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All right everyone it’s time to talk about youtubes now a fairly obvious algorithmic manipulation that’s going on it’s definitely affected my channel although it seems to have affected some people more I have a feeling that what YouTube has done is install some sort of system that actually like goes through the videos and demotes them according to like bad language and things like that I have a feeling that that’s what it boils down to I’ve been doing a little bit of testing to try to see if that’s the fact it appears to be so although it could just be routine changes to their algorithms here’…

Continue reading… he problem like for example for a while there if you made multiple uploads a day the first video that you uploaded would get sent out mostly to people like the notification system more or less work it would get more attention and then like it would peter out after the second video and each subsequent video fewer people would say they got notified and stuff like that unless it was a totally tame video and you did it hours later like i don’t know how long it takes to reset i assumed 24 hours it might be 12 but here then it flipped and it became the last video that would get shared out more and I don’t know exactly why this happened but it seemed that for several weeks there the final video that you would put on in a day would get shared out to more people like there was a delay like people wouldn’t get notified at first I think that what they were testing is a system where you upload and then people get notified like an hour later like I’m assuming as a feature to check for bad content or something to try to restrict the flow of like spam and porn and stuff like that on site which makes sense and I think they’ve reversed it now and they’ve put it back the same way there definitely made your changes to search there have been glitches lately like YouTube has had buffering issues for the first time in five or six years sporadically and each time this happens it seems some changes made to the site for instance when you search for current events of any kind any sort of significant news you no longer see somebody like me on the front page unless you are deliberately searching for me instead you see a bunch of priority creator results CNN Fox News things like that that’s one way of throttling people in the all media which i think is totally goes against what youtube was founded for in the first place it doesn’t really make sense because that content gets less engagement anyway it is simply less efficient yes we we independent creators are more efficient more interesting and get far higher engagement totals than CNN or than Fox News as far as as subscriber to subscriber the engagement levels probably two or three times what they’re getting I don’t know why they’re being favored other than to try to appease them to keep them from making too many hit pieces about content on YouTube it’s basically an appeasement well I think appeasement is always a bad idea because you always end up giving more and more until you can’t give anything more and then you get thrown out with the garbage basically that’s the way YouTube unfortunately has decided to head now before people say well sticks you know you’re just getting boring and so you’re getting less engagement I can look at my analytics on literally any other site and that’s not the case still growing the same way everything’s still operating exactly as before on every other site that includes like dailymotion and daily or addy tube which I’ve stopped using I’ve stopped uploading to it anyway book sales the flow of material on mines or gab it’s all exactly the same as before the engagement on my blogs the only exception is YouTube it’s literally the only site on which there’s been a slowdown and it came and at you know a certain exact time when there were a bunch of glitches on YouTube it looked like the analytics wise it looked like view counts and things we’re getting a little bit wonky and I’m not the only person that noticed this change so I’m gonna assume that I’m right when I suspect this it’s unfortunate really because YouTube think about the U and YouTube it doesn’t refer to some corporate entity some corporate brand or anything like that literally YouTube was literally just private individuals there was no profit motive at all and then money started coming in and I suppose things changed a little bit and that’s why as always I have links in the description to this and every other video to all sorts of other sites that I use if you’re not following me on one or more of them you’re not getting regular notifications at this point that’s why I have a Twitter account I wouldn’t have even made one in the first buy stop posting quite as much there it’s sort of wearing off and its usefulness but I did that initially as a notification machine that’s why there was a Facebook group I’m thinking about the possibility of having to get like an in to Graham or something laya literally content creation is becoming more competitive it’s becoming more centralized and therefore in order to fight back against that you have to diversify yourself into more types of content and simply do more now thankfully that’s all entertaining stuff like I still I have a problem with it when people complain too much like I’m complaining about algorithmic manipulation but I’m not complaining about like oh it’s so much work to make youtube videos no not really Tim Poole does have it right though there is a little bit of a frenetic lifestyle associated with being a content creator it’s like what it is post a like yeah if you want to become a YouTube star just don’t sleep work 16 hours a day and be like crazy and stuff yeah yeah that’s definitely true and he makes more videos than I do there aren’t many people that make multiple videos a day by the way that that sort of non live format is less common over time and I think takes ironically possibly more skill to do that unscripted especially like I know he probably has notes up but he’s not using a teleprompter or anything and we’re sitting there talking for 30 40 minutes every single day day in and day out and then we get you know algorithmically manipulated on these sites like definitely you should follow my work on bitch shoot it just makes sense and if you’re not using some combination of Twitter or gab slash dissenter mine’s certainly you’re not getting the full story from anyone that you’re following I don’t know why there are still content creators that don’t use all of these sites it’s like you know some of these people they have have people that manage their content for them well then pile on a couple of alt text sites and give them an extra dollar an hour or something it’ll pay off long-term and get your own website going yeah and be a little bit difficult for those that are more low-tech and I’m sitting here thinking well I’m gonna I’m gonna have no choice but to have a smartphone soon anyway for business reason so what the hell why not have an Instagram page I know I can take pictures of my shitty plants or something like that it’s like it’s no longer just being you know sadly it’s no longer just being a youtuber at this point and YouTube’s doing its best to try to appease a bunch of corporations a bunch of morons that hate YouTube and ridiculed it for years and fought against them finally like okay they throw their hands up but we want a seat at the table we will make or break you we will will defame you out of exist by saying that there’s a non-existent problem with extremism on your platform will get you investigated by the government and again like I’ve said the fear is always worse than the thing to be feared so YouTube should keep that in mind basically it’s like an elephant being frightened of a mouse YouTube could stop these people out of existence just mobilize your content creators say look we’re being harassed constantly by people who say that this is a platform to extremism do hashtag happy YouTube and make a video about how they’re full of why don’t you do something like that it could work a million people would do it yeah that’d get in the news and then they’d try to fight back against it and they’d have a army of a everyone under the Sun on YouTube liberalists and clankers and sweetie squad and everything else it’d be a huge dumpster fire and they would lose be funny YouTube should kick CNN off its platform now Yahweh you see spread propaganda so we’re just gonna kick you off now no more BBC off you’re gonna make copyright complaints against creators and get off the platform then that’s about all P so