for several hours serve the YouTube outage party thing this is why I use bitch shoot this is why I use dailymotion this is why I use steam it by the way links in the description all three now I believe in having the same material technically redundant across multiple sites in hopes that if something like this happens like let’s say that there was a you know some people at first were trolling about massive fire started by Chinese hackers destroyed a bunch of YouTube servers you know YouTube’s gonna be have a gaping hole in it which didn’t happen obviously uh but you know if something like that were to happen let’s say we’re a massive hack attack let’s say an earthquake hits Silicon Valley tomorrow and destroys a hell of a lot of the stuff that’s there well tell emotions based in France bitch suits based in the UK no problem materials still there unless an anything short of a world ending asteroid a nuclear war or something or maybe a you know Yellowstone erupting isn’t going to be a big enough disaster to knock out the material therefore that I’ve got online I think that that’s helpful and then you’ve got you know malicious things could happen you know a site just changes its TOS decides to ban all political users well it did no longer matters now does it because I’ve got a presence on other sites they carry the same info so for Twitter there’s gab Facebook well there’s mines steam it’s sort of a little bit of everything blogspot out WordPress YouTube bit shoot again steam it near the D Tube portion of its site now and then also dailymotion just sort of makes sense what do I think personally caused the outage I don’t know no it doesn’t really matter but again the fact that they didn’t immediately come out and say oh yeah we pressed the wrong button or yes this was you know some problem disgruntled employee splashed coffee on the wrong processing ship or something the fact that they haven’t come out and done that makes me slightly suspicious if they wait too long and it becomes clear that they’re not going to tell us what happened then it’s more suspicious i I think faulty update probably because here’s the thing they’re planning to sever everything on YouTube and other Google services from Google+ it’s gonna take a lot of take a little bit of processing effort now is it to erase all of that material or at least archive it for sale to China and and to uncouple it from YouTube and everything they’re planning to unroll I mean a roll out youtube studio for everyone like like the new version of basically everything other than the site itself like the non public side for creators is going to get a total overhaul I happen by the way to oppose this now they’re making it mandatory right now it’s optional I don’t use it I think it’s less helpful it’s less fleshed out it doesn’t look as good it’s probably gonna end up being like much like Gmail gets a random topical overhaul it’ll probably end up being slower it’ll probably end up being less functional for non mobile users that is the direction that a lot of services not just in Google but a lot of these sites are moving in if you’re using the mobile version there’s everything’s being streamlined and made faster and better for the mobile experience for those who use a laptop or a desktop it gets worse and worse over time it has been which essentially YouTube as it currently is has been geared more towards mobile uses sort of a hybrid but as more and more people use smartphones more anymore to tune into everything they’re doing or use TVs on the other end YouTube TV the live-streaming and stuff now those are the things being prioritized the sort of stand-alone laptop generation style of content creation unfortunately is now a minority now I’m willing to deal with that as long as I can but it is true meanwhile on sites like bitch shoot there is no prioritization for mobile users which by the way has pissed off some mobile users the same I believe being true of steam if I remember correctly I like it though I personally have no problem and so yeah YouTube was down for a couple of hours pretty much at first a lot of people were like oh I thought I had been banned like you know when things stop loading and I’m like well that wouldn’t happen because everything would load find other than your own stuff so you know how you check it as you go to someone else’s video and then you get these constant errors and then 4chan had a laugh and was trying to talk about how they a little the monkey on the 500 error error page was racist or something and they were trying to make that into a meme a lot of shit posting all over the Internet it was very funny some of you people are like panic and think oh my god an hour without YouTube out I surviving like you know get on bitch shoe or art get off the computer entirely maybe use this someone’s like go read a book a book what’s that oh you mean that you mean ebooks oh okay yeah I’ll go to Amazon yeah I’ll be right back it’s very funny that’s about all peace out